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THROUGH A PANE OF GLASS. Very few of us know how beautiful the bottom of the ocean is. In southern waters we can see much deeper than in our northern waters. In Bermuda a wooden box about twelve or lilteen inches deep, with a glass bottom, is used to look at the water life. This box is trailed after the boat or held at the side, revealing wonderful plants, fish, sea flowers, caves and mountains, and sea forests. In the Island of Santa Catalina, on the Paeifio r.oasfc, boats for travellers are used having a pant of heavy plate glass about twelve feet long .IId. sei led in the bottom, raised so that in running in and out shore it will not be struck by rocks. The passengers sit on either side of this pane of glass, and watch the wonderful sea life over which they are passsing. These boats are used at night, when the water is illuminated. Every move of the boat, the water dripping from the oars, brings the most beautiful colours in view. Sometimes it seems as if great worms were floating in the water. These appear and dis- appear coming to the top they are caught, and prove to be sea worms, that, held in the hand, emit about as much light as a smouldering sulphur match. Another thing revealed by these glass-bottomed boats is the destruction caused by some of the sea insects, such tiny creatures that you scarcely see them. They eat into the great trunks of trees used to build wharfs, and so honeycomb them that the wharfs fall into the water after a time. The piles of the wharfs are ablaze with light given. out by these tiny creatures at night. "Daddy," said Ralph, "may I ask you a ques- tion in arithmetic ? Certainly, my boy," said the father, proud of his son's love for study. "Well, how many times what makes seven. Daddy ? I want to ask you one more question," said little Frank, as he was being put to bed. Well ? acquiesced the tired woman, some- what impatiently. When holes come in stockings, what becomes of the piece of stocking that was there before the hole came ? Tho other day a little fellow entered a shop and said: "I want a dog's muzzle." Is it for your father ? asked the cautious shopkeeper, who saw that the boy made no offer to pay for it. "No," said the customer indignantly, "of course it isn't, it's for our dog." "Well, Tommy." said his Uncle John, how are you going on at school ? d "Oh, splendid answered Tommy. "I'm not doing so well as some of the boys, though. I can stand on my head, but I have to put my feet against the wall. I want to do it without being anywhere near the wall, and I think I can after a while." Little Pansy: Let us play keeping house." Little Ethel: "All right! You pretend you are a lady and I am callin' on you." Little Pansy That'll be fun Now sit down and ask me how I like my new cook." A school-teacher asked an Irish boy to de- scribe an island. Sure, it is a place you can't leave without. boat," replied Pat. IDEAS OF LITTLE PEOPLE. An English boy in the Chinese Empire writes home that he has learned to speak Broken China." A little girl who had been to a circus for the first time in her brief life, greatly amused the family on her return by telling them she saw the elephant eat with its front tail." One day little Esther's aunt received a letter. While reading it she dropped the envelope. Esther picked it up and handed it to her, saying: "Auntie, here's the skin of your letter." Felix had just broken his mother's most vaia- able parlour ornament, a precious jug, and exclaimed joyously How lucky there wasn't anything in it!" "Now, Bobby," said the teacher, "what does lazy mean ? "Please teacher," said little Bobby, "lazy means you always want your little sister to do it for you." A WISE BIRD. One of our neighbours has a cat that likes to rob the birds' nests of the little birds; but a robin that built in our orchard hit upon a plaii that quite baffled Mrs. Pussy. Hobin fastened the ends of two very fragile branches that overlapped together, and built his nest just at the join. It was fun to see pussy try in vain to reacb the nest after the young birds were hatchecL She would creep cautiously along, first from one side and then from the other, but neither of the branches would bear her and at last she gave up in despair, and Mrs. Robin reared her younff ones in peace. j