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HOTELS. ALBION HOTEL RHYL. (Opposite North and South Wales Bank). FREE from all BREWERS. BASS'S ALE & GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT. JOHN JAMESON-S IRISH WHISKY. OLD GLENLIVET AND ISLAY SCOTCH WHISKY. CHOICE WINES AND CIGARS. WELL-AIRED BEDS. icorn Market held here every Tuesday afternoon WM. ELLIS, Proprietor. ALEXANDRA. -AAIILY AND COMMERCIAL -OTEL, High Street and Ivinmel Street, RHYL. J. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. Excellent accommodation and good attendance at strictly moderate charges. Well-matured Spirits and good Brand of Cigars. 6 Z, ALEXANDRA MEWS CRESCENT ROAD. Wedding Equippages, Landaus, Broughams, Sociables, Waggonettes, Dog Carts, &c., for Hire. BRAKES leave the Hotel and Mews to all Places of Interest. BEE HOTEL (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), BODFOR STREET (Opposite Railway Station), I RHYL. WINES, SPIRITS, ALES. AND STOUTS OF EXCELLENT QUALITY. '1 This Hotel is specially suitable ior Commerc:al Travellers, being very close to the Station, and they can rely on comfort and sociability, M. O'CONNOR, Proprietress. THEGROSVENOR TEMPERANCE Commercial Hotel, Close to the Railway Station, corner of Bodfor and Kinmel Streets. Commercial, Sitting and Smoke Rooms, Large Coffee and Dining Rooms. Three-course Dinner for Is. 6d. Good Is. Dinners in Dining Room. Ham and Eggs, Chops or Steaks at any time. Dinners daily from 12 to 2. Boarding terms 5s. 6d. per day 6s. 6d. in July and August. All kinds of Parties, Ball Suppers, Wedding B.. akfasts, etc., catered for on reasonable terms. A A. W. JAMES (Successor to Charles Snowdpn). GEORGE HOTEL QUEEN'S SQUARE, r RHYL. Noted for the Finest Wines and Spirits. The Best Family and Commercial Hotel Cy lists will find this Hotel very convenient. Chester Ales and Stout, also Bass's Ale ana Guinness's Stout. All Orders promptly attended to and delivered to any part of the Town. CIGARS OF THE FINEST BRANDS. Stage' and 'Era' taken. F. P. ARTHUR, proprietor. Kinmel Arms Hotel, ST. ASAPH. LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS. &c., Provided on the shortest notice. BASS' ALE on DRAUGHT and in BOTTLE, GUINNESS' STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS OF THE BEST QUALITY. Family orders promptly attended to. J. TOWERS, Proprietor (Late of the Brvndinas Hotel). COMFORTABLE. CENTRAL. NAYLOR'S COMMERCIAL TEMPERANCE HOTEL AXD DIXIXG ROOMS. QUEEN ST., RHYL Visitors and Commercial Gentlemen will receive every attention. Sleeping accommodation from 1/6 per night. BOARDING TERMS from 4/6 per Day. AN ORDINARY DAILY. C. C. NAYLOR, Proprietor. T. UULLEY, "OAKER AND 0ONFECTIONER, FAMILY GROCER AND TEA DEALER, CASTLE TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KINMEL STREET, RHCL. Fresh Supply of Butter and Eggs always on hand. First-class accommodation for Visitors and Commercial Travellers. PRIVATE APARTMENTS. (Near the Station and Cathedral.) RAILWAY HOTEL ST. ASAPH T. B. PRICHARD Proprietor. Late of Town Hall Stores, Rhyl. WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT BASS' ALES AND GUI NESS' STOUT CIGARS OF THE BEST BRANDS LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS-Ilc. The City of ST. ASAPH is a charming drive from Rhyl and its surroundings are full of interest. ACCOMMODATION FOR HORSES AND CYCLES. W. H. BELL & SON .-UPHOLSTERERS, CABINET MAKERS, K-c, 8, PRINCES STREET, RHYL. HOTEL SEATING A SPECIALITY. Orders by post or otherwise receive prompt attention. Works: SOUTH KWiMF* STREET. V — VISITORS TO PRESTATYN AND RHYL. THOIAS FENTON (From Oldham) RAILWAY HOTEL PRESTATYN. EVERYTHING OF THE BEST QUALITY. TEAS, &c., PROVIDED. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Coaches and Char-a-bancs leave the Hotel daily at 10 30 a.m. and 2 30 p.m. for the celebrated Clwyd drives. VVHITE LION HOTEL. (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL) HIGH STREET, RHYL. LARGE STOCK ROOMS SUITABLE FOR CLUBS. AUCTION SALES AND PICNIC PARTIES. EVERYTHING SUPPLIED OF THE BEST QUALITY ONLY. Posting in all its Branches. A. IIAYTON, Proprietor (Late of Albion Hotel, Chester). YE WINDSOR (KINMEL AND WINDSOR STREETS), NEAR STATION, RHYL. CALL HERE FOR YE OLDE ALE COSY SMOKE ROOJrs. WINES AND SPIRITS, ALES AND STOUTS Bottled on the Premises. CIGARS OF BEST BRANDS. F. FARNDON, proprietor, of Longton and Birmingham. (Late Allison Clarke.) PRIVATE HOTELS AND BOARDING HOUSES. RHYL.—The Parade Boairding Establish- ment, 42, WEST PARADE. Writs fcr Tariff. Home Comforts. Liberal table. I SHOP AT T ][I E BEEHIVE THE CHEAP HOUE FOR RELIABLE DKAPEKY GOODS Nearly opposite to entrance to Queen's Arcade. SUSSEX STREET, Rhyl. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, ENGLISH SERVICES Will be held at the TOWN HALL, PRESTATYN, EVERY SABBATH DAY, Under the auspices of the Vale of Clwyd Month. ly Meeting. Morning at 10 45; Evening at 6. E' NGLISH WESLEYAN CHURCH, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. NEXT SUNDAY. Morning at 11; Evening at 6 30. REV. J. C. STUART, Pastor. Week Evening Service, Wednesday at 7 30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7 30. Collections at each Service. ALL ARE WELCOME. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. REV RICHARD ROBERTS, London. Will Preach on Sunday. Services, Morning at 11; Evening at 6 30. Collection after each Service. QHRIST QHURCH^ ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL, WATER STREET. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. REV. W. PEDR WILLIAMS, Preacher fe, Next Sunday- Services, 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m. THE STEAMERS OF THE ST. GEORGE'S S.S. CO., LIMITED, Will ply (weather and causes permitting) on one of the most beautiful Rivers in Wales, between Deganwy, Conway & Trefriw Date of From From Return from Sailing. Deganwy. Conway. Trefriw. AUGUST. 1902. Train leaves St'r leaves St'r leaves R'tn from Date of sailing. Llandudno. Deganwy. Conway. Trefriw. 9 Saturday.. 12 55 p.m. 1 5p.m. 1 10a.m. 3 12p.tn 11 Monday ..2 0 „ 2 1.,5 2 25 „ ..4 2t> t 12 Tuesday 3 35 ..3 45 ,3 50 5 27 i 13 Wedn esday 5 5 „ 5 1.5 5 20 6 49 14 Thursday.. 5 45 ..5 55 „ « 5 ..8 6 t Doubtful if Steamers will reach Trefriw. Fares according to distance. FARES—Fore End, Is. Cabin and Deck, Is. 6d. Return, 2s. 6d. For the convenience of Passengers, Lunch. eons and Teas will be ready en arrival at the Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. I For further particulars apply to Messrs. P. and H. Lewis, Conway and Llanrwst; Messrs. Roberts and Co.. Quay, Ccnway; The Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw; Mr. Slater, Photo Artist, Mostyn Street, Llandudno; Mr. John Jones, Glasgow House, Penmaenmawr; Mrs. Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy and at all the prin- cipal Hotels in the neighbourhood. For further information apply to the Mana- ger, Capt. W. Roberts, Quay, Conway. Please note the name of this Company's Steamers—' St. GEORGE' and NEW ST. GEORGE.' BIFURCATED RIVETS. ffl ^txaPSl' 1'ortmanteau.s, Leather For repairing Harness Belts, Tl C, a ad s, Cycle Saddles, (Vc. || 1 Driven and Clinched with any || I hammer. All Ironmongers II I stock thiaim. If unobtainable, send 6d. for Box of Assorted to BIFURCATED RIVET Co., LTD., Wool Exchange, LONDON, E.C. The Best Only the Best And all the Best. L Admission to the Rhyl Merrie Men is a guarantee of merit. MY MOTTO: A REFINED ENTERTAINMENT RHYL'S GREAT ATTRACTION- The London J elegraph RHYL'S CHIEF ATTRACTION- The London Era RHYL MINSTREL TROUPE. THE FAMOUS MERRIE MEN. MAY 15TH TO OCTOBER IITH. NEW OPENING CHORUSES NEW SONGS NEW DANCES NEW JOKES NEW SKETCHES s. MAGNIFICENT ORCHESTRA FIRST-CLASS QUARTETTE REFINED COMEDIANS GRACEFUL DANCERS And SUPERB SKETCH ARTISTES. y- The Night Entertainment the talk of the Kingdom Brilliantly illuminated at great expense by the Electric Light LOOK OUT FOR THE J GRAND AND SPECIAL .PROGRAMMES FOR THE CORONATION DAY v f Sole Proprietor and Manager: E. H. WILLIAMS. -IIr. r t THE '3t CORONA- Postponed TION. m.HE Coronation Commitlee appointed by JL the Rhyl Urban District Council beg to invite the residents cf Rhyl to decorate and illuminate their houses in honour of the Coronation of King Edward VII., on Satur- dr the 9th of August. On the same day, the following events will take place:— 1.—Another treat to old people in the Brigade Hall, Vale Road, at 4 p.m. 2.—Decoration and illumination of the Town Hall Buildings, &c. 3.-Sand Castle competitions at 8 30 p.m. 4.-Bonfire on Sandhills at 9 30 p.m. On Monday, 18th of August, the programme of Sports and Fire Works, will be carried out at the Marine Lake. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Council. Council Offices, Rhyl, 29th July, 1902. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the partnership he.reftcbefore subsisting be- ween us, the undersigned, Francis John Gam- lin and Henry Percival Williams, practising as Solicitors at Rhyl, in the County of Flint, under the style or firm of Gamlin and Will- iams,' has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from this date. I, the undersigned Francis John Gamlin, will henceforth practise on my own account at No. 4, Clwyd Street, Rhyl; and I, the undersigned Henry Peicivaft; Williams, will henceforth practise on my own account at No. 34, Water Street, Rhyl. DATED this 1st day of August, 1902. FRANCTS JOHN GAMLIN. HENRY PERCIVAL WILLIAMS. 1902 LIST OF FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET By MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS. AUCTIONEER, AND ESTATE AGENT, COUNTY CHAMBERS, RHYL. St. Asaph St. near the sea and 2 Reception and b Marine Drive Bedrooms. Conway St. do. 3 6 Bath Street.. nr. the sea and St. 3 5 Thomas' Cliiircii High Street centrally situated 2 5 High Street nr. the promenade, 2 4 sea view John Street nr. the sea and west 2 4 end promenade John Street do. 3 5 River Street do. 3 7 Butterton Rd. near the sea and 2 3 marine lake West Parade facing the sea 3 7 Paradise St. near St Thomas's 2 5 Church & station Clwyd Street do. 2 6 East Parade facing the sea 3 4 Morlan Park near the sea 2 5 Highfield l-'k mountain view 2 It Dyserth Rd. lovely mountain view 3 6 (tennis lawn) Dyserth Rd. near Botanical 2 5 Gardens Rhuddlan cottage with garden 2 4 (near Rhyl) Edward Henry St. near the sea 3 8 Wellington Road central position 2 4 Fairfield Avenue nr. the sea and St. Thomas Ch. 3 Pensarn (Abergele) lovely moun- tain and sea view 3 6 Dyserth cottage near waterfalls 1 2 (near Rhyl Dyserth Rd. mountain view, stables 3 8 garden and lawn Seabank Rd, near VIarine Lake 2 4 Princes Street centrally situated 2 5 Send for List of Unfurnished Houses. Full particulars may be had as to terms, &c on application County Chambers, Rhyl. FOR BEST VALUE In STATIONERY FOR PRIVATE OR COMMERCIAL USE GO TO AMOS BROS., "ADVERTISER" OFFICE, 13, SUSSEX STREET, AND 6, WELLINGTON CHAMBERS, RHYL, Where BEST QUALITY can be obtained at 10 to 20 PER CENT LESS than charged elsewhere. Telephone, 0179. GUERNSEY: Gem of the Channel, Garden of Flowers and Fruit.—To secure Apart- ments, Houses, etc., advertise in the 'Guernsey Evening Press.' 12 words, once 6d., three times Is., one week Is. 6d. extra words, d once, Id. thrice, ld. week. The only local daily, most widely read, and unrivalled as an advertising medium. Copy of journal post free on application to Editor-Manager, P. Edward f Amy, F.R.G.S. ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS of Flintshire and Denbighshire are kept in Stock at Amos Bros., PrinteTs and Stationers, 'Advertiser' Office, Rhyl. Also the Best Value in Sta- tionery always in Stock.