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TOOTBALL NOTES & JOTTINGS. [BY THE CHIEL.] "A Chiel's among ye takn' notes, And faith he'll print it." It is a positive pleasure to me to take up my football pen once more, and though somewhat rusty after four months of enforced idleness, I hope it may prove equal to faithfully recording the good things which we are expecting from the clubs in Rhyl and district this season. Football enthusiasm in Rhyl is hardly up to boiling point yet. The visitors, I am thankful to say, are still with us, and I hope they will continue to remain well .into the month of Oc- tober. Realising this, the Secretary of the Rhyl Club has not arranged any Combination fixtures until after the present month. But meantime the players will be exercised and practised, com- mencing to-day with a match of Possibles v. Probables. --<)- Undismayed by the disastrous financial re- sults of last season, the directors of the Rhyl Football Club are facing the season with con- siderable cheerfulness. They have profited by the experiences of last year, with the result that they are likely to have as good if not a better team than that which did so well last season, and at half the cost. We shall miss Sammy Brookes, who has gone to Blackpool; and also Delaney, who will figure in the reus- citated Chester team But a fresh comer in the person of Ir. Bex. ofthe reportonal staff of your contemporary, is expected to fill one of the vacancies. Robinson will be once more between the sticks, and will have Astbury and Harry Jones m front of him as full-backs. The forwards will be selected from among the following :-Rev. T. Jenkins, Lowry, White, Will Jones, Mathews, and Sam Parry. --0-- From this list the directors will be able to place in the field a far better team than they had in LUe early part of last season, and when the weak places begin to manifest themselves the strengthening process will commence. The opening match is with Tranmere Rovers on October 5; Tranmere Rovers was one of the few clubs who upset the calculations of Rhyl at the fag end of the season, and by gaining an unexpected victory over the team destroyed their chances for the Combination champion- ship. It is of the utmost importance that Rhyl should commence the season well. A defeat will discourage the team, but a victory will put heart into them. What is more, the measure of local support which the team will get depends entirely on their performances. Enthusiasts see no fun in going every Saturday to see their favourites beaten. They wolld rather pay for keeping away altogether than to be the eye- witnesses of the humiliating of those to whom the town has entrusted its honour in the foot- ball world. I, therefore, hope that between now and Sept. 28th the players will put them- seles in thorough training, so that they may be in, a condition to pull off the initial match of the season. The Combination this year is unusually strong and consists of fifteen clubs. Hudson and Warrington disappear.. But this loss has been more than made up by the admission of the following clubs:-Chester, Witton Albion. Wellington Town, Nantwich, and Burslem Port Vale Reserves. These with the following old clubs will comprise the Combination this year, VIZ. .—Wrexham, Rhvl. Bangor, Chirk, Oswes- try, White Star Wanderers, Newton-le-Willows, Buckley Tranmere Rovers, and Birkenhead, F CLLRH a list it will be seen what good sport Irom such directors need now >s irfnt'exeling themselves in it solel;f Jhe, something to whi RVIVI They should be •« ^.heartiest manner possible. The first team wiH^his year A^rejn the English ^Pth^°^^of1Pthe directors. In any decision on t p would survive more thaS a couple of rounds in the qualifying stage ?d as in those rounds they would probabl> have to meet clubs they are likely to antagonise several "mes during ttfe sason differs.com -netitions and as it may probably happen mat Rhyl may be drawn away, and have '"c"r expenditure of £ 10, with probably little pros pect of any return from the gate, it will be seen that the same is not worth the candle. Th- ,«m of lourse, will appear ,in the Welsh Cup Competition, in which by virtue of tan, <spmi^finalists last year, they will not be called xmon to do any work until the fourth round. They will also enter for the iNorth Wales Coast Cup. Their run of luck in this com- petition has been extremely bad. Last year they were thrown out in the first round, though they apparently had victory in their grasp. If they can only get Bangor out of the way the home of the North Wales Coast Cup this year is a positive cerainty. —o—« The surprise last season was the doings of the junior team, They did so well that they are likely this year to be entrusted with the whole of the North Wales Coast League matches with the exception of Bangor, which match in all portability will be played as in previous years between the first teams. The Reserves will also enter for the Welsh Junior Cup and the North Wales Coast Junior Cup. As is well known the are the holders of the latter cup, and if they show anything like the form they did last year, there is no reason why they should not win the cup this year again. The matches played by the Reserves last year were quite as interesting and exciting as those of the first team, and were commencing to draw almost as good gates. They should be encouraged by even better gates this year. -n- Meantime, the directors are much concerned by the financial difficulties into which they have been precipitated by the extravagances of last year. They are doing their utmost to wipe off the adverse balance. They have been able to do this to the tune of some JB20 by the concert which Mr. E. H. Williams kindly gave them. They hope to do even better with the draw that has been organized. By investing the small sum of threepence the purchaser of a ticket has a chance of one out of some sixty valuable prizes which have been kindly given by sym. pathisers with the Club. We hope the tickets s "I will be vigorously pushed and generally bought. Mr. R. J. Hughes has kindly consented to con- tinue to act as Secretary. He has proved a good friend to Rhyl football, and he means to steer the affairs of the club into safe waters again. His interest in the popular pastime has been recognized by his re-election as a member of the Welsh Council, by his appointment on its most important committees, by his election as hon. treasurer of the North Wales Associa- tion, and i-s election as one of the Executive Committee of the Football Combination. -0- This is the third year that Mr. E. H. Will- iams has come to the help of the Rhyl Football Club, and in accordance with a resolution of the directors the Secretary has forwarded him the following letter:- RHYL FOOTBALL CLUB, CO., LIMITED. Registered Offices, 47, High Street, Rhyl, August 31st, 1901. E. H, Williams, Esq., Proprietor, Rhyl Merrie Men.' Dear Sir,—I am instructed by my Committee to tender you their heartiest thanks for your generosity towards them in giving a Benefit Concert last Monday evening. The crowded audience assembled on that occasion bears striking testimony to the well- deserved popularity of your Merrie Men,' and the general excellence of the programme sus- tained by them commanded the warmest eulogy from all present. My Committee, therefore, take this oppor- tunity of thanking you for the third annual benefit given by you to them. They will be pleased to become patrons of your hardy annual,' and wish you a bumper house on that occasion.—I am, dear sirm yours faithfully, R. JOHN HUGHES, Hon. Sec.

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