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LADIES' TAILORING SPECIALITE. I He K. OSBORNE (From Burberry', London, W.) BODFOR STREET, RHYL TAILOR BREECHES. LIVERIES. CLERICALS. THE LEADING BILLPOSTERS IX THIS DISTRICT. TO ADVERTISE WELL In Rhyl and District go to the NORTH WALES & DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS, LTD. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED RIIYL AND DISTRICT ADVERTISING AND BILLPOSTING CO. (Under entirely new Management], Members of the United Billposters' Association for Rhyl. WE POST LARGELY FOR ALL THE LEADING ADVERTISERS. WTF. POST LARGELY FOR ALL THE RAILWAYS IX NORTH WALES. WITHOUT OUR STATIONS A THOROUGH REPRESENTATION CANNOT BE OBTAINED. All Work systematically inspected by exper- ienced Advertising Experts. ORDERS be sent tn MR. W. G. DAY- I FS, Billposter, 12, St. Helens' Place, High Street, Rhyl. u. GOULD, j LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTFR, j THE PARAGON. 64 & 65" HIGH STREET- RHVI" j IS NOW SHOWING A CHOICE SELOC. TION OF NEW GOODS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. SEE WINDOWS FOR THE LATEST NOVELTIES. OLD HARNESS AND BELTS Repaired with Bifurcated Rivets IIB Driven ar.d clinched with any: |jl l amtner. From all ironmongers, j. 1 in «s»oited Boxes, iir. to iin. 6d; 1 ^in. to Jin., Is. If unobtainable; | J send stamps t o m THE THINGS OF jgUROPL I RIDE THE KING OF CYCLES. HUMBER' Used by Their Majesties KING EDWARD VII., The KINGS OF ITALY, BELGIUM, and GREECE, The PRINCE and PRINCESS OF WALES, PRINCESS VICTORIA, DUCHESS OF FIFE, &c. ~—— Artistic Catalogue, also instructive Booklet on Cycling, free on application to RICHARD HILL NEW SMITHY, PENRHEWL, ST. ASAPH. A. ■ W Notwithstanding the A A. ■ W Notwithstanding the A S IJ|b I mH number new pre- H frlM parations, most 1 wj *.B1 them of foreign intro- A ■■ M H ^H| duction, the T V ■ V medicine,BEECHAM'8 k J PILLS, still stands W J stands W y A fl foremost H H| point A and EVER. 1 i mm B W WHY? They cannot be equalletf as a FAMILY MEDICINE, f X ——- k I They are carefully prepared from the finest k A | curative drugs ot vegetable origin. A l Because Their patrons everywhere recommend them to others. m f4 m Sold everywhere la Boxes, Is. l £ d. (56 pills) and 2s. 9d. (16S pills). t. ,"8," ,4 J ———————————————————— 1 Tephcne No. 31. cWM. ROBERTS, Coal, Corn and Seed Mer chant 41, HIGH STREET RHYL. BEST A3TD CHEAPEST COAL From LANCASHIRE, STAFFORDSHIRE, AND NORTH WALES. HAY, STRAW, PROVENDER, BIRD SEED, POULTRY CORN, Drx BISCUITS &c. THE BEST SCOTCH OATMEAL. iIb¡ Central Laundry 19, HIGH STREET, RHYL. .n COLLARS AND SHIRTS OUR SPECIALITY. BEST WORK AND FINISH GUARANTEED. Prompt attention to all orders. MRS. JONES Proprietrevj. 2,300 CYCLES, MOTORS, ana ACCESSORIES. 50 Page Ca- talogue Free to any address. Eye-opener to alL Machines from 30s. Agents wanted. Trade supplied?*" WARRILOW & CO., Weston^upei-Mara E. ANGEL Succesor ta the late THOMAS WILLIAMS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUTCHER I 3, WATER STREET, RHYL. A constant supplv cf meat always cn hand, including Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal and Pork. — YE OLDEST BOOT STORES IX PRESTATYX „ EDWARDS STAFFORD BUILDINGS, PRESTATYN. Splendid New Stock for the Season, EVERYTHING AT THE LOWEST PRICES. I JOHN JONES & SON JOIXERS, UNDERTAKERS, AND COFFIX MAKERS, Residence No. 10, EDWARD HENRY STREET. MAKERS OF STEP-LADDERS AND LADDERS. A. kinds of jobbing wort promptly attended to. 0 HERBERT MARSH BUTCHER, &c., Has now OPENED a High-Class Business at 7,' Market STEEETi \x BEEF, MUTTON AND LAMB OF PRIME QUALITY. ORDERS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED PROMPTLY. A TRIAL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. The "Wonder" Guinea Parcel fitom! HKBRloO^FimD^ FFO D. ow Contains— (Copyright Registered.) 1 Pair White Witney Blankets, larne size, beautifully finished, soft and fleecy. 1 Pair White Twill Sheets, hemmed ready for use, 2l yds. by 2 yds. 1 Handsome Satin-finished White Quilt, beautifully raised woven floral design, 3 yds. long by 2 yds. wide. 1 Pair White Calico Pillow Cases, full size, good quality, buttoned en.ls, ready for use. 1 White Marcella Toilet Cover, 45 in. loner. 9 in. wide, pretty raised floral design. 1 Set or 5 White Duchesse Toilet Mats. 1 Pair Strong Huckaback Toilet Towels. 1 Very useful and handsome Striond Austrian Rug, suitable for Bed, Sofa, or Travelling Rug. 'Sent Carriag* Paid on rtcttpi of P.D.D. <M. BROOKFiELD'S, Market Sqnare, Stafford K8TABLISHKD OVTTB 180 YXAB3. HATWOOD'S "jJJAIRDRESSING SALOON, QUEEN STREET, JJHYL. TROUT FISHING SEASON, 1302. For FLY RODS, LINES, FLIES, CASTS, REELS, BASKETS. &c., &c. We have the best TROUT FLIES on drawn Gut, Is. per doz. Guaranteed finest quality. FISHING LICENSES FOR CLWYD AND ELWY. I THE FINEST AND MOST UP-TO-DATE HAIRDRESSING SALOON IN WALES. PRIVATE ROOM FOR LADIES' AND CHIL- DREN'S HAIRDRESSING. ESTABLISHED OVER 40 YEARS. GEORGE HAVERCROFT 16, MARKET HALL, RIIYL. I BUNGALO GARDENS. STANLEY PARK, AND GRANGE ROAD, RHYL (Near Cemetery), MARKET GARDENER, FLORIST, AND SEEDSMAN. 1 Bedding Plants for Sale. HYACINTHS, TULIPS, and Other BULBS ALL KINDS OF WTORK DONE. Letters and Post Cards attended to at the Letters and Post Cards attended to at the shortest notice. I {"PREMIER" CYCLES] I SPECIALITY— HELICAL TUBE. | •* —BM and premier in reputation erer rinco Cyclsi } fiftt toot* m&ncixaucured. £ Btniiltln Uat FIMI E&aj Terms! I f W-RKB-COYRNTRY. J WE GIVE FOR A GUINEA i pair White Witney Blankets, 7lbs. weight, aj Ion* by i$wide, i White Under Blanket, whipped botn ends, aj lone by if wide, i pair Heavy Twill Sheets, ajyds. by 2yd*. i handsome Mosaic Quilt, fast colors, jvds. long by 2}yds. wide, and a Cotton Pillow Cases, fuu size buttoned ends, superior quality and finish* All sent carriage paid on receipt of P.O.O. Market Sq., Stafford. HIGH-CLASS CONFECTIONERY, j 15, QUEEN STREET, RHYL. J ROBINS | FOR YOUR PURE HOME-MADE BREAD. VIENNA MILK ROLLS. ALL KINDS OF CAKES & PASTRY. FRUIT PIES IN DISHES. | VEAL AND HAM PIES. j | CAILLER'S, PETERS', MAZZAWATTEE, j CADBURY'S, AND ALL THE BEST j CHOCOLATES. j I tt "PPOIJ'fTEIt f&b, .1t t",C PRMM (W Light bicycles mean less labour and RUDGE- WHITWORTHS are the lightest and strongest. Art Catalogue, post free, from Rudge-Whitworth, Ltd., Coventry. Local Agents: — CONN AH iV Co., Queen's Buildings, Rlivl (mTH WALES CYCT.E, MOTOR, &- ST)O RT; Co., Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno. 0 PILLING ROSS, Abergele Road, Colwvn Bav. Limited, 101, Bold Street, Liverpool. j NOTICE OF REMOVAL. T, P ARRY\VllLI.¡MS Decorator, Sign-writer, &c.. Begs to inform his Customers and the public generally that having disposed of the Ironmon- gery branch of his Business, and let the prem- ises to his Successor, he has REMOVED to Xo, 4, VICTORIA AVENUE, PRESTATYN. Being relieved of the above responsibility he hopes to be able to devote his whole time and attention to trade. Hoping to be favoured with a continuance ef your esteemed patronage —I am, your obedient servant, T. PARRY WILLIAMS. Please Note— W orkshops Plas Yard. Address of Residence Bristcl House. Victoria P venue, Prestatyn. M B S ■ mm. n>ctocraphlc Sell I I AUllV Llirt of ill elaj.-cs nf 111 LLIAvKl |JS £ 9a Tibl«a. Cues. l's!:e,*iui «y«r7 i.,quUltB jjhow coa- 40 T&Mw tealndlBc lw> Ml9eli'>n ^'|1 ailP thm» nmrt«r *nd kaOf-rtMS. &«. Billiard »nd Dining Ac. (a ft* KKwn.lhmiul tftblo ehmp). Did table* cn oui 1M.. Low SUaat Trort-Proof CmiMon, T tai-n In part oichinc fat N- Tabte. Spaetal 88IIY payment to clulx- E. J. RILEY, Ltd., Billiard TaWs Willow Works, ACCftjiMGTOf^ TAKE YOUR Watch for Im pairs Etc., at W. L FOSTER, Practical Watchmaker and Jeweller, 21, BODFOR STREFT, RHYL. WATCHES CLEANED. 2s. NEW MAINSPRING, 2s. BEST VALUE IN RHYL. CAKE8 -L-, 'J Cakes Cakes Fancy Box Chocolate do Afternoon Tea Chocolates iioll All kinds of parties catered for. Game Pies, Boned Turkeys, Galantines, Raised Tongues, Jellies, Creams, Ices Made to order. Cutlery, Linen, Glass and Crockery Lent on Hire at Note the Address— TWO DOORS FROM THE POST OFFICE. PHILIP THOMAS'S COOK AND CONFECTIONER, 63. High Street, Rhyl     —     o t    t!  i MEDIClNt\ cleanse the Blood from all in* Jn Kr iram whatever cause arising. It is */F JWftr v safe remedy for ni lW £ QdR) SSFBIoTa, Abscesses, Bad Legs, Ulcers, 11 W "Mlgj Pjflijriqf ■ ud Sores ot all kinds. l/ jltTflTir OlVKUfKAl- SPECIFIC for Gout and RheumaticVl iucmoves the causo front the Blood and Bones. \1 ll 'CIullt) ?rootf Mlxtore is pleasant to the taste. aad\l v.a warranted' Ste» from. anything injurious to the most \1 1,% «deli0iu>constitutioir'ot either sex, from infancy toold K^kan^^nd^U'lBropnetors solicit suffcrm UJtiff il ill ^rial to te^t ats value. Jj| EBC1<DBBV8I8#8 Mixture ik sold "by 11 |^»p»yi«hf«.ifhnnwhg world, i>ut4KWU0^«UlC&te*s iM MKttMML<MMCtt'<< SPECIAL. LINE M EXTRA TOUGH MANILLA ENVELOPES SIZE 51 in. by 3 in. 2/0 per 1000. 5000 for 12/0 0§0 Or with Ntaiie and Address Printed on Flap 5000 for 15/- This is the BEST VALUE in COMMERCIAL ENVELOPES ever Offered. 000 JUST PUBLISHETD: I AMOS BROS. SET of PICTORIAL CARDS of RHYL & DISTRICT. Packet of 12 Cards for 6d. Post free 7d. -1101- Largest, Best. and Cheapest Packet ever Published. SEASO FUBNISHING FOR CMIXA, GLASSES. VASES FLOWER STANDS, &c. GO TO JESSE BEECH 9. WELLINGTON ROAD. RHYL Boneing and Larding a Speciality. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED FISH SHOP &c., IN THE TOWN. WalterClaiMSon Fruiterers, Fishmongers, Poulterers, and Licensed Dealers in Game. 2 and 3, WATER STREET, And 2 and 3, MARKET HALL. AGENTS FOR HORNER-S CREAMS. Telephone, 21. THE OLDEST BOOT STORES IN RHYL. AMOS & CO. 8a, SLSSEX STREET, RHYL (the only Address;. Repairs and Bespoke Ords-re Promptly Attended to. WALTER C DA VIES HOUSE AND SIGN DECORATOR, PAPERHANGER, GLAZIER, 33, JOHN STREET, RHYL. PATTERN BOOKS OF WALL PAPERS AND ART DECORATIONS BY LEADING FIRMS. Established 1379. DAVID GRIFFITHS & SON FURNISHING UNDERTAKERS, Coffins supplied and Funerals conducted in Town and Country. Perfect efficiency can be relied upon. Car- would be ta.-ven that only moderate charges arP made, consistent with first-class work ana guarantee. REPAIRS TO PROPERTY EFFECTED. A Steady and Competent Staff of Men emplovei in all branches of the Building Trade. WINDSOR JOINERY WORKS, WIND SOS STREET, RHYL. A. CRAMPTON, PAINTER PAPERHANGER, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATOR ESTIMATES SUBMITTED. VISION0111 d°Qe Under ^RSONAL SUP -N. VRONDEG, 49, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. FRED WALL IS AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE. & INSURANCE AGENT, Furnished and Unfurnished Houses To Let 8t)- Application. RENTS COLLECTED. -0- TOWN HALL BUILDINGS, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. And at HIGH STREET, ST. ASAPH. JUNO CYCLES "■ THE VERY ot 14/2 PÀ'}n:r. !)¡/ £8 8s. 15' <31 »5S. 17 6 '"?• PneT^y^- os.2o.|s ruo I U12 o.s. 2i 8 ,C;RC<>, ,0!.NRW SFASOX'S LIST, over TOO PAW, "lustratioiw of JUNO Cycles and latest'CvcliHl METPnum >TVi £ r' £ ''1thnn any °,'ll<'r house. Suit ,,v, « ROPOLITAN MACHINISTS' Co., Ltd. J r l 75. Bisbopsjrate Street Without. London E C *MS> CIRCCS. LO.NDO.V, \V. ERNEST L. WILLIAMS, BUILDER, CONTRACTOR, UNDERTAKER.. &C. l-.stiniates given ior Alterations and Repair? All orders receive prompt personal attention, Residence— WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. The oldest-established butcher's shop in Rhyl. T. E. JONES WHOLESALE AND FAMILY BUTCHER, BRYNGWYN, RHYL. PORK SHOP, 151, WELLINGTON ROAD. ALWAYS A GRAND SELECTION OF I-.lUYJJr- MEAT IN STOCK.