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DOCTOR DOWIE IN LONDON. The Rev. John Alexander Dowie, who calls him- self "Elijah the Restorer and General Overseer of the Christian Catholic Church in Zion," arrived in London on Saturday morning. He arrived at Liverpool-street Station by the Hook cf Holland train, and was met by his wife and son and Elder Cantel. of the Zioll Tabernacle, Eustun-road. lie was, it is stated, refused rooms at two hotels ,,11 account of certain utterances attributed to LJlB. The officials at the headquarters of the Zionist movement were occupied on Saturday with prepara- tions for meetings which Dr. Dowie addressed 0:1 Sunday. At these meetings every endeavour was made by the officials to restrict the attendance to members of the movement. Long before half-past 10, the time fixed for the morning meeting, ticket- holders began to arrive. A number of policemen took up positions outside the tabernacle in order to cope with any disturbances which might arise, but their presence was hardly needed, for when Dr. Dowie drove up fewer than 200 persons had gathered. Dr. Dowie addressed the meeting inside the taber- nacle, consisting of about 300 persons, at some length, and described the work which is being carried on in Zion City. He did not leave the building until after the evening service, when he was escorted by his "bodyguard to a four-wheeled cab. A large crowd surged round the vehicle, and there was a considerable amount of hooting as Dr. I Dowie drove away. Dr. Dowie brought his visit to the Zionites in London to an abrupt termination on Monday after- noon by taking;tyaJtTfj^» Chafing Crops to Folke- stone for Boulogne. Acceding to his programme, Dr. Dowie should have addressed meetings on that day and Tuesday at the Zion Tabernacle, Euston- road, the headquarters of his mission in England, but these were unexpectedly countermanded. Dr. Dowie's action is thought to be due to the fact that he was unable to obtain accommodation at of the London hotels. His carriage on the boat train wn reserved under the name of "Mr. New- comb."

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