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Local Football Notes & Jottings (BY THE CHIEL.) 'A Chiel's among ye talin' notes, And faith he'll prent them.' The following is the Combination table up to date: Goalfl Pld. Won. Lost. Drn. For. AgRt. Pts. Chester 8 7 1 o ..31 9 ..14 Birkenhead 8 7 1 0-.17 8 -.14 Oswestry 7 4 2 1 ..17 ..13 9 Broughton U. 7 4 2 1 ..19 ..11 9 Nantwich 5 3 1 1-15 9 7 Witton Albion Q 2 4 3 ..15 ..21 7 Wrexham 6 3 3 o ..15 ..11 6 Chirk 8 1 4 3 ..18 ..28 5 Rhyl 6 2 4 o ..12 ..15 4 Tranmere R. 5 2 3 o ,.n o. 17 4 Middlewich. 7.. I..4..2..8..16..4 Bangor 5.. 1..3..1..8..18..3 Winsford U. 1 5 I 8 ..15 3 000000 SATURDAY'S COMBINATION RESULTS. Chester 7 BaDgor 0 Birkenhead 2 Middlewich 0 Broughton. 1 Witton Albion 0 Rhyl 4 Chirk 1 000000 WELSH AMATEUR CUP (1st Round.) Bangor. 4 Llandudno 1 o Llanrwst 5 Rhyl 4 Colwyn Bay 6 Rhuddlan" 1 Brymbo H' n 10 Plpnygordd. 0 000000 Three of the defeated teams were unable to find the net. The biggest defeat was that sustained by Bangor at the hand of Chester the result being 7 jroals to nil. Birkenhead received Middlewich. The game was played for some portion of the time with ten aside, in fact, at one period Middlewioh were left with nine. Eventually BiikeDhead won the match by two goals to none. At Witton the Albion faced Broughton. The Brougbton backs were in fine trim, and the forwards respondieg, a goal was scored in the first halt. This state of things was preserved, and the end coming left Broughton winners by 1-0. Rhyl are now in good fettle and easily beat Chirk on Saturday. The forwards all showed some pretty combination and are improving everv week. 000000 BIRKENHEAD AGAIN SUCCESSFUL For their Combination fixture with Middlewich, Birkenhead had their usual team out, and won comfortably by two coals to none. The visitors were unfortunate in losing the services of Moss in the first half, this forward wrenching his leg. Cunningham scored from a penalty, and then M'Farlane, the home full back, bad to retire. In the Fecond half Meagher obtained a good goal, and thus the home side won. After the intervil the winners were seen to great advantage, and fully deserved their success, which p till places them on a level with Chester in the table of results as far as points are concerned. Meagher was in fine trim, and the goal he obtained was the result of a very clever shot. At full bAck Slavin again distinguish- ed himself, and is evidently a promising player, for he rarely fai s to render a good account of himself. Cunningham and Roberts also shaped capitally, and the visitors were beaten by a clearly superior side. The losers proved a fairly level team, but the Birkenhead defence was too strong for their advances. 000000 BANGOR AT CHESTER. A large crowd witnessed the meeting of these two teams at Chester, last Saturday afternoon. The recent heavy rains had left the Chester ground in many places completely under water, and before the match the referee inspected the ground, but he decided that it was fit to play. Chester played the same team that defeated Chirk with the exception of Hall, whose place was filled by Breen. After a few minutes play Chester forced a corner, which was well placed by J. Lipsbam, and his brother headed past Owen, scoring Chester's first goal. After some of the players had had an exciting tussle in the centre, where the water lay, Bangor secured a free kick close in, and Coventry effected a brilliant aave. The Bangor men kept up the pressure, Lloyd coming to the rescue with his bead. Chester broke away, and J. Lipsbam securing sent in a fast ground shot, which Roberts tl e Bangor back, put into his own net. The referee's whistle bad, however, previously gone for offside, and the point was disallowed. Bangor returned to the attack, but the state of the ground rendered play somewhat of a farce. Play on Chester left gave J. Lipsbam a chance of centreing, and this he did with good effect, the ball being met by Smith, who banged it past Owen for the second time. Shortly after this the game was stopped owing to T. Lipsham being hurt by headicg the ball, which was naturally very heav. At half time the Cestrians were leading br three goals to nil, and they had more of the play in the second half than in the first and found the net on four occasions, finally winning by seven goals to nil. 000000 BROUGHT uJM v. WITTON. The above teams met on Saturday on the Witton ground. A sensational start was made Johitson scoring for the visitors after two minutes' play. Witton pressed, and three corners were badly play- ed. Shot after shot weib charged down, and Owen made two fine saves from Eyres and Hughes. Broughton led at the interval by 1 goal to nil. The Brcugbton forwards played brilliantly on resuming aud the Witton halves and backs were hard taxed. Sutton and Davies defended well. There was no further scoring and the game ended in a win for Broughton by 1 goal to none. 000000 TWO MORE POINTS FOR RRYL. Following their fine performance of the previous Saturday. Rbyl entertained Chirk at Belle Vue in the combination tourney. Exactly the same eleven represented the locals. The weather was also more favourable to the p'ayers and conducive to a better gate. The game opened in a lively fashion, the Rbyl forwards going straight for goal. A corner accrued but nothidg came of it. The Chirk forwards were admirably fed by their halves, but they faibd to make headway against the Rbyl defence. T. Williams initiated a pretty run and passed to L. Jones, wbo was ruled offside, and the chance was lost. T. Williams tried his luck with a fine attempt, but the goalkeeper was equal to it and cle red. Midfield play ensued, and then L. Jones hooked on the ball. He was in a good position when his shot was charged down. Khyl came again and some exciting exchanges took place in front of the Chirk goal, which ended in smoke. Chirk retaliated, and it seemed certain they would score. All they gained, however, was a corner, from which Rowland Thomas got possession and after working beautifully for pcsition parsed to T. Bobertp, who slammed in a fine centre which was met. by T. Williams, and the result was a goal. It was all done in a twinkling, and it was the finest goal that I have seen this season. Aftet Chirk had paid a brief visit to the Rhyl end, the homesters again got down and R. Thomas shot wide. The play was most interesting. Each aide put in all they knew, and tried to utilise their chances to the best advantage. During a spell of pressure on the Rhyl goul Clapton conceded a cornei, but it was badly placed. A faulty goal kick by one of the Chirk fcacks gave Rhyl another goal. Thin came to the toot of R. Thomas, who sent in a well directed shot which was saved. W. Roberts, however, was at band and sent the ball through a sea of legs into the net. Fine play by Lovey was the next incident of ncte. He passed to Jenkins in the nick of time, and a goal seemed certain when the last named was fouled within the penalty area, and a penalty was the inevitable resclt. The kick was entrusted to T. Williams but he fbiled to convert. A comer fell to Rhyl, but the ball was sent over. From this to half-time there was only cue team in it and that was not Chirk. The Rhyl forwards are improving in the art of Combination, but it is as marksmen that they have showed the most improve- ment. Their shooting all round and especially that cf T. Williams was most deadly, and credit is due to the visiting goalkeeper that his side were not more in arrears at half-time. 000000 The second half opeusa iu favour of Chirk, but the defence was not to be caught napping and repelled all attacks. A visit was made to the other ilnd where Jenkins shot over the bar. It was a treat to foee the wing centreing the ball, and it must be a source of p'easure for T. Roberts to fee T. Williams making such good use of his centres. Rbyl scored twice-cdee R. Thomas met a pass from L. Jones and T. Williams utilised a pass from T. Roberts. It was a good game and Rbyl deserved all they got. They were without a doubt the best team on the day's play and I have no hesi- tation in saying that if they maintain present form they will finish up in an elevated position on the Combination table. They are eleven triers. They toil play to win. The forwards play an unselfit-h arame which is bcund to have gcod results. T. Roberta is making an ideal extreme right. R. Thomas also came out of his shell and gave a splendid exhibition. He had some dash about him on Saturday which we have not been able to associate witn him. L. Jones was not so succeshful as on the previous Saturday but still he did some useful work. Jenkins got through a tremendous amount of work in the first half bat be received an injury to his knee in the second when he limped awfully. T. Williams was the most dangerous forward. He has a clinking shot, and there is any amount of grit in him. He can stand being ham- pered and then be has the stamina to finish well. The half-backs were all good, 88 we-e also the full backs. The defence is really excellent. Jones in goal gave every satisfaction, and he ould hardly be blamed for the goal which were scored against him. 000000 RHLTDDLAN v. COLWYN BAY. This fixture being the first round of the Welsh Amateur Cup attracted a record attendance at the Colwyn Bay ground on Saturday last. The home team had their strongest eleven they could turn out, whilst Rhuddlan had to depend on four reserve lads The following represented Rhuddlan: Goal, D. Davies; fullbacks, P. Evans and W. T. Jones; halves. Jones, Pritchard and B. Jones; forwards, T. D. Jones, T. Wvnce, J. Durcan, C. Jones and Caradoc Roberts. Durcan kicked off for Rhnddlan the visitors were quickly aggressive, T. D. Jones shot a few inches wide ot the mark. Following upon this the Rbuddlanites put on great pressure, and the home goal was in extreme jeopardy a series of hot bombardments ending in Durcan shooting over the bar. From the goal kick the play was ex- tremely fast and exciting, and both goals were visited in rapid succession, lack of accuracy in fhooting only preventing a score. On one occasion tbe outside left of the Bayites got down in fine fashion, and passed right across to Skelsey, the latter player kicked wiJe, the Referee awarded a corner. From the corner kick the ball was sent into the net after twenty minutes play. The succeeding stages were rather in favour of the home team who pressed with great persistence, and it was only clever work by Ricket and Skelsey that averted disaster to the visitors goal the latter add- ing the second goal. Tbe visiting custodian making a feeble attempt to save his charge, who was playing very unsatisfactorily. From the centre the Rhuddlan- itas tried to break through the home defence, but try as they could they could not get a shot at goal. Owen playing a fine defensive game at back. Thp homesters centre forward tried a run on his own, but was returned by who secured the ball and runoing through the players shot ou. Wheu the whistle was sounded for half-time, tha home team stood with 3 goals to nil.—Early on the second half the Colwyn Bay eleven showed to advantage, but Pritchard fouled Rickett. However, the free kick came to nought. P. Evans and W. T. Jones was prominent with fine defensive work, their tackling being clean and clever. Five minutes from the interval the Bayites scored, and shortly before time being called they added another two goals. H. ffitohard scoring the only goal for Rhuddlan. The final result, was Colwyn Bay, 6 Rhuddlan, 1.—In criticising the players, I may say at the outset that I have never seen a more ragged attempt at goalkeeping in my experience. The backs, P. Evans and W. T. Jones being the finest pair on the field. B. Jones was the picfc of the halves, and Pritchard played a good game. The best forwards were T. D. Jones and Durcan also T. Wynne, the reserve man played a good game, but was much too excited.—The fixtuie with Colwyn Bay at Rhuddlan on Saturday has been cancelled, the ethyl Press will be the visitors 000000 RHUDDLAN 2ND v. ST. ASAPH. This match was played at the Vicarage Avenue before a large gate. The home captain won the toss and decided to kick up hill. The ground was in fair conditiou considering the wet weather. The Cityites were at onoe prominent and "oon made tracks for the home custodiau, who was playing a champion game between the sticks. Half-time, no Koals were scored. During the second half tb3 St. Asaph team had the best of tbe game, notched three in, and returned victorious by 3 goals to nil. The pick of the Rhuddlan team were R. T. Williams and Parry.

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