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ST. ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the St. Asaph Board of Guardians was held at the .Board Room, St. Asaph, on Friday. There were pre- sent Messrs. R. Llewelyn Jones (Chairman), Gwilym Parry (Vice-Chairman), R. Griffiths, R Davies, r. Roberts Jones, J. frimston, J. llritc-l-iarcl, j Kerfoot, T. Evans, T. P. Hughes, W. S. Roberts, R. Alorris, W. H. Hughes, O Owen, W. Jones, P. Mostyn Williams, Hugh Roberts, J. D. Jones, W. Conwy Bell, J- Lloyd, T. Howes Roberts, E. Alorgan, "-c. THE HOUSE. The Alaster reported that the number of in- mates in the House last Board day was 120; admitted since, 6; discharged, 6-; remaining in the House at the present time, 120. The number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight was 122, as compared with 92 corres- ponding period last year. GIFTS TO INAIATES. The Alaster reported that through the thought- ful kindness of Miss Fenton, Anghorfa, St. Asaph, the hospital ward had been presented with a most valuable invalid chair. Airs. Lux- more had visited The house and had kindly left sweets for the children. Parcels of illustrated and other papers had been received from Mrs. Wigley, Bryn Polyn Alawr Lady Campbell I)Iits ileaton, etc. On the notion of the Chairman seconded by Mr. R. Davies the usual vote of thanks was act circled. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. I A letter was read from the Clerk, Air. Charles Ciimsley acknowledging tli«? o'e of :,ymp.itny which the Board had passed with him i.n his bereavement consequent on less of his woe. THE PROPOSED DIVISION M" THE ST. ASAPH RELIEVING D'STiviCT. Nir. Howes Roberts submitted the report of 1 he visiting committee with reference to the ¡ letter of the Registrar General as to the division of the St. Asaph Relief and Registration distriict lie said that the committee recommended that the ccnsidertion of the matter be adjourned for two months, because they had an idea T,) r tiiat instead of having four relieving officers that the" could so re-arrange the districts as to do with three at the present.. Mr. R. Griffiths inquired on what grounds were they asked to adjourn the matter. Mr. T. Howes Roberts replied bees use it was thought that within the next two months they vo.-uld be able to settle the whole thing satisfactorily. Mr. P. Mostyn Williams seconded the pro- position of Mr. Howes Roberts. He thought 1 that in two months the matter would right itself without any further trouble to the Board uf Guardians. Mr. T'11n Frimston failed to see anv grounds for delaying especially if it was meant to upset what had already been decided upon bv the Board. The Board had come to the conclusion to divide the district and had adopted a certain scheme which had been submitted to the Regis- trar General and practically accepted except a<< regards just one portion of the district. It appeared to him that the recommendation of the Committee was only an: attempt to shelve the matter.and to try and get rid of what thev had originally intended. Fle could not gather fiorn the remarks of the proposer and seconder what rgound's they had for recommending the delay. The seconder said the matter would right itself in two months, but he should require some better information than that before he could vote for it. Mr. T. Howes Roberts said it would be re- membcrcd that when some time ago the St. r Asaph Relieving Officer complained that his I district was too large to allow of him satisfac- torily performing the whole of his duties, it was suggested that the parishes of Bodfari and Tremeirchion should be taken from his district Tremeirchion should be taken from his district and added to the Denbigh district. The officer said if that were done he would be able to undertake satisfactorily all the duties. But it was suggested—he did not think that the Den- bigh Relieving Officer was responsible for it- that the Denbigh Relieving Officer could not undertake any more duties than he was per- forming at present, and it was then suggested that the St. Asaph district should be divided, Rhyl, Dyserth, Prestatyn, and Aleliden making one district,, and the rest a new and a separate district, and that an additional officer should be appointed. Since then the Relieving Officers 1 had talked the matter over amongst themselves, and the St. Asaph Officer now appeared to be rather sorry that he had said anything about t. Cut they were in hopes that before the expiration of two months things would be arranged satisfactorily to ail parties. j Air. J. Frimston hi what way ? Air. T. Howes Roberts replied that they hoped to be able to so arrange matters that the work could be done bv three Relieving Officers instead of four. Of course it was all a ques- tion of economy. He admitted that in the long run efficiency was the truest economy, and if it could be proved that they could not do the work efficiently with less than four Relieving. Officers, nobody would more readily fall in with that arrangement than himself. But the view of the committee was that the work could be efficiently done by three officers, which would mean a saving to the Union of £100 a year. He thought if the Board adopted the recom- mendation of the committee it would be to the advantage of the Union in every way. Mr. R. Griffiths said he took it that in another six months the Board would be able to rescind the previous resolution. It seemed to him that that was the object of the delay. Iv Air. J. Frimston failed to see from what had been said that there were any grounds whatever for the postponement. This matter had arisen originally in consequence of the inefficient way in which the work was carried out, and the Finance Committee were asked to specially con- sider the matter, and they did so and spent many hours over it, and recommended that the St. Asaph district, should be divided in two. That recommendation was sent up to Headquar- ters. and it was now only a question of settling one small matter between themselves and the Registrar-General. Officials in Lon- don did not understand the district so well as they did, and he thought if matters were ex- plained properly to the Registrar-General he would see that the Guardians had taken the right view. This sort of thing had happened before with Local Government Board officials, but the views of the Guardians had always pre- vailed in the encl, and they would do so with the Registrar-General if they would only stick to their guns. L Air. Alostyn Williams said that Air. Frimston did not seem to take the proper view of the matter. The proposed addition of Rhuddlan to the Rhyl district would make the disparity in the rateable value still greater than it was be- fore. The Rhyl district would have a rateable value of £ 85,000 as against £ 30,000 for the Si.' Asaph district. That was a great and most unreasonable disparity. The Registrar-General understood the question very well, and some deference should be paid to what he said. The Registrar-General had taken a stand, and he could not be moved from it. The Chairman We have not yet attempted to do so. Mr. Alostyn Williams: I think we have. I think the far better coyrse is to leave matters in the way proposed. Mr. T. 1'. Hughes said they were fully satis- fied that three men could do the work. Thev were quite willing that the present Relieving Officer should live in Rhyl, 'for that, he under- stood, was the great grievance of the Rhyl people, and they were also willing that the Denbigh Relieving Officer should take over the parishes of Bodfari and Tremeirchion. The Denbigh Relieving Officer was perfectly willing to that course, and the St. Asaph Relieving Officer said he could do the work if that were done. At present he had to devote one day in each week to go to Bodfari and Tremeirchion, and that day he would be able to devote to other districts. He did not think that there was anything very extraordinary about the work he had to do. Other people had to do it before him, and the proportion of paupers then was not comparatively very much smaller than it was at present. Mr. J. D. Jones thought it was hardly worth while loosing so much time over the matter. If it would right itself in two months, why not agree to the postponement. Mr. R. Griffiths said he was of opinion that someone had been writing to the Registrar- General behind the backs of the Guardians. It appeared to him that his views were exactly the same as he had heard expressed on that Beard. If anyone had done so, it was very underhanded work. The Chairman We have no evidence of that. Mr. 1'. Alostyn Williams: If that refers to me. I deny it in toto. Mr. J. Frimston proposed as an amendment that the matter be adjourned for a fortnight (. nlv. Mr. R. Griffiths seconded. Air. Frimston said he was a member of the Finance Committee, and he had not been sum- moned to the meeting. Air. Alostyn Williams admitted that the mat- ter had been considered by the Visiting Com- mittee and not by the Finance Committee, the Visiting Committee having been called in error. The Chairman said in that event he must rule the recommendation of the committee out of order, and the Finance Committee must take it up de novo. Mr. E. Alorgan said that Air. Griffiths had made a sweeping charge against the'Board, and he ought to substantiate it or withdraw it. Mr. R. Griffiths T cannot withdraw it. The Chairman But vou don't mean it ser- iously ? Mr. R. Griffiths Certainly not as against the Board. The Chairman And for want of proof you withdraw it ? T-if' Griffiths: Certainly. The matter then dropped, it being understood that it will be again considered bv the Finance Committee. THE INCREASE OF COUNTV RATES. A circular letter was read from the Knighton nion recommending that the Countv Councils of Denbigh and Flint be informed that owing to the enormous increase in the county rates, the Guardians could not see their way to collect such rates, after the expiration of the current half-year, and request them to issue their pre- cepts direct to the overseers. The Chairman said he understood that this matter was before the last lfieeting, and its consideration was adjourned to that meeting. Mr. J. D. Jones thought that seeing that the overseers and assistant overseers were at pre- sent under the control of the Board, it was far better for the ratepayers than if the Comlty C ouncils had to deal with the overseers direct. He thought that the present was much the more satisfactory arrangement. Mr. R. Davies asked did the Guardians coll- ect the county rates as an act of grace, or were they bound to rl o so bv law the Chairman We are bound to do so by law. The Clerk said that the President of the Local Government Board had been asked a question on the subject, and he had replied that it was the duty of tHe Boards of Guardians to raise the money as required by precept, and if they failed to do so the County Councils had ample power to obtain the money from the overseers with an addition of ten per cent. It was resolved that the letter should lie on the table. NORTH WALES POOR LAW CONFERENCE A letter was read from Air. P. Harding Ro. berts, secretary to the North Wales Poor Law Conference, enclosing particulars of the North Wales Poor Law Conference which is to be held at Blaenau Festiniog in Sep- tember, and inquiring the names of the dele- gates that would represent the üoard, also ap- plying for a subscription towards the expenses. It was resolved to pay the annual subscription of 10s. 6d.. and to name as delegates the Chair- man, Vice-Chairman, Miss Bennett, Airs. Robt. Jones, Air. Alostyn Williams, Mr. R. Griffiths, and Mr. Thomas Evans. Several other mem- bers also expressed their intention of being present. THE PROPOSED INCREASE IN THE RE- PRESENTATION OF PARISHES. A letter was read from the Denbighshire County Council in reference to the application for art increased representation for certain parishes in the Union, and asking particulars as to the increase of Guardians applied for. ft was resolved that the Finance Committee should deal with the matter. < V A C CIN A TIO N R E TI" R N S. The vaccination returns were submitted. There were no unaccounted for cases in either Denbigh or Abergele. There was no report from the St. Asaph district, the Chairman re- marking that the Guardians evidently desired to perpetuate this state of things. The Reliev- ing Officer was called in, and said that the re- port would be ready by the next Board day. THE ST. ASAPH RELIEVING OFFICER. The St. Asaph Relieving Officer applied that the Beard should aliow him the expense of his deputy for a fortnight, during which time he had taken his (the Relieving Officer's) place while suffering from a diphtheric throat. The Board acceded to idle application. DR. ABEL PARRY'S SEAT. The Clerk reported that Dr. Abel Parry's seat I was vacant in consequence ot his ccmtinitea absence from the meetings for more than six months. It was resolved to excuse the rev. gentleman's absence. 1 p A LEFT-HANDED BRUSSER. An aged and familiar couple, Patrick Flynn and hi, wite. appeared before the Board and applied that their weekly relief of two shillings and sixpence -hould be increased. The Chairman remarked that the couple would be very much better if they came to the House. Air. Thomas Evans: If they come here they cannot live together it is very hard lines to separate a man and his wife. Patrick flvnn (s(,IeTiiil%,) Whom Corl binds together let no man put asunder (loud laughter). Asked if he could do any wor.1\ Flynn re- plied that he could not use his right hand he had only his left hand. The Chairman And with that hand you are a regular brusser. The police say that you are worse than a man with half-a-dozen hands. After the applicants had retired, the Chair- man said they were doing very wrong if they encouraged this class of people. Mr. T. P. Hughes: I propose we give them three shillings a week. Air. Thomas Evans T second it. Mr. J. Roberts I think he has managed to have quite enough to drink with two and six- pence. Mr. Thomas Evans: Let him have it in the name of goodness. The Guardians declined to make any increase.


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