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? t FROM ALL (QUARTERS. A memofM.diim issued by the Board of Trade on the comparative statistics of population, industry, mid commerce in the United tviugOoin and some leading foreign countries shews ihnt in lat years our imports from Franco have increased consider- ably, while our exports to France shew a sensible decline. There has been some decrease in the imports of agricultural produce from Germany, balanced by an increase in the imports of sugar and some slight increase in manufactured goods. On the other hand, our exports to Germany have in- Civiised by over 30 per cent. Our imports from the United States shew a very large increase, but there is considerable decline in our exports to the States. There have bppn some quaint Coronation cere- monies, and cveiiingreat countries such events make men children again. If>re is an odd extract shewing how the j'.ishops took possession of Louis XVI. on his Coronation morning: "The Grand Chamberlain: do you demand?' The Bishop: 'The King." The Grand Chamberlain (without opening the door) 'The King sleeps.' Thereupon the beadle struck the door a second time, and the Bishop again exclaimed, 'The King The Grand Chamberlain: 'I tell you the King sleeps.' Upon this the beadle knocked at the door a third time, and the same questions and answers being repeated, the Bishop added: 'We demand Louis the Sixteenth whom God has given us as our King. It is a pity that the first-class cruiser Terrible cannot get home in time to take part in the Coronation Naval Review. She has just left Hong Kong for Portsmouth, and the Admiralty has ordered her to proceed home through the Suez Canal. She will probably be home about September 25rd, and will, whilst at Portsmouth, receive an addition to her armament in the shape of four 6-in. guns in casemates. The Powerful and the Terrible—the heaviest British cruisers afloat—were the first great cruisers fitted with the Belleville boiler, and it will be interesting to see how these boilers behave on the Terrible's homeward voyage. During the eighteen months she has been on the China Station she has put in only eighteen days' sea time owing to the coal famine on that station. The captain of the Terrible is the famous Captain Percy M. Scott, C. B., whose "electric dotter is to be sent out to the ships on the China Station. For some time a mining expert has been examin- ing the ditTerenr places on the Inveraray estate where minerals are known to be located. The 0 Argyll, who has been staying at Inveraray Castle for some time, is interesting himself in the matter, and will give every facility for mining on his pro- perty if it be found that sufficient quantities of ore can be obtained to make the work payable. Tommy Atkins learnt to appreciate Australian ■ beef and mutton in South Africa. The War Office has just asked the Minister of Agriculture at Mi lbourne to tender for the supply of 10,0001b. of beef and 5,0001b. of mutton per week for the troops at Gibraltar. The contract is to extend over a period of three years. Lamentable evidence of the backwardness of education in Russia is given in data just published by the Commission examining the question of public instruction outside the urban districts. It appears that the salaries of the majority of the certificated teachers in the Government schools do not average more than sixty roubles (about six puimas) per annum. According to the Standard Odessa correspondent, about 43 per cent, of these underpaid teachers are dependent upon supplemen- tary assistance from their relatives, whilst the remainder eke out a livelihood as best they can, chiefly on the charity of the parents of the children under their tuition. The housebreakers, it is announced, will have possession of Xewgate in a few days. An instance of Time's revenges. Newgate in its day has often enough had possession of housebreakers. A writer in To-day says the King is about to have a new racing yacht built for him. The plans for this have now been prepared, and she is to be built on the Clyde in time, if possible, f< r the racing season of 1903. The craft is to be a cdter, larger than the famous old Britannia—with whom the King won so many trophies—but smaller than either Shamrock II. or the German Emperor's new American yacht which, by the way, has proved a terrible disappointment. King Edward has always been very fond of yachting, and this will be the third racing craft that he has owned. Like the two previous ones owned by his Ma jesty, the new boat is likely to bear the name Britannia. Probably in no other country, says the Bailway Jlayaztiie, has the construction of railways offered as few technical difficulties as in Egypt. The Delta and Upper Nile Valley are as flat as a billiard table. There is not a single tunnel in the whole of Egypt, and the road crossings are nearly all level. There is a greater similarity to English railways than in any other country. All stations, great and small, have raised platforms as in England; the trains run on the left side according to the English practice; the signalling and the despatch of trains are done in the English style; and the carriages and locomotives are all copied after English patterns; while the latter are kept as neat and clean as they only do in Englan Odd resemblances to various objects, which can only be regarded as accidental coincidences, are presented by a number of fungi, says the Hev. A. >. Wilson in Knowledge. There is the Jew's-ear fungus, which grows on stumps of the elder, and is so named from its unmistakable likeness to a human ear. The Geasters are curiously like star- fisll; Asoroe has an extraoruinary resemblance both in form and colour to a sea-anemone; equally re- markable is the likeness to at bird's nest seen in a species of Crucibulum Cyathus, and Nidularia. Though most of these are too small to impose on one, the resemblance is singularly exact, and a large specimen might almost pass for the nest of some small bird, the eggs tein; admirably repra- sented by the little oval fruits of the fungus. Til- furniture at Windsor Castle, it has been no:i«-ed by recent visitors, has had the covers removed which used to cloak its variegated beauty, and may now be seen in all its splendour. The splendour of furniture is easily recognised, but it is to be feared that many of the far more valuable tr cure's of the Castle are but little appreciated by in'ii>y of those who throng to see the rooms. The ) ct are a magnificent collection, comprising wdrks oy the great masters of the world. One most gratifying thing in connection with the niaragement of the visits of the public is that no attempts are made to extract tips from the parties that are "shewn round"; a fact due, it is believed, to the King's express desire. A passenger by the Carisbrook Castle from Capetown describes how Lieutenant Viscount Cole of the 7th Hussars amused himself on the voyage. Ho obtained permission to take a watch as stoker, and attired in workmen's clothes, with oil rag tucked into his belt, he worked these hours away in front of a furnace, begrimed with coal dust, and perspiring as only the stoker can. Judging from the tired appearance of the Viscount alter his watch, one would hardly imagine he enjoyed him- self, but he did. It gives one exercise and occu- patiol1 during a voyage, he said. Irish hulls seem to flourish in h-i. courts, writes a co-respondent. At the Middlesex Sessions a witness recently declared that he was an Irish- man and didn't understand English," just as a juror lately asserted that he was stone dpaf, and being asked by the magistrate, "Can you hear me now?" answered, your Worship!" "The last time the uoman was here siie did not answer to her bail," a policeman deposed not long ago. Still less excusable was a recent decision of three Irish magistrates, who dismissed a case as they wera equally divided! The United States Navy Department is consider- ing the advisability of establishing a permanent naval base at Cuelbra Island, to the north-east of Porto Rico. Successful experiments with wireless telephony are being carried out at Wannsee, near Berlin. Conversations have been clearly exchanged at a < Istance of about five miles.


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