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**'""*'*"1904. REGISTRATION…




Family Notices




, iRHYL.


i RHYL. THE COUNTY DENTAL ASSOCIATIONS Limited, has removed to Ileaid House, 52, Water Street, Rhyl. Consultation and advice free. Hours of attendance, a.m. to 8 p.m. daily (Saturdays excepted)..Mr. F. Sarson, FOR High-Class1 Provisions at wholesale prices go to Roose and Co., S.P.Q.R. Stores, Queen Street, Rhyl.— Mv' SPECIAL POLICE COl'RT.—At a Special Police Court on Wednesday, be: re Dr. Girdle- stone (in the chair) and Mr. J. H. Ellis, Hugh Jones (Cocos) was brought up in custody charged with being drunk and fighting, and Thomas Tones (Cocos) was charged with resisting the police in the execution of their du.tv. P.C. William Davies proved the case. lie said that on Friday he found the defendant Hugh Jones drunk and fighting with another man who dis- appeared when the police came on the scene. He arrested Hugh Jones, as he was disorderly, and thereupon Thomas Jones came up and endeavoured to prevent his taking him into custody. Hugh Jones, in default of paying a fine of 5s. and 6s. 4d. costs, was sentenced, to fourteen days' imprisonment. Thomas Jones, who expressed regret for what he had done, was fined 5s. and 6s. lOd. costs. THE ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH —The Rev. R. Rowland Robert-. B.A., of Car- diff, is to preach at this church next Sunday and the following Sunday. Mr. Roberts is known as one of the eminent preachers of the Presbyterian Church of Wales in South Vtales. and we understand that he has been selected to deliver tne "Conference Sermon" at the next annual Conference, which is to be held at Llan- ellv in September. OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATIONS RHYL SUCCCESSES.—The following are among the local successes at the recent Oxford Local Examinations:—Second Class Honours (Senior), M. A. May, Elwv Hall, Rhyl, who is recom- mended for the bronze medal offered by the Royal Geographical Society Third Class Hon- ours, H. 1'. Yinning, Brvntirion Convent, Rhyl. Pass List (Junior) First Division, M. N. Ro- berts, Ehvy Hall, Rhyl Second Division, D. Tatham, Elwv Hall- Rhvl. REMOVAL OF A RESIDENT.—His mam- friends will regret to hear that Mr. Fred. Ro- berts, head ot the furnishing firm of Messrs. Fred. Roberts IX Co., Russell Buildings, Rhyl, is about to remove from our midst. He has decided to return to a well-known hostelry in Heywood ot which he was for many years the licensee before coming to Rhvl. Meantime the furnishing business in Rhyl will be continued under the management of Mr. Geo. Newman, and we feel sure Mr. Roberts' patrons will con- tinue to extend him. their support, notwith- standing that he will be unable personally to devote so much time to the business. PRESENTATION.—After the week-night service at the English Wesleyan ( hurch on Wednesday evening a meeting v.-as held under the presidency of Mr. G. R. Lawrence, circuit steward, for the purpose of presenting the Rev. J. C. Stuart with a purse of gold on tne occa- sion of his retiring, owing to ill-health, from the active work of the ministry. The Chair- man, in making the presentation, said that the testimonial had been spontaneously subscribed by Mr. Stuart's many friends in the Rhyl and Prestatyn churches, who appreciated deeply his ministrations, and who sympathised with him in his ill-health. Mr. Banks spoke on behalf of the Prestatyn friends, and Mr. Reuben Small feelingly expressed his attachment for Mr. Stuart. Mr. Stuart appropriately acknow- ledged the presentation and kind remarks made. Mr. Stuart leaves Rhyl on Monday, and will take part in the services on Sunday by way of valedictory. PROPOSED PRESENTATION TO THE number of the friends and admirers of the Archdruid of Wales (Hwfa Mon), in conjunction with the leading members of the Gorsedd of the Bards, intend presenting him at the next National Eisteddfod of Wales with his portrait in oils in recognition of his services as the head of the bardic brotherhood. Ar- rangements are being made to try and secure the services of Mr. Hubert Ilerkcmer, R.A., the eminent artist, who is himself a member of the Welsh Gorsedd and is known in Welsh bardic circles as ComeT, to paint the portrait. It was Professor Herkomer who designed the breastplate of gold and the crown of oak leaves worn by the Archdruid at Gorsedd ceremonies, and he is a great admirer of the venerable Hwfa Mon. BOYS' BRIGADE CAMP.—The Crewe Battal- ion Boys' Brigade have theeir camp on the foot- ball ground in Grange Road. 1 he camp is being held from Tuesday, the 18th, to Saturday, the 22nd inst. The advance party, composing of the Quartermaster and twelve boys, arrived on Monday at 10 o'clock, and by nightfall had the tents pitched and the marquees erected. The battalion arrived at 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning and marched via High Street and the Promenade en route to the football ground. The boys filled their palliasses and got their tents made up, guard was mounted, and after dinner fell in for the first regular drill, and the camp was in complete order. The rain during Tuesday night did not interfere with the com- fort of the boys, and the weather on Wednes- day being all that could be desired, the ground diied quickly. The battalion will be inspected on Friday afternoon by Capt. F. D. Stones, acting adjutant of the 2nd Cheshire Royal En- gineers (Railway) Volunteers, when visitors will be welcomed. There are 120 boys under can- vas, commanded bv the following officers 1st Company Mr. T. W. Riley (acting colonel), the Rev. A, E, Auden (quartermaster), Messrs. F. H. Cooke, and W. l'orster 2nd Company, Messrs. F. F. Ramage, T. Cooper, and T. Chall- iuor; 4th Company, Mr. P. Bown; 5th Com- pany, Messrs. G. Hughes (acting major) and W. H. Denning. C. Wilson, Esq., M.D., of the 1st Company, is acting surgeon. Camp secretary, Mr. H. Town.ley (acting bugle major). There is almost complete absence of sickness amongst officers and boys. ROYAL ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL.—The Lady Superintendent acknowledges with many thanks the following donations, kindly sent in during the past week:—Collected at Burlesque Football Match between Boarders at Mrs. ( hil- well's and Mr. E. H. Williams Merrie Men, £3 3s. Surplus of the Prestatyn Coronation Fund, per Mr. H. R. Hughes, J31 16s. 8d. Collected on the Sands by Misses Daisy and Mary Talbott, j31 15s. 7d." MR. DARLASTON and family desire to thank all friends for their very kind sympathy and enquiries. Handsworth House, Rhvl. THE NATIONAL ETSTEDDFOD.—A meet- ing of the Executive Committee of the Rhyl National Eisteddfod, 1904, was held at the Town Hall, on Thursday evening, Mr. R. LI. Jones presiding. The General Secretary sub- mitted bills in connection with the proclamation ceremony, amounting to £24, and they were approved of. Bills were also submitted, amounting to £46, in connection with the erec- tion of the Gorsedd and the removal of the big stone to Rhyl, whilst the account for the trac- tion engine had not yet come to hand. It was stated that the total sum voted by the Executive Committee was £20, with an addition of B5 for the removal of the stone, and J312 10s. for the luncheon, but of the latter item the sum of only £4 had been spent, owing to the generous action of the Palace Syndicate in entertaining half the guests, and paying half the wine bill. With regard to the big stone, it was stated that there were bills to hand amounting to £12 IDs., and that the traction engine account would be considerable. An animated discussion took place, and strong comments made on the heavy cost incurred. It was decided to refer the account in connection with the removal of the stone back to the Finance Committee to con- sider it in connection with the account for the traction engine, and a resolution was also passed directing that no further money should be spent on the stone until after the next meet- ing. Mr. A. L. Clews strongly urged economy, and commented on the fact that there seeimied a disposition to make heavy charges against the committee. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the Syndicate' of the Queen's Pal- ace for the generous manner in which they had met the committee, and for the satisfactory way in which they had catered the luncheon. A cordial vote of thanks was also passed to the Mayor of Denbigh (Mr. A. O. Evans) for the gift of the Gorsedd stones, and to Mr. R. Llewelyn Jones for presenting a case of wine' for the guests on the occasion of the luncheon. THE REV. THOMAS WATGH. the popular pdeacher and evangelist, is announced to preach at the Wesleyan Church to-morrow (Sunday). William >.rtwiing, son of Mr. John Rawling, Justice of the Peace of Oldwit, near Launceston, has been drowned at Trebarwith, on the north Cornish coast, presumably while bathing. He was nineteen years of age and had just passed his matriculation examination. Colonel Sir Watkin Wynn, Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire, has arrived at Southampton on board the liriton, after six months' tour in South Africa. Sir Watkin's health has creatlv imnrovecL






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