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RHYL PETTY SESSIONS. WEDNESDAY Before Mr S. Perks (in the chair), Mr J. H. Ellis, and Mr R. C. Enyon. SNOWBOUND." Wm. Price, The Moorage, Llandudno, was summoned by P.C. Tale with being drunk in a public place on the llth inst. P.C. Tale said that on the llth December he was on duty in High Street, at 11-30 p.m. He saw the defendant drunk lying down in the snow in High Street. He askad him to get up, but he could not do so. P C. Gomer Jones assisted him to take defendant to the Police Station, where he was detained until next morning. The defendant did not appear but sent a letter stating that he was suffering from the effects of a fit. The Chairman said that defendant was a man who ought to know better. He would be fined 7s. 6d. and 8s. costs. REMARKABLE RAILWAY CASE. John Tordoff\ot Soaker Lane, Shelf, Halifax, was charged by Detective Joseph Weaver, with having travelled from Abergele to Khyl on the 5th of November, without having previously paid his fare and with intent to defraud the Railway Company. Mr Fenna prosecuted, and defendant who did not appear, was defended by Mr R. Bromley. Mr Fenna said that on Wednesday, Nov. 5th. two special ticket examiners were on dntyat Abergele Station, where they saw the defend- ant, who was a cattle dealer and attended different fairs. Thay saw him enter the 3-35 up train, though he had not previously gone to the booking office. At Rhyl one of the collectors asked him for his ticket, and he produced a ticket from Corwen to Low Moor, but he had none from Abergele to Rhyl. He made no remark, and paid no excess, bat went on with the train. Swan and the other ticket collector went with the train and saw defend ant alight at Chester. At Chester Swan stopped him and asked him where he had c^me from, and he said he came from Denbigh. Witness told him he had seen him on the platform at Abergele, and the defendant then admitted he came from Abergele, and that he had not taken out a ticket as he had no time. TIcket collector Swan corroborated the above statement. In cross-examination the witness denied that he and the other ticket collector had grossly insulted the defendant at Chester. i I Aum Pr°duced an excess receipt ticket Abergele to Rhyl, for 4 £ d. dated Nov. 15th. The receipt was in the handwriting of Hudson. ° Re-examined: The defendant did not tell him at Chester that he had any excess receipt. W. G. Hudson, ticket collector, gave corroborative evidence. In cross-examination he said the excess receipt produced was in his handwriting. He could not say who it was given to, but it was not given to the defendant. He had issued excess receipts to others earlier in the day. He could say from the counterfoil on what train it was issued. The reason he knew it was not to the defendant he had issued the ticket was because he had been watching him in Abergele. At this stage there was an adjournment while the witness sent for his bag, in which was the counterfoil. On this being produced it was found that the ticket was issued by the very train by which the defendant travelled. Mr Bromlay directed attention to the fact that the witness had sworn that he had not collected a single ticket on that particular train. The witness said he might have issued the ticket at Abergele previous to arriving at Rhyl. The Chairman said after the evidence they were bound to dismiss the case. Mr Bromley said it was a shameful case, and he applied tor costs. It was a case which showed the risks that passengers ran on the railway. The Chairman thought that the defendant ought to have produced the ticket at Chester. There were faults on both sides, and they would not allow costs. 4. DRUNK. Sarah Boole, back Alexandra was charged by P.C. Tale with being drunk in Queen Sheet, on the 12th inst. She was fined 5s. and 7s. 6d. costs. Joseph Thomas, Castle Street, Rhuddlan, was also charged with having on the 17th of December, been drunk and disorderly on Vale Road Bridge. The charge was proved by P.C. Gomer Jones, and defendant who pleaded guilty, was fined 5s. and costs.



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