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All England is talking about tíhQ Sensational Cures ef!fec5i;e;cB. even when the best medical science had been invoked in vain, and the friends of the patients anticipated nothing for them but death, BY DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS FOR PALE PEOPLE. In nearly every place pale, anasmic girls, cramped, rheumatic men and women, suffering dyspeptics, paralytics, and consumptives made well and strong by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, have aroused public interest to a high degree. Enquire in your own neighbourhood and you will hear of such cures. WHAT LONDON SAYS. SCIATICA. DR. PINK PILLS FOR Have you acute, darting PALE PEOPLE pain-a pain almost like are only sold in a pink package, with thÐ hot needles-In the nip, name in red ink, just like this; down the back of the! Price: 2s. 9d. thigh? Does it extend to Tj,, r' MrlS/. the knee, and perhaps: sometimes to the ankle? |>'fe || lj§r 1*0 pW' Is the course taken by H ||J^ F<^ th^ pain tender to the tg Cure it! it is Sciatica six Boxes: 13s. gd. We have published Inside the wrapper are Dr. Williams' J CAm^ c rvf r n cpc rsf Directions for Use, enclosing the wooden some uuacii^ ui ui box or tube> wbich is about two inchea persons cured of this long, and about as large round as a I painful disorder by Dr. halfpenny. Williams' Pink Pills for Pills sold loose, or from glass jars, or in Pale People. any other way than in the registered I package as above, bearing the full name, AT AMHAM DTTTr nrp "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale LUnUUil DUiLUilix. People," are Not Genuine, nor is their „ n composition similar the dealer who [Interview by the South London Press.] offers them as Dr. williama. Fillk Pilla THE case of Nr. Henry Chinnery, of 34, is trying to cheat you, and should be Spencer-road, Herne Hill, London, S.E., avoided is best told in his own words. It appears that his trouble commenced with an accident. He said: "The symptoms of WHAT IS rheumatism and sciatica developed to a r A V r f i us nTi ami frightful extent, and my suffering was C'vliNjlJIYIl 1 iv/IN f great indeed. I sought the best medical advice available. Alas 1 I seemed con- Do you Spit blood ? Are demned to suffer One eminent physician i „ frankly told me that I should never be yOU aiSO Weak, languid^ free from the disease. For seven years and easily tired ? Are you I went ou in this state, when—I think it + was in 1889—I became a victim to Slightly feverish C^-pCCl21 influenza. Thisleftmeagreatersufferer ally at ni°*llt ? And than ever, the sciatica being accentuated J & by physical weak- yOU have prOtUSe per =3 tness, that for the spiration in the nicht ? ensuing eight rr>s_ • years I was a These are signs of martyr. My pains Consumption. were such as J might be com- it is regarded as mcura^ pared to a person fc|e do not let it scraping flesh from one's bones, so In your case, ivlany aPPk „igh7i'!™rin cases that were declared /reat ag°uies- incurable bv the best hospital authorities have -^r- Williams been cured by Dr. Wil* «wll s Peopfe, £ Hams' Pink Pills. fiome for me. 'fill iffrt The very next II1-' tsrfigUy 1 felt tint A SUBURBAN STUDY. | Wk the pains were on v w\ move* I took a second and a Miss BUSBF.IDGE, in Alfred-road, Buck- 1. UuM third box and hurst Hill, is a lively, plump, good- t«fervi!j]P with the fourth looking lady of twenty-five. She said: oox—why I felt a new man there is no I felt bound to write and tell of my mistake possible my sciatica and rheu- matism were no more, and I was capable of more physical activity than for the I past fifteen years! «f» As a builder and house decorator, a ejj great deal of stair and ladder work falls g-pir to the lot of Mr. Chinnery. Since his 1 j cure his unwonted agility and activity at I Vr> his work have excited some comment, and one ^jf his men remarked, Why, Jv-, you must have been taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills?" Mr. Chinnery was able to |' iell his man that he had—to use his own \mk• A ,4 FOR CHILDREN. v A question often asked marvellous escape from death." She tc lhhi« CZin nit* proceeded to describe how she had been LIIlcj wclll UFt "pulled down to a mere frame of skin Williams' Pink Pills be and bone, until everybody said, That given to children ?" girl^has one foot in the grave, if not They can. For young Such a case as that of Miss Busbridge's ;|,SJ. was not one of the common sort. She Children, the dose IS one- bad been ill two years, and had been third of a pill: children taken up and down to London, to private and expensive hospitals, till she had OVer ten may take a flail almost wished at last to be carried pill. The pills can be cut instead to her grave. The doctors (she • j m •< j had seen and consulted five) all gave her Wltn a Knile anu may De up. Miss Busbridge's lungs (they said) diSSOlVed in Water if ne were seriously affected. Was this wast- For Pickets thev ^disease consumption? The symptoms tCooai rui i\lCi\vL5 wore uannstakaDie. 1 here was sore ana are especially valuable. dry throat, blood-spitting, night sweats, giddiness, and headache, langour, thirst, A fWTr TV<s T TPF C AVFH AT an(^ general weakness. She was sent to O i,ir r, OA V a l Devonport for a time, but she only came BLACKHEATH. back worse. When matters had gone about as far as THE reporter of a local paper was deputed they could go, so that life itself merely to interview Mrs. Bonnick, 5, Couthurst- hung on a thread, came Miss Busbridge's road, Charlton-road, Blackheath, London, salvation. Her sister got her a box of S.E. Mrs. Bonnick showed him her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. baby, a stout, healthy little girl. That box was the precursor of more. Ah, but you should have seen her this "The first dose did me good," she said, time last year," said the mother; yon however. Having proved their value, would not have thought she could live a and knowing that Consumption, in the day. She was then taken ill with in- nature of things, is not to be cured in a fluenza, followed by pleurisy and day, she took the Pills regularly, following pneumonia. She wasted to a shadow, the advice sent with them. To say that and the doctor gave up hope. As a last she mended with every dose is but to put resource I determined to try Dr. Williams' a long story in brief. How, after six Pink Pills, and the very first night she mouths, she astonished the neighbours had a dose she slept better than she had by walking out alona how she sallied up done for weks. At the end of a fortnight to town and came home, giving fresh she was able to sit up, and at the end was people surprises by stepping out of the as well as ever. She has had no relapse train unaided how she got weighed six or ailment since. The people of the months after taking the Pills, and found neighbourhood thought she could not last that from 9 stone (dated tickets shown) many days, and now they think she is a. she had risen to 11 stone 2 pounds, were perfect wonder." all told to a newspaper commissioner. Mrs. Bonnick added "I can never be People m Buckhurst Hill told him that too grateful.. We all thought she was Miss Busbridge's case had been a complete dying, but she is quite cured now." suriarise to everyone. To Avoid Substitutes, note that Dr. Wiliiams' Pink Pills are only Genuine in this form. CmwnLLiAMsm wmiMK §m JlpiLLS p¥\' IkEOPL.'E. W This is the Registered and only Genuine Package. SOMETHING FOR NOTHING! HONEST ADVIGE FREE TO READERS. Every reader cf this paper is freely invited to wyíte to the Proprietors of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. If you have some ailment, small or gnat, that gives you trouble-write, and we will answev honestly, telling you whether Dr. Willi-ams, Pink Pills have cured similar cases in other people, or not. If they have not, we shall tell you so without reserve, we do not, in fact, sell the. Pills to people whom we do not think they will cure. A dans. ür. W iUiaim1 Medicine Company, 46, Hotbom Viaduct, London, 1:Cc WINTER FASHIONS 1899. M MRS. TALBOTT KB Intends making a special SHOW on Monday, Tues- H day and Wednesday next, of the latest creations in Ml Millinery, Mantles, Jackets, Fur-lined Coats, Paletots, eal Coats, Mink Capes, Tailor-made Saite s LATEST NOVELTIES IN THE CFILDEEN'b DEPARTMENT. SOLICITING AN EARLY INSPECTION. /ar' A < tTT' 'IT' XMAS FRUITS (Prices for One Month Only.) CHOICE CURRANTS from 2d. to 3d. per lb BEST VOSTIZZA Sd. „ GOOD VALENCIA RAISINS „ 3c1." 4d. EXTRA CHOICE RAISINS ,,4d. „ Sd. FINEST SULTANAS „ Sd. „ 6d. FINE LEMON PEEL, 2d. per lb. 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CORNED BEEF AM PICKLED TONGUES ALWAYS ON HAND.