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_— I THE ANNUAL HORSE SHOW ■ AT ABERGELE. ■ SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITS. Notwithstanding many counter attractions in the neighbourhood on Monday last, the ■ annual horse show at Abergele proved to be one of the most successful yet held. This year, as in previous years, the exhibits were arranged in the Bee field. The first six shows were financially unsuccessful, and the seventh, held last year, was promoted in face of a deficit of JB70. By means of improved man- ■ agement and owing to the excellent support given by the local farmers and others it achieved a great success, so that L50 of the deficit was paid off. Monday's show, the eighth, fortunately fell on a brilliantly sunny ■ clay, and it secured an entry above the average per class; the attendance of the public was large, and the balance of income over ex- penses is pretty sure to enable the remainder of the deficit to be extinguished, as well as to leave the committee with a small dalance in hand. Mr. Robert Williams-Wynn, of Cefn, the president for the year, was present in the ring during part of the judging, and Messs. J. E. Mellor (Tanybryn) and W. Conwy Bell (Rhuddlan), the vice-presidents, were also present. Mr. D. Williams (of Ty Mawr) was the chairman of the committee for the year, H and Mr. D. Thomas the secretary. Messrs. J. D. Jones (Bodoryn) and D. Williams offici- ■ ated as showyard inspectors, the directors ■ being Messrs. T. Evans (Tanydderwen), J. ■ Fierce, and W. A. Jones. Heavy horses were judged by Mr. NN-. Jones (Chwilog) and Mr. i'eter Davies (Warburton, and light horses by H Messrs. J. T. Oliver (Llanwnda), and T. E. H Morrel (Rotherham). ■ Some of the weaker classes in the light horse ■ action of the last show were dropped, and ■ the result was that all the classes were well filled. The entire horse class was not very strong, owing to some of the animals which had been entered being absent through being ■ out of condition. Brood mares and and three ■ year old youngsters were in general excellent ■ animals, showing that farmers, of all grades are prrfitting by the example set in recent years by the more prominent exhibitors and ■ breeders, and that they have at last realised ■ the necessity of breeding from good stock on ■ both sides. The judging was a slow and ■ tedious process to the spectators, though, of I course, the painstaking and thorough charac- ■ ter of the inspections and trials upon which ■ the judges based their decisions could but win ■ for them the confidence of the exhibitors. The I following is a list of the principal awards: — HORSKS.—Best agricultural or cart stallion 1, R. Williams, Dyffryn, Merioneth; 2, E. Jones, St. Asaph; 3, R. Morris, Rhuddlan. Roadster or cob stallion: 1. S. C. Waud, Bryn Morfydd, near Denbigh; 2, lIon. Mrs. Ward, Old Colwyn. Team for agricultural purposes, exclusively worked on a farm 1, R. Will- iams, Llanrwst; 2, J. Evans, do; 3, R. Morris, Rhuddlan. Gelding, mare, or filly for agricultural purposes: 1, W. Parry Jones, Newmarket; 2, R. Morris, Rhuddlan; 3, O. Roberts, Colwyn Bay. Cart colt or filly, foaled after 1st January, 1899 (three years old) 1, J. KeHett, Ruthin; 2, R. Hughes, Llan- fairtalhaiarn 3, J. Evans, Llanrwst. Cart gelding or filly, foaled after 1st January, 1900: 1, T. Roberts, Rhuddlan; 2, H. J. Roberts, Llangernyw; 3, F. Bibby, Rhyl. Cart colt or filly, foaled after 1st January, 1901: 1, A. Evans, Abergele; 2, J. Owen, Llanrwst; 3, J. Smith, Old Colwyn. Cart mare and foal 1, W. Parry Jones, ewmarket; 2, T. Jones, Talycafn; 3, R. Morris, Rhuddlan. Foal for agricultural purposes: 1, T. Jones, Taly- cafn; 2, W. Parry Jones, Newmarket. 3, D. J. Owen, Abergele. Gelding, mare, or filly for agricultural purposes: 1, W. Parry Jones, Newmarket; 2, T. Roberts, Rhuddlan. Cart colt or filly foaled in 1901: 1, Messrs. Owen Bros., Llangernyw, M. Light gelding, mare, or filly shown by farmer: 1, H. Jones, Con- Way; 2, R. l'arry, Bettws. Tandem turnout- 1, Hon. Mrs. Ward, Old Colwyn; 2, W. Hughes, Caerwys. Gelding or mare in har- ness: 1, T. F. Hopkins, Rhyl; 2, C. E. Tunnicliffe, Deganwy. Gelding or mare un- der 14 hands, in harness: 1, J. H. Smith, Rhyl; 2. W. Pierce Williams, Abergele; highly commended, R. Evans, Old Colwyn. Gelding or mare, under four years, shown in saddle: 1, H. A. Cone, Holywell; 3, O. Lewis Jones, Ruthin. Turnout, suitable for children: 1, D. Jones, Old Colwyn; 2, J. W. Roose, Rhvl. Tradesmen's turnout. 1 and 2, E. Angel, Rhyl. Hunter shown under the saddle: 1, W. Bulcock, Holywell; 2, J. Calvert, St. George. Hack shown under the saddle: 1, Hon. Mrs. Ward, 101d Col- wyn 2, J. W. Raynes, do; highly commen- ded, Hugh Jones, Conway. Two-year-old gelding or filly, suitable for saddle or harness: 1, J. H. Smith, Rhyl 2, Colonel S. Sand- bach, Abergele; 3, A. Foulkes, do. Yearling, for saddle or harness: J. H. Smith, Rhyl 2, J. Tones, Old' Colwyn. Foal, suitable for saddle or harness: 1, J. Jones, Old Colwyn 2, J. H. Smith, Rhyl. Mare, suitable for saddle or harness, with foal: 1, Hon. Mrs. Ward, Old Colwyn 2, J. H. Smith, Rhyl; 3, R. Davies, Bettws. Cob, not under 14 or exceeding 15 hands, shown under the saddle: 1, W. Owen, St. Asaph 2, Hon. Mrs. Ward, Old Colwyn. Pony, gelding, or marey not un- der 13 hands, shown under the saddle: 1, T. R. Evans, Prestatyn 2, Robert Evans, Col- wyn 3 W. Bulcock, Holywell. Gelding or mare, net exceeding 13 hands: 1, W. H. H. Sykes, Afonwen, Flintshire; 2, D. Williams, Denbigh; 3, Eva Davies, Rhyl. Pure bred Welsh mountain pony, gelding or mare, not exceeding 12 hands: 1, Roberts, Capel Gar. mon, near Llanrwst; 2, E. Tecrid Owen, Ru- thin; 3, G. T. Elliott, Abergele. Welsh mountain pony, not exceeding 12 hands, with foal: 1, O. B. Llovd, Abergele 2, P. Goodwin, Llanrwst; 3, A. Hughes, Rhudd. lan. foal: 1, O. B. Lloyd, Abergele 2, P. Goodwin, Llanrwst; 3, A. Hughes, Rhudd- lan. IJUM'INTr COMPETITION,— F. V. Grange, Farndon, Cheshire; 2, Dr. Davies Machynlleth. Machynlleth.


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