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&ON, 10& ir A j<f\ CONNAH & uu GREAT ANNUAL Clearance Sale Great Reduction In fVff PC & M !m P it DTC I CYCLE AILCIART CONNAH & CO. Are now prepared to build Motor Bicycles and Motor Tricycles to Customers own Specifications Our Own Patterns include Bicycles from 930 frieyeles from,245 Seven Years Practical Experience of Motors. œfr6. II 'W!B.7')6Tj)"B<t f) Williams & Co. 2, QUEEN STREET, GROCERS AD PROVISION MERCHANTS. THE OLDEST-ESTABLISHED FIRM IN RHYL. GROCERIES OF THE CHOICEST NOTED FOR ITS PURE BREAD, ¡ IITGH-CLASS PROVISIONS, and I GROCERIES of the CHOICEST QUALITY FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS DAILY I FROM THE COUNTRY. j EVERYTHING AT STORE PRICES. Note the Address— 2, Queen Street, Rhyl. PUBLIC NOTICE. I GREAT n Clearance SALE Of FIRST-CLASS READY-MADE srITS & OVERCOATS. MEN'S OVERCOATS & PANTS. WILL BE SOLD BELOW COST. UNDOUBTED BARGAINS IN EVERY LINE At J M. GRIFFITHS. 9. Sussex Street. RHYL. 332, NEW CHESTER ROAD, ROCK FERRY. MRS. KEEIEY (T j prepared to give the utmost value in ready I cash far every description of Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's Cast-off CLOTH- ING. CURTAINS, CARPETS, etc. Drapers' JOB LOTS bought. Mrs. K. attends Rhyl on Saturdays. Letters and parcels promptly attended to. SHOP AT The Beehive SALE THIS WEEK CARPETS SQUARES RUGS, MATS, CURTAINS, etc- BARGAINS. ■ The Beehive I SUSSEX STREET, Rhyl. Nearly opposite to entrance to Queen's Arcade. ———————— jgNGLISH JpRESBYTERIAN QHURCH, ENGLISH SERVICES Will be held at the TOWN HALL, PRESTATYN, EVERY SABBATH DAY, Under the auspices of the Vale of Clwyd Month- ly Meeting. Morning at 10 45 Evening at 6. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHURCH, JLJ BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. Preacher next Sunday; REV. G. TALALUN NEWTON Pastor. Morning at 11; Evening at 6 30. Week Evening Service, Wednesday at 7 30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7 30. Collections at each Service. ALL ARE WELCOME. E NGLISII. pRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. REV. J. VERRIER JONES Pastor. Will Preach on Sunday. Services, Morning at 11; Evening at 6 30. Collection after each Service. CHRIST CHURCH, ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL, WATER STREET. Preacher next Sunday: REV. D. M. JENKINS London. Services, 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m. GLISH JJAPTTST I-IURCH, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Preacher Next Sunday, REV. D. G. LEWIS, Pastor. Topic of Evening Sermon- 'Gaining Time.' Morning 8t11. Evening at 6 30. Week-night Services, Tuesdays, at 7 p.m. Collections at each Service. Christian Endeavour Society Friday evening ui 7 30. i tj nn mfi AMO BROTHR UP-TO-DATE* Library 13, Sussex Street AN I 4- 6 Wellington Road RHYL. L..Y. Meade, Kosebury.' Robert Barr, A Prince of Good Fellows.' W. R. Hodder, 'The Daughter of the Dawn.' R. Crombie and T. Wilson, The Romance of Poisons.' Perrington Primm, 'Ivy Carden.' ..Norman Silver, 'The Golden Dwarf.' Jessie Reuss, Distant Lamps.' Lilian S. Arnold, Liege Lady.' W. J. Crosbie, 'David Maxwell.' Blarney Stone and H. Field, 'My Friend- Bilhooley.' R. Andom, 'The Identity Exchange.' C-urtis Yorke, 'Because of the Child.' Fred. Whishaw, Near tlire Tsar—Near Death.' W. Clark Russell, 'Overdue.' Walter Besant, 'No Other Wav.' Emile Zola, 'Truth.' J Geo. Manville Fenn, 'Black Shadows.' Herbert Compton, 'The Wilful Way.' Lionel L. Pilkington, Mallendev's Mistake.' W. Westall, The Sacred Crescents." Ernest A. Treeton, The Instigator.' Florence Warden, 'The Heart of a Girl.' Owen Hall, Hernando.' W. Carter Platts, 'The Crickleton Chronicles.' Maurus Jokai, The Slaves ot the Padishah.' W. Murray Graydon, 'With Cossack and Con- vict.' len Raine, A Welsh Witch.' TERMS—^D. Per Vol., or £ D. per Week TERMS— Per Vol., or 17 per Week and S. '^D. per Month. Books exchanged and per Month. Books exchanged wh;-c dasÆ. TO BE LET. TO LET.—72, WEST PARADE.—Modern, JL well-built, with lift and all conveniences. For further particulars apply to JOSEPH WILLIAMS, County Chambers, Rhyl. TO BE LET.—A Double-Fronted LOCK-UP JL SHOP, No. 6, Wellington Chambers, Wellington Road. Counters, Window and Gas Fittings, Shelving, &c., to be taken at a valua- tion. Suitable for Hosiery, Stationery, or any fancy business. Immediate possession.—Apply to AMOS BROTHERS, Advertiser Office, 13, Sussex Street. o HOP and HOUSE To Let, situated in the O Roe, St. Asaph, newly erected, with all modern conveniences.—Apply in the first in- stance on the Premises. PRESTATYN. TO LET.—House and about 11 acres Pasture Land adjoining.—Apply, Mr. JOHNSON, The Grange, Sandvcroft. Chester. TO BE LET.—51, WEST PARADE, with Coach-house and Stable, from May 1st, 1904.—Apply, SANDERS, 2, Gresford Avenue, Chester. PAVILION at Pier Entrance to let for Con- JL certs, Public Meetings, Bazaars, Dances, &c.—Apply, F. GEARY, Market Street, Rhyl. PLEASANT REFINED HOME for Lady JL and Gentleman, or Two Gentlemen, for winter months. Every comfort.—Apply, VOR- YD LODGE, near Rhyl Bridge. TO LET.—1, TOTTENHAM BUILDINGS, High Street. Large Shop and Dwelling- house, best position in town. Immediate possession. Rent, £ 75.—Apply, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl, or HENRY WYNN PARRY, Solicitor, Gateshead-on-Tyne. RHYL-BOARD, RESIDENCE, or PRI- JLb VATE APARTMENTS conveniently situ- ated, near Sea and Stp-'Hon. Home Comforts. Terms moderate.—Mrs. AMOS, Eagle House, 9, Bodfor Street, Rhyl. TO BE LET OR SOLD.—West Parade. Rhyl, J- NEWLY-ERECTED DWELLING HOU. SES, well suited for Boarding or High Class Lodging Houses, well and substiantially built and fitted with Lifts and all modern conven- iences. For particulars apply to GREENHALGH & GEARY, Auctioneers, &c., Market Street, Rhyl. GUERNSEY: Gem of the Channel, Garden \JT of Flowers and Fruit.—To secure Apart- ments, Houses, etc., advertise in the Guernsey Evening Press.' 12 words, once 6d., three times Is., one week Is. 6d. extra words, £ d once, Id. thrice, ld. week. The onlv local daily, most widely read, and unrivalled as an advertising medium. Copy of journ: post free on application to the Manager. HOUSES TO BE LET 01 SOLD.—Modern JLJL conveniences, pleasantly situated. Rents from £.32 to JB50. Also several good Plots of BUILDING LAND for Sale cneap.—Apply, W. J. SIMCOCK, Architect, Surveyor, and Valuer, N. and S.W. Bank Chambers, Rhyl. FURNISHED APARTMENTS. — Londoners J' to a very large number visit Rhyl each ar, and those having apartments would quick- ly let by inserting a small advertisement in the Eastern Mercury,' 30 words for Is., or three times for 2s. This journal is the leading mid- weekly for surbarban London and Essex. Ad- dress: Proprietor, the 'Eastern Mercury,' 827, Ley ton-stone. London, N.E. HIGHFIELD PARK.—TO BE LET or JLl SOLD, Villa Residence and several plots Building Land.—Apply for plan, Mr. Foulkes, Hignfield, Rhyl. TO BE SOLD. TO BE LET AT RHYL. A Commodious Detached Double-fronted DWELLING HOUSE, known as Fron- don,' Crescent Road, Rhyl, comprising 4 good Entertaining Rooms, 7 Bedrooms, Large Kitch- en, and usual domestic offices, with large yard, washhouse, drainage and water supply excel- lent. House in good repair, situate in centre of town, within 3 minutes' walk of Palace and Arcade, and West Parade, Promenade, and sea shore. Rent, JS40 per annum. Immediate possession.—Apply to OLIVER GEORGE, Solicitor, Rhyl. ]\ rORTAR MILL, ENGINE and BOILER for 1. Saile on completion of Contract, in first- class condition. Can be seen at Colet House Schools, Tarleton Street, Rhyl.—Address, JOHN WILLIAMS, 70, Collingwood Street, Liverpool. FOR SALE.—Two Second-hand PIAXO- JL' FORTES, splendid condition, good mak. ers, reliable. To be sold at once. May be seen at MR. BRYAN WARHURST, Hayan House. Brighton Road, Rhyl. DHOTOGRAPHtC BUSINESS for disposal. Make good Branch. Bargain for quick Sale.—PHOTOGRAPHER, Castle Studio, Con- way. LAND ON SALE. rrO BE SOLD.—Several eligible and freehold JL Plots of Building Land situated in River Street, Wellington Road, and Butterton Road, and in lots to suit purchasers. For particulars apply to Messrs. DAVID GRIFFITHS & SON, Contractors, Windsor Street, Rhvl. TO BE LET OR SOLD. MARINE DRIVE, RHYL.—Good RESID- J1L ENCE. Rent, J340. Price on applica- tion.—GREENHALGH & GEARY, Auction- eers, Rhyl. TO BE SOLD. EXTENSIVE BUSINESS PREMISES in FJ centre of Town.—Apply, GREENHALGH AND GEARY Auctioneers Rlurl. 'J WANTED. MOLESKINS Wanted.—Any quantity pur- JJJL chased. Highest price given. Cash by return.—GILBLY, Romford, Essex. DRAPERY—Youth wanted as APPREN- TICE or IMPROVER. For terms apply —ROBERT B. ARNOLD, Draper, Rhyl. WANTED.—Respectable GENERAL SER- BANT.—BRYNTEG HOUSE, 4, River Street. DRAPERY.—Wanted a Respectable YOUNG LADY APPRENTICE.—Apply to J. FRIMSTON, High Street, Rhyl. T1 HOMAS & CO., 27, Brazennose Street, Man. Chester, have BUSINESSES of every des- cription for Sale from £15 up to JB600. Ad- vice free. EXCELLENT OFF-LICENSE & GROCERY, taking £ 15 weekly. Sure living for fam- ily. Every accommodotion. £ 130.— 1 HOM- AS & CO., 27, Brazennose Street, Manchester. HIGH-CLASS BUTCHERING BUSINESS, JLJL taking £25 weekly. Can be doubled. Retiring after 30 years. Nicely fitted. ,90. —THOMAS & CO., 27, Brazennose Street, Man- chester. HERBAL & DRUG STORES, a fortune for JLJL right man. Tenant, 7 years. Estab- lished 50 years. Large Stock. Every con- venience.—THOMAS & CO., 27, Brazennose Street, Manchester. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. FYJONEY LENT PRIVATELY. ——— In L rge or Small Sums (not less than £10), Payable by instalments, or as mutually arranged. ON PROMISSORY NOTE ONLY, OR OTHER APPROVED SECURITY. Upwards of £1,250,000 lent during the last 20 years. Pr) ^pectus, terms for advances, and any in- formation required may be obtained Free of Charge, on application either personally or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE, Accountant, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. j PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. DYSERTH, NEAR RHYL. 1 MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS is instructed to SELL BY AUCTION on TUESDAY, the 19th JANUARY, 1904, all that Valuable and Freehold SHOP, DWELLING HOUSE, OUT. BUILDINGS, and LAND known as Bodhyfryd, I Dyserth, now in the occupation of Mr. John Hughes, Grocer, Draper, and Carrier. For further particulars see future announce- ments, or apply to the Auctioneer, at his Office, County Chambers, Rhyl, or to MESSRS. BROMLEY, JONES & CO., Solicitors, Rhyl, Or to F. J. Gamlin, Esq., Solicitor, 4, Clwyd Street, Rhyl. THE LATE DISASTROUS FIRE TN MARKET STREET. RELIEF FUND. £ s. d. Amount already acknowledged 38 10 8 D. Griffiths and Son 0 10 6 £39 1 2 The Fund will be closed this week, and the subscribers of 5s. and upwards are invited to attend a Meeting for disposing of the money, at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, on Wednes- day, January 6th, 1904, at 3 p.m. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Sec. Council Offices, _4- RHYL POOR RELIEF FUND. £ s. d. Amount already acknowledged 28 11 2 F. J. Gamlin 110 J. P. Lewis 110 Mrs. Whitley (Ca.tsclough) 110 J. C. Beattie 0 10 6 D. Griffiths and Son 0 10 6 JC32 15 2 All subscribers of upwards are quali. fied for membership of the Committee. The Soup Kitchen will be opened as occasion may require. The "omrnittee will also sit at the Town Hall for distribution of bread and coal-on days of which notice will be given to the members. It is understood that much distress prevails in the town, caused by want of employment, sickness, and old age. Further subscriptions are respectfully solici- ted. They may be paiid at any of the local banks or to the undersigned. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Sec. Council Offices, Rhyl. 30th December, 1903. THE LATE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA. Amount already acknowledged. JB68 19 0 The Committee have finally engaged Mr. Chatham to erect a Momrment on the Promen- ade. It is to cost J6115. The Plan may be inspected at Mr. Chatham's Office in Brighton Road. As more money is required, it is hoped that further subscriptions may be forthcoming soon. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Sec, Council Offices, Rhyl. 30th December, 1903. Walter C. Davies House & Ciiiircfi Decorator HAS REMOVED TO I, Waterloo Villas, Wellington Road. G. II. WICKS, MANCHESTER, AUCTIONEER & VALUER, ACCOUNTANT. BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENCY. SALES BY AUCTION conducted in any part of the Country. SPECIAL RATES FOR NORTH WALES. MR. WICKS gives personal attention to all commissions, and has a large and varied selection of Businesses on offer, and has clients for BOARDING HOUSES and Seaside Busi. nesses. 7, CATHEDRAL CHAMBERS, FENNEL COOPER^ _A_ JL A Private Hota! and Boarding Establishment 3, EAST PARADE, RHYL. MOST UP-TO-DATE PRIVATE HOTEL On the North Wales Coast. EVERY MODERN CONVENIENCE. DINING, DRAWING, SMOKING, BILLIARD, COMMERCIAL, AND STOCK ROOMS. DARK ROOM FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. CONSERVATORIES. TENNIS COURT AND BOWLING GREEN. COACH-HOUSE, STABLING, AND MOTOR SHED. Modei System of Heating and Ventilation. Perfect Sanitation. Recently Furnished and Decorated throughout. WEDDING BREAKFASTS & DINNERS A SPECIALITY. Large and Small Parties catered for. TERMS 'STRICTLY MODERATE. Open to Visitors December, 22nd, 1903. „ „ Telephone, 0186. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S 'RELIABLE' NURSERY POMADE. One Application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4d. and 9d. Postage Id. GEORGE W. HARRIS"N, Chemist, Broad Srteet, Reading. Agent f- Rhyl—G. E Chemist, Queen's Square. ASH FIELD & @. The Rhyl Drugstores An Patent Medicines at Wholesale Prices. Telephons, 0i98. Not Hot Fels-Naptharequires no fire; cold water washes as clean as warm water; hot is wrong; destroys Fels-Naptha; makes it no better than some of the soaps not worth a farthing a ton. Fels-Naptha 39 Wilson street London E C THE RECORD & AD/ERTISER 'vlay be had from the Publishers, Amos Bros. By Post. Delivered in Town. s. d. a. d One quarter 1 8 One quarter 1 1 Hah-yearly 3 4 Half-yearly 2 9 Yearly 6 8 Yearly 4 4 All communications to be addressed to the Editor. Telegraphic address, "Advertiser," Uhyl. Telephone, No. 0190.