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DOMESTIC RECIPES. TOMATO JELLY.—Cut the tomatoes in pieces, boil and strain measure the juice, add a sliced lemon, and boil half an hour. Now add an equal measure of sugar and an ounce of dissolved gelatine to a quart of juice. Boil five minutes, test, and if done put in glasses. Fisn LOAF.—Take the left over of a baked fish, remove everything meatable where there is no stuffing use a few crumbs to each pint of fish and crumbs use one cupful of milk and two beaten eggs season the custard with salt, pepper, and herbs, if liked mix with the fish, pack in moulds, and steam or bake until firm like a custard. DEVILLED SAUCE.—Mince two shallots, fry in half an ounce of butter till a golden colour add half a pint of brown gravy, a teaspoonful of mixed mustard, a dessertspoonful of Worcestershire sauce, and a good pinch of red pepper. Stir until the sauce boils, skim, it, and pass through a fine strainer, add a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley, and serve. ApPLE TAPIOCA.—Soak half a cupful of tapioca over night, then drain. Pare and core sufficient tart apples to measure two quarts when prepared. Arrange in a greased baking-dish, sprinkle with a cupful of sugar, add the tapioca and three cupfula of water, and bake three hours in a very moderate oven. A little quince or currant jelly added gives a pleasing variation in flavour. Dried fruits soaked. till well swollen may be used in the same way. A SPANISH MODE OF COOKING EGGS.—Dissolve half an ounce of butter in a tablespoonful of good gravy, add the same quantity of milk with a sea- soning of pepper and salt. Prepare some buttered toast, and spread it sparsely with anchovy paste. Break three eggs into the gravy, etc., which should be heating over the fire, and stir over gentle heat till lumpv. Take the pan off, and stir the contents till set. Pile the mixture on the pieces of toast pre- pared. Scatter chopped parsley over and serve very hot. SAVOUKY PUDDING TO SERVE WITH PORK. — Take equal to half a stale loaf of bread in pieces, set it in a basin, pour cold water over, and stand several hours. Then squeeze very dry, and half a pound of chopped suet, and three or four boiled onions, also chopped small. Scatter over the bread a handful "E flour, salt and pepper to taste, and a little sago and thyme. Add two beaten eggs to the above, pour^jnto a flat greased tin and bake for an hour under the joint as you would Yorkshire pudding. A DUTCH STEW.—Have about two pounds of a shin. of beef, cut it into three-inch squares, and set it on to stew, with one pint and a-half of cold water or stock, and a large onion. When these begin to boil, add a. teaspoonful of salt, less or more, according to taste, also some pepper, and simmer gently for one hour and a-half. Prepare some young, white-hearted cabbage, which has been parboiled, squeeze very dry in a colander, and lay in the pan with the beef. Let the stew cook for another hour, then serve. Those who like spiced stew should add a little mixed spice and a few pieces of lean bacon. MUSHROOM KETCHUP. — Basket of mushrooms, salt, cloves, mustard-seed, allspice, ginger, black pepper; pick and wash mushrooms, and sprinkle with salt, stir occasionally for two or three days squeeze out the juice to each quart add half a teaspoonful of cloves and mustard allspice, black pepper, ginger, three-quarters of a spoonful of each; put all into a covered pot, and allow it to heat gently till it comes to boiling point; leave it for a fortnight; strain through a cloth bottle for use should it show any appearance of spoiling, boil it up once more with a little more spice and salt. GERMAN ApPLE CAKE.—Work well with the hands half a pound of freh butter and one pound and a half of flour. When mixed add four ounces of sugar, one ounce of sweet mixed spice, and the yolks of two eggs. Knead this paste, and then divide it it two, line the bottom of a round cake-pan with one half of the paste. Stew some apples with sugar and a few dried currants, and when the fruit is cooked till soft, let it get cold. Spread a layer of this fruit over the cake, roll out the other half of the pastry and cover the apples with it. Bake for half- an-hour, or more if the pastry is thick, and let it remain in the tin till cold. Ice the top with a good cream icing", and set in the oven just to harden.

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