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MARRIAGE OF MB J. ROBERTb JONES, SOLICITOR. On "Wednesday the marriage took place, at the Calvinistic Methodist Cbapel. Clwyd Street, of Mr J. Roberts Jones, solicitor, of this town, eldest son of Alderman John Jones, J.P., Ashlands, Oswestry, to Miss Eunice Williams, youngest daughter of the late Mr T. Williams, Gronant House, Denbigh, and Mrs Williams, Treneweth, Rhyl The wedding evoked considerable local interest and the Chapel was filled with residents during the ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. S. T. Jones, assisted by the Rev. Lewis Ellis, Devonia. The bride who was given away by her brother (Mr T. Pennant Williams) was attended by the Misses Edna and Gwendoline Jones, her nieces as bride- maids, and MrD. Roberts Jones (brother) was best man. The bride's dress was of white Bengaline silk, with tuelle veil depending from a wreath of orange blossoms, and she carried a floral bouquet the gift of the bridegroom. The bridemaids were oostumed in white wilk and white picture hats to match, and wore gold brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr J. Arthur Roberts presided at the organ, and as the wedding party emerged from the vestry after tsigning the register, he gave a fine rendering of the Mendelssohn's Wedding March. After the caremony the bride's mother entertained a larjje party to breakfast at Treneweih, among the guests being Mr T. Pennant Williams, and Miss Williams, Trenewrth Mr and Mrs Hpgh Parry, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Robert Jones, Birkenhead, Miss Polly Williams, Liverpool; Alderman John Jones. J.P., and Mrs Jones, Oswestry; Mr Owen Owens (Chief Inspector of County Schools) and Mrs Owens, Penarth; Mr J. Estyn Owen, Mr Robert J. Powell, J.P., and Mrs Powell, Wrexham Mies Clara Jones, Oswestry Mr E. D. Thomas, solicitor, Birmingham the Rev. S. T. Jones, and Mrs S. T. Jones, Rhyl; Rev. Lewis Ellis, Devonia; Mr D Roberts Jones, Oswestry, &e. In the afternoon the newly married couple left for London and Paris for their honeymoon, amid the usual manifestation of good wishes. The presents were numerous and costly, the following being a list:— Bride to Bridegroom—Set of Dickens' Forks. Bridegroom to Bride—Crayon Portraits of her late Father Mrs Williams, Treneweth—Silver Tea and Coffee Service Miss Williams, Treneweth-Dinner Service and Fancy Work Mr T, Pennant Williams, Treneweth-SilverTray Mr and Mrs Hugh Parry, Liverpool—Case of Fish Eaters and Fancy Works Master Hubert Parry, Liverpool—Silver Pepperette Mr and Mrs Robert Jones, Birkenhead—Table Silver Misses Nesta and Edna Jones, Birkenhead—Knife Rests Miss Gwendolenl Jones, Birkenhead-Box of Perfume Alderman and Mrs Jones, Oswestry—Cheque Mr and Mrs Owen Owen, Penarth—Drawing Room Chairs and Cheque Mr J. Estyn Owen, Penarth—Carved Indian Table Mr and Mrs Robert J. Powell, Wrexham-Brass Fender and Irons, Coal and Fancy Works Miss Clara Jones, Olwestry-Chque and Fancy Work Mr D. Roberts Jones, Welshpool—Drawing Room Table Rev. Edward (and Mrs Griffiths, Meifod—Family Bible Miss Mary Roberts, Treneweth—Silver Cruet Mr and Mrs John E. Powell. Wrexham—Silver Cake Basket Mr Philip B. Minshull, Oiweøtry-Copper Flower Stand Miss Edith Roberts, London—Set of Mats Mr and Mrs Richard Parry, Liverpool—Silver Gong Mr Evan Thomas, Birmingham—Bedroom Suite Mr E. D. Thomas, Birmingham—Cheque Mr J. O. Thomas, Birmingham—Cheque Mr B. E. Thomas. Birmingham—Cheque Mr Ä. LI. Thomas, Birmingham—Cheque Miss Mary Hughes, Birkenhead- Water Jug Miss Lizzie Jones, Birkenhead-Pair Flower Vases Mrs Roberts, Hy fry die-Silver Fish Servers Mr R. Arthur Roberts, Hyfrydle-Silnr Tobacco Jar Mr and Mrs Jaoobpones, Rhyl—Case of Silver Salt Cellars Misses Jones, Bryn Estyn—Case of Silver Seriette Rings Mr and Mrs W, A. Lewis, County* School—Silver Jam Stand Miss Gertrude Jones, County School-Silver Toast Rack Mr and Mrs Daniel Evans, Rhyl—Card Stand Miss Sallie Thomas, RhyJ-Embroidered T.ble Centre Miss Battie Jones, Rhyl—Pair Ornaments Mrs and Miss Rogers, Egremont—Table Oloth Miss Jones, Heath villa—Toilet Tidies Miss Ellen Hughes, Liverpool—Butter Cooler Mra Hughes, Belle Vae Terraoe-Embroidered Panel Mr R. JBroadie Griffith, Rhyl—Set of Carvers Rev. and Mrs D. Charle»|Edwards, hafod-y-Bryn- Pair Entree Dishes Mrs Thomas Lewis, London—Case of Dessert Table Silver Dr Fred* W. Lewis, London—Silver Frnit Stand Mrs J. Ogweu Jones. Hbyl-Case of Silver Salt Cellars Mr and Mra Wynn Evans, Wrexham-Royal Worcester Tea Service Rev. and S. T. Jones, ^Boda wen—Silver Sugsi Stand and Sifter Mr James Parry, Rhyl—Set of Jugs Mrs J. Herbert Francis, Wrexham-Case o* Perfume in Cut Glass Cottles Mr and Miss Roberts, Foxhall—Eiderdown Quilt Miss Amy Roberts, London—Set of Mata Mrs Roberts, Brickfield Terrace-Sugar Basin Cream Jug and Butter Cool Mrs Owen Prys, Trefecca College—Cheque Mr and Mrs Llew. Roberts, Waterloo—Eiderdown Quilt Rev. and Mrs T. J. Wheldon, Bangor-Butter Knife Pickle Fork and Fancy Works Mr Frank H: Shayler Shrewsbury-Framed Water Colour Mr J. W. Foulkes, Jones, London-Ornaments Mr J. A, MuligaD, Rhyl—Framed Pictures Rev. D. D. Williams, Oswestry-Set of Ornaments Mr and Mrs R. W. Thomas, Liverpool—Pair Brass Candlesticks Mr Jones, Crescent Road—Pair Flower Vases (Copper) Dr. E. Hnghes Jones, Rhyl (to bride)—-Fruit Stand Do. (to bridegroom)—Ebony Walking Stick Mrs Edwards, Brynhyfryd—Card Stand Mrs Hughes, 39 John Street—Tray and Tray Cloth Misses Pownall, Mostyn—Silver Cake Basket Mr and Mrs Wm. Freeman, 25 Queen Street—Case of Apostle Silver Tea Spoons Mr and Mrs J J Watkins, of Silver Salt Cellars and Spoons Mr G Griffiths, Oswestry—Cheque Miss Haghes, HenJlys-Afternoon Tableoloth Mr Thomas Jones. B'ham—Silver Toast Rack Mrs Robertí Lloyd, .^Oswestry—.Oriental Coffee Table Miss E A Vaughan, Rhyl—Flower Stand Miss Elwy Williams, Rhyl-Silver Fiah Carver Miss Jones, County School Wrexham-Pair antimacassers Mr and Mrs Robert H. Roberta, Bryn Henllao- Silver butter cooler "¡ Mr and Mrs Robert Jones, Ithelfryn- Afternoon table cloth Mr and Mrs T. D. Jones, Church St-Brass spirit kettle Miss Folio Williams, Liverpool—Vienna vase Mr J, E. Buokley Jones, Bryn Estyn—Oak smoking cabinet Rev. Lewi" Ellis, Rhyl—Cheque Mr R. Rhys Lloyd, Oswestry—Drawing room ohair Dr. and Mrs Whitaker, Shrewsbury—Silver sugar basin and cream jug Messrs Hughes and Son, iRhyl-Ebony walking stick Mr J. B. Roberts, Oswestry-Cigar cabinet Miss Evans, Liverpool—Silver jam spoons Mr John Williams, photographer Framed picture Mr and Mrs Jones, Bootie-Brown thread table cloth


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