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BANK HOLIDAY AT RHYL. A RECORD INFLUX OF VISITORS. Rhyl has little reason to complain of the patronage it has received from the holiday world this Bank Holiday. Until then there was little of an encouraging nature in the season. A combination of events has served to make it a particularly disastrous one for all the holiday resorts on the coast. Most of last week the weather was of a treacher- ous character and on Saturday there were frequent showers culminating in a heavy downpour during the eariy hours of Sun- day morning. On Friday and Saturday the traffic at the railway station, despite the fact that week end season tickets had. 'I been suspended all over the system ot the London and North Western Railway Company, was abnormally heavy- The trains arrived at the respective platforms in bewildering succession with the result that although there was yet more room in the town the accommodation in the lodg- ing houses was fairly well taken up whilst the hotels and boarding houses were all quite full. Sunday opened dull and threateningly and shortly after noon there were a couple of slight showers. It after- wards cleared up and there was a fine even- ing when the promenade wore a most con- gested and animated appearance. It was one black mass of people, and of life. Such a scene has not been precedented within the memory of the oldest inhabitant. The Royal Austrian Band held their sacred Sunday concert and this time the departure had a fair trial for there was no adverse at- mospheric element to interfere with it. All the seats were taken and there was a huge crowd in the vicinity of the orchestra which listened with evident appreciation to the music discoursed. There were special preachers in all the English Nonconformist places of worship. Particularlvpowerful sermons were delivered at the English Presbyterian Church, on the occasion of the anniversary services by Professor Edwin Williams, of Trevecca College. The pretty and stately little edi- fice was filled to its utmost capacity both morning and evening, and there was a satisfactory collection. A former minister in Rhyl in the person of the Rev. Duncan McGregor, principal of Dunoon College, occupied the pulpit at the English Baptist Chapel, Sussex Street. Here also there were large congregations and the rev. gentleman preached with much pcwer and acceptance. Both in the morning and evening the English Wesleyan Chapel, Brighton Road, was filled to overflowing when the anniv- ersary sermons were preached by the Rev H. Lefroy Yorke, M A., B.D., an ex-super- intendent of the circuit. Two brilliant sermons were delivered and the collection amounted to close upon £ 20. Mrs. Ormiston Chant was the attraction at Christ Church (Congregational) Water Street. There was hardly standing room obtainable either in the chapel or the Lecture Hall in the morning. Mrs. Chant preached with great charm and effect. Her subject in the morning was u God's Providence and in the evening "Man's Power of choice." The collection reached ^14, On Monday, excursionists commenced to arrive as early as three o'clock in the morning, and thereafter came in a con- tinuous stream until mid-day. The weather was of the most perfect character. In fact, it was one of the most pleasant days exper- ienced this year. The sands were studded with people and the promenade and streets weie one moving mass of life. Huge crowds gathered around Mr. E. H. Williams' "I Merrie Men at each of the tour performances. At the evening show there; must have been quite 10,000 people present. Special artistes supplemented the usual members of the troupe, and the programmes were of exceptional excellence, affording the greatest delight to the vast gatherings of people that had assembled. It was the universal verdict of the thousands who patronised the performances that they were the best of their kind to be seen in any seaside resort in the kingdom. Adeler and Sutton's Pierrots had also most flattering patronage. Special artistes were engaged for this week and they have met with a most cordial reception. Likewise Mr. George Penn's Pierrots who were better patronised. The Royal Austrian'Band discoured some capital music and had record attendances, whilst Mr. Cheetham, held forth on phreonology to numerous audiences. The doilman also had plenty of listeners whom he amused in characteristic fashion. The principal resort was the Palace which was opened for the first time on Monday and was visited by close upon 5000 people. A full account of the proceedings appears in another column At the Town Hall A Me-sagefrom Mars was produced, and there was a variety entertainment at the Sijou Pavilion. The numerous brakes, coaches and charabancs were in great demand, and the surrounding 2 1-1 country was visited by some thousands of tourists. The Marine Lake was alsc well patronised and boating was indulged in under the most pleasant and delightful conditions. The Belle Vue Gardens were also a source of attraction and much delight to large concourses of people. It was a most enjoyable and successful holiday with- out anything to mar it in the shape of accidents or disorder of any kind.






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