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FURNITURE FOR CASH COMPRISING I ELEGANCE | COMFORT EDIT. DURABILITY. J G LOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, I f) TO 1 Q T3E1V;BR0KE pLACE XOj IT LIVERPOOL. X ABSOLUTELY" THE i^NE T)RICE, LARGEST AND ) V/ X MOST UP-TO-DATE -PHE | OWEST. NUUBII | I a IN THE CITY. r ,NFR ATTAI TT CREDIT SYSTEM. ( \NJL< /^UALIT ENTIRELY W DIFFERENT JRPHE TL IGHEST TO ALL OTHERS. ± XX All Furniture we Sell IS DeHvered Free to any part of the United Kingdom. CALLAND JJSSPECT OUR STOCK. GLOBE JPURNISHING COMPANY (J. R, GRAKT, PROPRIETOR), 19TO ID I^EMBROKE OLACE, X^rf lO, Jt LIVERPOOL. XT FRFE.-It will save you pounds in Furnishing to send for our Illustrated Descnptive Catalogue, Price List, &c. Business Hours: 9 to 8 Saturdays, 9 to 6. Telephone No. 1760. c MR. R. EDWATTDS, SURGEON DEMIST. 65, HIGH STREET, RHYL. (4 Doors above the Post Office.) Attendances: DIDNEIGH-Every WEDNESDAY, at 11, High Street (over Dick's Boot Depot). UTHIN-First TUESDAY (Fair Day) in each month, and third MONDAY, at Mr LEWIs JONES', Printer, St. Peter's Square. COLWYN BAT—DAILY from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. at the Laurels, Woodland Road. MR. ROBERTSON, Manager. T. HULLEY, B AIKER & CONFECTIONER FAMILY GROCER & TEA DEALER, Castle Temperance Hotel, KINMEL STREET, RHYL. Fresh Supply of Butter and Eggs always on hand First-CLASS accommodation for Visitors and Commercial Travellers. PRIVATE APARTMENTS. KIRK'S Victoria Arcade and Bazaar (Short Cut from High Street to the Parade). DEPARTMENTS Parade Entrance— TOBACCONISTS STORES. o, 2 Department- PLAIN AND FANCY STATIONERY. 3 Department— I PATRIOTIC MEDALS AND FLAGS. 4 Department— TOYS. FANCY GOODS, VIEWS, &c. igh Street Entrance- irk's Fancy Fruit and Confectionery Stores. Ai FAMILY AND \J OMMERCIAL JJOTEL, High Street & Kinmel Street, IR IEE Y L. J. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. EX 53 llent accommodation and good attendance at strictly moderate charges, We matured Spirits and good BraD Of Cigars. EXANDRA MEWS :-CS()ENT ROAD. Wedding Equippages, Landaus, Broughams, Sociables, Waggonettes, Dog Carts, &c., for Hire BRAKES leave the Hotel and Mews to all daces of interest. FOR BILLPOSTING & ADVERTISING at Rhyl and District go to EVANS & CO., THE LOCAL BILLPOSTERS AND ADVERTISING EXPERTS, TOWN HALL (Queen Street entrance), RHYL. Offices of- The North Wales ani District Billposters, Ltd. The Rhyl & District Billposting & Advertising Co., and The North Wales Publicity Association. LG^"THE oldest Members of the Billposters' Asaiation in the District, The reliable fir-only QUALIFIED practical Billposters and EXPERIENCED Advertising Experts employed. JSS^Billposting. Handbill and Circular Distribu- All tion, Envelope and Circular Addressing, Newspaper Advertising &c., &c. „"GSA GUINEA ) 4,- -Mipertiiu'Wirx-v is' each Blanket bound pink v. -AVKht l';ur \V .fte TwtiieJ Sheets. 2h yds. by 2| yds. *('■ if re;nlv tf>r if-c I I'air Whue Cases, full size, (-nils; J \V iiieCoun:erp:»ne. S yds. iongbv 2^yds. w.,v w. p;itreni. <iesi^n Duclicsse 1 oilet Set. If e> ( ./»•>- tr^tf f3nu{ <>»i receipt of P.O-O- I KOOKI-I^LDS. MARKET Sq.. STAFFORD* -• r M- IS; J f. )» ,)\'F'.( roo Y,S. -¡¡' Education si7csiiii's, Tm mm, mi Principals THE MISSES KEES Cambridge Hon. and S. Kensington School of Arts Certs. French Paris. MIS3 DAY (Inter. Arts. Hons., London, Camb. Teacher's Certs.) Assisted by a RESIDENT FRENCH GOVERN- ESS and VISITING PROFESSORS. Preparation for all Exams. Special care to de- licate children. Highest References to Clergy and Parents of Pupils. Prospectus on Application. ST. ASAPH COUNTY SCHOOL. UNDER THE 52 AND 53 VICT. C. 40. School will be opened January 16th, 1901. Chairman of the Governors:- SIR W. GRENVILLE WILLIAMS, BABT., of Bodelwyddan. ltead Master: -WM. EASTERBY, LL.D., B.A., Second Moster-J. H. ARNOLD, B.A., University of Durham. Science Master-CHARLES BARNES, B.Sc. Victoria University. Drawing Master-J HKNMER HUTCHINGS, Esq., Art-Master, S.K. Diill Sergeant Sergeant Instructor EVANS, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. and other Masters resident and visiting. Pupils are prepared for all Professional and University Examinations, and there is also a Modern Side for a thorough Commercial Education. Thera are 8 Free Scholarships and 16 Bursaries; the Scholarships being tenable for 2 years. The Buildings are large, heallhy, and commodi- ous, erected in 1881, and surrounded by 6 acres of Playing Fields Terms for Day Scholars L6 per annum, payable in advance terminally :—For Boarders, on ipplica- ion to the Head Master. FAI-RHOLME RHYIJ Ladies' School. Principals:— THE MISSES ROBERTS. Assisted by Resident Governesses, Visiting Masters for Mathematio Modern Languages, Drawing and Drilling. Pupils are successfully prepared for Examin- ations Oxford and Cambridge Local College of Preceptors, and London College of Music. Terms and List of References upon application jyjj IDDLE-CLASS D U C A T 1 O N f. WELSH, B.A., Course of Instruction ENGLISH SUBJECTS, CLASSICS, MATHE- MATICS and FRENCH. BOOK-KEEPING AND SHORTHAND. Private Tuition. Boarders Received Full Particulars on Application. Address-31, WATER STREET, RHYL. miss m bibbs, ut (cist,) Pianoforte Teacher (late of St. David's County School, S.W.) TEttMS ON APPLICATION. MINFOR, RIVER STREET. 1 WARMING, STRENGTHENING, COMFORTING, Is the verdict of all who an e Allcock's p Plasters t there, Back Ache I .al#an and Weak Chests ILL J ttwyquloklyoure. X/* \VL As an external I RIRV V3 application they are i A XI THE ACME OF PERFEOTIOM. Bit ke sore to get VJIMSKKLLSL'CJ ALLCOCK'S when TH want a Porous Plaster. Don't be persaaded to take ILSAWMIL ny otker—ALLCOCK MD ALLCOCK'S only. HUGH EDWARDS, (HUWCO PENKAEN), GROCER, PROVJLSION, & SMALLWARE DEALER, Penmaen House, Wellington Road, RHYL Home-made Bread. Fresh Butter and Eggs direct from the Farm. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE. No MORE LAWYER'a BILLS! "The whole law for six-and-eightpeiiee.- West. minster Gazette. 6s 8d SAVED AT EVERY CONSULTATION! Now Ready. 750 closely-printed pages, containing 5,000 Statements on Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. THIBTT- SEVENTH EDITION (1900). Carefully Revised, including the Legislation of 1899. Price 6s. 8d. post free. INVERT MAN'S OWN LAWYEB:—A Handy L^I Book of the Principles of LAW and Equity. By a BARRISTER. 37th Edition (1900). Care- fully brought up-to-date, with a Concise Dictionary of Legal Terms. THIS STANDARD WORK OF REFERENCE FORMs A COMPLETE EPITOME OF THE LAWS OF ENGLAND,-Comprising:- Rights and Wrongs of Individuals—Commercial Law—Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost-Criminal Law-Pa ish Law-County Court Law-Game and Fishery Laws-Poor Men's Lawsuits Bets and Wagers -Bills, Cheques, Notes—Agreements —Copyright—Patents—Trade Marks Insurance Libel and '-Ian der-Di vorc,-Mortgageg-S toe k Exchange Practice Trespass Nuisances Transfer of LaEkd-Wills, etc. etc. AND EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Work men and Apprentices—Heirs—Legatees—Husband and Wife—Executors and Trustees-Guardian and Ward- Married Women—Infants—Partners and Agents Lender and Borrower — Debtor and Cleditor- Purchasers and Vendors Companies— Friendly Soci eties- -Church wtrdens-Cler,(ty ru en- Doctors Bankers Farmers Contractors Sportsmen-Farriers-Aorlile Dealers— Auction- eers— House Agents-Hotel KEEPERS—Pawnbrok- ers- Surveyors-Rail ways Clirriers-Contable, etc etc. The New and Revised Edition for 1900 comprises new Acts of Parliament ot 1899, including London Government (New Boroughs) Act, ;899 Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1899; Infectious Diseases (Compulsory) Notification Act. 1899; Small Dwell- ings Acquisition Act, 1899; Commons Act, 1899.; Tithe Rentcharge (Rates) Act, 1899; besides the Benefices Act, 1898; Marriage (Nonconformists) Act, 1898; Inebriates Acts. 1898 and 1899; Crim- inal Evidence Act, 1898; Vaccination Act, 1893; Vaarrancy Act, 1898; Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897 and many other Acts of recent years. Also full particulars of Sales and Mortgages of Land through the Land Registry without profess- ional assistance, and of Registration of Sales of Land (now made compulsory) within the County I of London. CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON, STATIONEBS' HALL COURT, LONDON. And Sold by all Booksellerc. ERNEST L. WILLIAMS, BUILDER, CONTRACTOR, UNDERTAKEN, &c., Estimates given for Alterations and Repairs. Ill orders receive prompt personal attention. i :sidence- C 1, ADELAIDE TERRACE, FFYNNONGROEW ROAD, RHYL COMFORTABLE CENTRAL. NAYLOR'S Commercial Temperance Hotel and Dining Rooms. QUEEN ST., RH Y L. Visitors and Commercial Gbotlemen will receive every attention. Sleeping accommodation from 1/6 per night BOARDING TERMS FROM 4/6 PER DAY AN ORDINARY DAILY. C. C. NAYLOR, PROPRIETOR. For Fish and Poultry Best Cbickans, 28 6d. and 2s- 9d. All Poultry dressed, boned and larded in best style on the shortest notice. Town and Country Orders promptly attended to Ice always in stock. F-es}-, arrival of Fish twice daily. J. MuDD & SONS, 18, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. EXPIRATION OF LEASE OF THE GRIMSBY FISH CO. Owing the Expiration of Lease, Business carried on at 18, BODFOR STREET. WILLS JONES THE MAGNET STUDIO High Street, Rhyl. FOR PHOTOGRAPHS AT POPULAR PRICES. J. OLDFIELD X Co., Coal Factors, GLADSTONE BUILDINGS Kinmel Street, RH YL, RA. VE ON HAND A REGULAR SUPPLY OF Lancashire, Staffordshire, AND North Wales Coal, AT THE VERY LOWEST PRICES FOR CASH. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. ESTABLISHED 40 YEARS AMOST MALTBY, fv TAI- A FAMILY BUTCHER, la, Water Street, RHYL. Priuie Beef, Matton, and Lamb daily. The best selected Home-fed Produce only offered ISAAC itOBERTS, BRYNMOK, 53, WEST PARADE, RHYL, Plumber, Glazier & Gasfitter. All Orders will receive his prompt attention. t PA There isn't an Enemy within your gates one has so dangerous as the demon of defective sanitation. Have your pipes and drains properly attended to and your doctor's bills will be reduced to a minimum. Typhoid and its allies are deadly foes, but it's not such a diffi- cult matter to keep them outside of your home, if you'll but take the hint from us. R. JOLLEY has given long study to the science of sanitation, and he is well up in all the modem inventions and appliances. R. JOLLEY, Plumber, Glazier and Gasfitter, 4, ELWY STREET, RHYL. WILLIAM ROBERTS FAMILY BUTCHER. 3, SUSSEX BUILDINGS, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. ALL MEAT SOLD BY W.R. IS HOME-FED By local Breeders of repute is of the choicest quality, and old at LOWEST PRICES. NOTED SHOP FOR POULTRY E. P. GRIFFITHS, Game and Poultry Dealer, Fruiterer and Greengrocer, SUSSEX STREET. RHYL. VEGETABLES Fresh from the Garden Daily Fresh Butter and New Laid Eggs 00093 DBLlVEBJW PBoXPTLY. E. LEWIS EVANS (LATE HUGHES) FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER GASFITTER AND LOCKSMITH, 36 HIGH STREET, RHTL. Grates, Ranges, Mantel-pieces and Builders Ironmongery of all description. DEALER IN SHEET & PLATE GLISS, OILS, COLOURS &] VARNISH WALL PAPERS New Season's Stock Just arrived. Choice Designs and Excellent Assortment. Pattern Booksjsent on application. k AGENT FOR THE 5 NATIONAL ELECTRIC WIRING CO.,| LTD., ^CIG Electrical Engineers and Contractors, London. ThtJ safest, most durable and adaptable system of Wiring for Electric Light in eKistence. Full particulars on application Estimates Free. NATIONAL TELEPHONE, 0184 EAJDHTS CELEB RA.TED GOUT & RHEUMATIC IPILLS. BEGISTERED. The Safest and most Effectual Cura for THEY REQUIRE NEITHER GOUT, RHEUMATISM, CONFINEMENT NOR ALTERATION ^RHEUMATIC GOUT, LUMBAGO, OF DIET, AND IN NO CASE. AND ALL CAN THEIR EFFECT BE MUSCULAR PAINS. INJURIOUS. TRADE MARK. These last three Years I have never had a pain, u, „ 27< Boyne Street, Willington, Durham, Jan. 1 £ 1898. Mr Lade.-Dear bir,—It affords me srreit pleasure in writing these few lines, to inform you >.bout vour valuable Pills. It is seven years since I had the Rheumitie Fever, and the following threa years I had the rheumatic pains. Having tried sure remedies but got no better, I heard of your rills, which I got and used, and received great benefit. These Last Three Years I have never had a pain in regard to ^heuraatics. You can Ue my name. and also publish to the world the great power your Fills have over Rheumatic pains, and many I have told have got relief. They have been to me three times the value I have paid for them.—I remain, yours truly, JOHN LONOSTAFFE P.b.—I would have written you sooner, but I have given them a good test EADE'S GOUT & RHEDMATIC12PILLS. I would not be without them if they cost One Pound a Bottle. r» o- • -.1. 16, Burton Crescent, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, May 2, 1894.* T4. • Bo^ S^»—It.18 vith unbounded pleasure I send you a few lines in praise of your most excellent Pills. It is Six Years since I first hd H.beum tic Gout, and I had three months in bed with it. Of course I had the doctor, and he sweated me down almost to a skeleton. The next Spring I had another attack, kid up8aga7n t0 try y°ar Pills* 1 did 80' aad am <luite sare ^ey prevented my being I would not be without them if they cost a Pound a Botti-. You are quite at liberty to make what use you .ike of this. Wishing you every success. Mr G. Eade. Yours truly, ALBEBT MOUNTAIN. PREPARED ONLY BY GEORGE EADE, 232, GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON. And Sold by all Chemists, in Bottles, Is. ljd three in one 2s. 9d. Sent post free by Proprietor on receipt of stamps or postal order. EADii'S CELEBRATED GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS '> SPECIAL PURCHASE OF STATIONERY! 'f' AJVLOS BROS. Are now in a position to supply BEST VALUE IN ALL v Commercial and Fancy Stationery Being Cash Buyers, we are able to Sell at Wholesale:Prices. Good Business Envelopes æ Usual Price, 4s, per ioooj r ———— fÁO Good Vellum Note J 6Kd. lb. 100 Envelopes (Boxed) 6%d. Box Special Price, the Lot. Account Books. 6d. Usual Price 1/- Ledger, Cash and Day Books (Leather bound) 1:-1 AMOS BROS.. 13, Sussex Street, and 6, Wellington Chambers, Wellington-rd. ■ ."■■■ u, RHYL.


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