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RHYL. FOR High-Class Provisions at wholesale prices go to Roose and Co., S.P.Q.R., Stores, Queen Street.—Advt. THE COUNTY DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Limited, has removed to 22, High Street, oppo- site Market Street, Rhyl. Consultation and advice free. Hours of attendance, 2 till 6 daJly (Saturdays excepted). Fr,ank S-arscn, manager.—Advt. POLICE COURT.—At a special police court on Tuesday, before Dr. Girdlestone (in the chair) and Mr. J. H. Ellis, Joseph Edwards, Bedford Street, was charged with stealing a quantity of calico from the Queen's Palace, the property of the Rhyl Property Company. Mr. F. J. Gamlin defended.—Mr. H. E. Doughty, solicitor, Manchester, said that the prisoner had been employed as a labourer at the Queen's Palace. He identified the can- vass now produced, which measured about 14 yards, and valued at 5d. per yard. He or- dered the defendant on Sunday to take the canvass out of the ballroom into the Arcade, and he did so. He had found the prisoner a very hard-working man.—Cross-examined by Mr. Gamlin: He had no desire to press the charge.—Mr. C. J. Richardson said that they had had a suspicion that this sort of work was going on for some time, and though they did not wish to press the charge, they wanted an Example made of the defendant. At the Police Station defendant asked him not to say any- thing.—Cross-examined: He had not had oc- casion TO suspect prisoner before.—Sergeant Mc Walter deposed to seeing the defendant coming from the Arcade carrying a bundle. He followed him into Bedford Street, and there stopped him. He asked him what it was lie was carrying home with him, and asked him how he had got the bundle produced, and he replied, I have been working at the Arcade, and they are clearing out, so I took J it frpm there." He asked if anybody had f given him authority to do so, and he replied, Xo. nobody has.' Witness took possession of the canvass, and defendant begged of him not to say anything about it. He sent for Mr. Richardson, and he subsequently charged defendant with the theft, and he admitted taking the canvass.—Mr. F. J. Gamlin, on behalf of the defendant, pleaded not guilty, and pointed out accoraing to the evidence that there was no felonious intent. Defendant thought when he was told to clear the canvass that it was of no value, having been used for the purpose of protecting the carpets. Were it not for the fact that defendant had been previously convicted for larceny he did not think the charge would have been pressed against him. But the last of these happened eleven years ago, and the other when defen- dant was 11 years of age. Defendant was the sole support of his mother, who was 74 years of age, as well as his crippled sister.—Defen- dant was fined 5s. and 18s. costs.—John Wat- son, labourer, late cf Bolton, but no of no fixed place of abode, was charged with va- grancy. The case was proved by P.C. Ed. Roberts. After being taken to the Police Sta- tion prisoner was very- violent and cursing. Prisoner was sentenced to 14 days' imprison- ment.—On Wednesday, before Mr. J. H. Elrs and Mr. H. A. Tilby, William Have, brick. layer, Leeds, formerly of 14, Queen Street, Rhyl. was charged by P.C. Ed. Roberts with being drunk and disorderly on Tuesday nighr. P.C. Roberts explained that defendant was on a holiday at Rhyl. Shortly after eleven o'clock on Tuesday night he received complaints of defendant's conduct. He fdund defendant drunk and disorderly in Queen Street. All the persuasion in the world would not induce him to go home. Defendant's mother, who was standing at her doorway, also en- deavoured to persuade the defendant to go home, but he refused. He got hold of P C. Y\ oodward by the throat and grazed' it, aDd also kicked witness in the arm. They got defendant into the Police Station with con- siderable trouble.—The Chairman said that the defendant was fortunate in not bei-g charged with assaulting the police. This bei' g his first offence, he was fined 5s. and 6s. costs. HISCOT v. WILLIAMS.—His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd has sent to the Registrar his written judgment in the action of Emanu'l Hiscott, and his wife, Airs. Hiscott, against Mr Joseph Williams, auctioneer, Rh vl. Plaintiffs claimed £ 43 0s. Id. for furniture de- tained by defendant, and also for a return of deductions made by defendant for damaged goods, and the return of one-half the auction- eer's commission, which it was alleged Mr. Williams had agreed to pav Airs. Hiscott in consideration of vhis having the sae. Defen- dant counter-claimed for E22 12s. 2d.. moneys paid for a pianoforte, and for certain furni- ture which plaintiffs had bought in, but for which they had not paid. In his judgment the Judge decides in favour of Mr. Williams as to the commission. He also finds in favour of Mr. Williams to the amount of JE21 2s. 2d. in respect of the counter-claim, but Oil Mr. Will- iams receiving this money he is 10 deliver up the furniture to Mr. Hiscott. Xo costs on either side. THE CORONATION" CELEBRATION.— We desire to draw attention to the sand cas. tle competition which is to take place on Sat- urday in connection with the coronation cele- brations at Rhyl. The children of visitors staying in the town are invited to compete and to send in their names to the Council Offices, Clwvd Street not later than this (Fri- day) evening. IN PRAISE OF RHYL.—In Mrs. Ormiston Chants' last issue of action songs published by Curwen, London, and entitled May Blossoms,' there is a charming little song called On the golden sands' which as the context tells us relates to and was called forth by one of her visits to Rhyl. HIGH JI MPER. Mr. J G. Williams won the first prize for high jumping at the Llan. ddulas Athletic Sports on Mondav. LONDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC —At the recent examination held at the Church House Rhyl, July 22, the following candidates sat- isfied the e:zarniiier -l'ianof orte plaving: Diploma of Associate (A.L.C.M.), Miss M. W. Jones (Brynhyfryd), Denbigh. Advanced sen- jor section (honours), Miss Ruby Wild (Balm (semor section), Mis, Kattie Simpson (Deo- Oigh" Miss Roberts (Mostyn Arms, Newmar- ket, Organ playing, Intermediate section (honours) Mr. Barnett, Fairfield Avenue. Kh\l. 1 he above candidates are pupils of th»t Vyanu ^arhurst/ 11 ma-v be mentioned that Mr. Barnett gained the highest percent- SAT*? 88! gaining cofona.ion P for this centre. The examiner was Or &c &c d' Esq'' Mus- Doc-' F-RCO< SOLDIERS WJTT^KY. Patrick Burns, Benjamin Cardwell, and John Downey have been committed for trial at Guildford charged with causing grievous bodily harm to John Ryan by throwing him from a train near "Woking on July lit it. Ihe ) urties are ex-soldiers, and had that day returned from ocltiJ Africa. Prisoners were under toe influence or drink at Southampton, and had a buttle 01 whisky in the carriage.—Vrosecntor faill when pushed out he hun on for some time, but had to hit ^o. He had since been in hospita..



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