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SPECIAL REPORTS OF THE MATCHES. [BY PHILLIP."] RHYL "A" v. MANCHESTER TRINITY. The first of the holiday mafches was played on the Palace Grounds on Good Friday morningr, before a gwd number of spectators. The "A" tiam of th1 Rhyl club was d-p ited to try conclusions with the Trinitarians from the city where it never rains, and I think the committee were very wise in ailing so. The home team was pretty stronar, containing ever il very promisioir local footballers, whilst the visitors had several well-known faces in their team, and a ratting ful'-back. The game was not a scientific one by any me ins, but, at times, it was fairly int=!re tiug, some of the scrimmages being very exciting, although, strange to say, no goals were sc 'red irom any of the latter. Play ruled very even throughout, but the louals certainly miFsqd two or thre? splendid chnnces of scoring through want of combination, ani bad judgment. The left wing or the home team was responsible for the only goal scored for Rhyl, and this wa* got in the first "45." Ainsworth sc red for the vititors late in the second half, but Metcalfe ought to have saved this. This was the FINAL RESULT Rhyl "A" 1 Goal Manchester Trinity 1 RHYL v. BOOTLE WANDERERS. RHYL VICTORIOUS! The visit of the Boot e Wandprprs was looked forward to by local fo tbrllers as likely to be one of the bst of the faster matches, and fully 1000 people a-semblecl on the Palace Grounds on Good Friday afternoon, to witness the game. Unfortu- nately, Dick Thompson was unn ble to take the field alainst them, on account of a b id foot, but, Will Vauahan proved an excellent substitu'e. The visitors met with a hearty reception when they stepped on to the ground, and it is gratifying to note how pleasantly the game was contested. The first half was very fcxeiting, the stiff breeze assisting the home team very matetially. Play was mrstly confined to the Bootle quarter, and a reusing cheer went up when Williams score! the first point for Rhyl. Another attack on the visitors' oi'adel was ably repelled by Francis, but the home forwards were not to be denied, and sorne gJorl play between Davies, Morgan, and Williams, euabled the latter with the aid of Morgan to get the ball through for the second time. This piece of good fortune was hailed with tremendous cheeiiDg, and then Bootle, from the kick off, had a look in. Browne returned the leather, and Morgan made a magnificent run down, and scored the third point, amidst a scene of great enthusiasm. Half time arrived with the score unaltered. On crossing over, Bootle, with the wind in their favour, soon made tracks for the homa goal, and Glass was kept pretty well occupied. The home custodian, however, was in his best humour, and so were Watkin Browne and Twiston Morgan and it was some time before an opening was effected. At length Glass was beaten, and number oiae went through for the Wanderers. The attack on the Rhyl goal was continued, but Glass repelled shot after shot, saving often as if by a miracle, each save being loudly cheered by the spectators, who thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings Watkin Browne. t io, came in for a "hare of the applause, his gallant tackling and mighty kicking being particularly admired and appreciated. The half-backs, too, put in some capital work, and periodical visits were made to th' visitors' goal, where, however, Francis and Pebay were ever on the alert, and kept their charge intact. Before the whistle sounded, the visitors registered another point, leaving the FINAL RESULT. I Rhyl 3 Goals I Bootle Wanderers 2 „ | Rhyl have every reason to be proud of their vic- tory, and I, for one, congratulate them heartilv. The Footle team play a beautiful game, but their forwards do not shoot well. The Rhyl forwards played much better than usnal, but still not up to the mark. Thpir combination was not so good as that of the visitors, but their shootinsr was in every way superior. Glass was seen at his be-t in this match, and so was Watkin Browne. After the match the Bootle team were entertained to tea at Vaughan's Dining Rooms, Queen Street. The catering was excellent, as uiual, and everything passed off very satisfactorily. Mr Peb y, the courteous ciptain of the Wanderers club, in return- ing thanks for the welcome and hospitality accorded them, said they had thoroughly et. joyed themselves at Rhyl, and should never forget the kindness shown them that day. They had fought a fair fight, and had been def ated, and they took their defeat like men (hear, hear). It had never been his privilege to play before a more fashionable concourse of spectators, and he had seldom come across a more impartial set of people (applause). Mr Berrie, in responding, thanked the captain for the kind expressions he had made use of, and said that the victory was worth more to them than it would have been to tie Wtinderert, had they won. The Rhyl club was only the remnant of what it once was, but when it had recovered the position it had lost, and they were determined to reoover it (loud cheers), they would perhaps have the pleasure of visiting Bootle (bear, hear). RHYL v WbBXQAM. A NEAR THING! rBT "FULL-BACK.) This match was played at the Palace Grounds, Rhyl, on Saturday, before about 600 spectators. The previous encounter resulted in an easy w io for Wrexham by 13 go Is to 0. Bnt on that occasion Rhyl were represented by only two first e'even men. Both teams were on Saturday wetl represented, though neither played thpir full strength. Morgan kicked off for Rhyl at 3-30, and some pretty passing by the right wing brought the ball down to the visitors' goal, Davies finally posing to Wil iams, who shot over the bar. The kick off only tempor- arily relieved the pressure, and a dangerous shot from the left was averted by Roberts (a substitute) conceding a coiner, which, th,,uih well plac d, proved abortive The visitors' right wiug weie next conspicuous for a frmart run down the field, Glass, the home eustodim, saving a well diret te t shot by Lee. From a free-kick for hands, the ball was again taken to the home citadel, but without any practic d result, the b.j going behind. Shortly afterwards Glass was aaain called UPOtl to fi-t out, and an award of hands to Wrexham place! the Rhyl goal in jeopardy; but Vauahan cleared, ana the home right winsr, getting posses-ion of the ball, made a determined attack on the visitors' fortress, cul- minating in a splendid hot by J. Davies, which WHS well s-ivei by the cast)dian. whojuccessfnl'yrepulsed a number of well measured shot in rapid succes im. Evans at last relieve I, aud the play was transfereei to the Rhyl quarters, a couple of cprners fie in j- awarded to Wrexham, which were, however, not taken advantage of. Soon after the Rh»l forwards became again aggressive, a rattlimr shot by C. Jones being saved by Hughes sending the b;il, over the bar; from the corner ki,.k Evans sent the ball to t'.e Wrexham forward and Glass fru^trat-'d a shot from Birch in fine style only, however, to send the ball to R Davies, who managed to lud the vigilant custodian, ani drawintr fir-t bl,)od f -t- Wrexham in about h,If an boUt. after the sta t. From the kick off the ball was taken to the Wr x atti end, where it remained for some time, the home forwards tni-sinz sevcal easy chances t'lonuh Hughes was called up m to use his hands frequently. A smart run WHsnext effectel by the vi-itois' rig it wing, and Brown, f i-t,m a magnificent pass from Birch, placed the ball between the f osts. but was rule] to be off side Half time was shortly aft^r called, and Wrexham chanjrei ends one g >al t I the good. On the resuu ption of hostilities W; exhaJII became at once aga,res"ive, fut W P. Jones wnd Br iwne, who throughout played a fine deftnsive gime, kept the goal line welt cle v. Morgan and Davies next distinguished thems-lves for sam. beautiful pjissina", and T >m Vaughan se It in a s « t which Hughs just managed to save, and EvMn" sent the ball flyir g towards the home sroal. 'I he spectators were Dext.trelted to some fine co v bi'Uiti >n play on the part of the home f rwa'ds, a id fro o a pass by Morgan, Davies, ami 11 u 1 ehe rs, equa ised matters. The ball from the kick off wi., s nt, in touch, aud Matthews, from a throw in, nv.rel a be,iutif ul ro-ii from mi-i -fi, Id. and he was deservedly applauded. The vis t rs shortlv afterwltrds to,k ,tw ball to th, Rhyl g™1. an,1 after s. m^ pliyin mouth of tho goal Turner, apain uale in a te's equal. Considerable pi ty in mid-fi Id next en u d, and T. Vausfhan, getting p ssesso n f th« spne e, made a splendid run down the fiell, and seut m shot which Rhyl claimed to have vo e thiou:h, b »t the referee decided otherwise. Fr m t i- to th- • a of time the play w.s mostly of « give and take character, a «hot bv Birh (whiof. jus' ur^:d t- e cross bar), and another by CharieJ-i.es (*hi h was frustrated by Hu.hes) hem* the claef f at ..os a d the cessation of play left the game drawn, t*o goul, being scored on each sHe. It should be statod that for the first fif e'lI min- utes Wrexham played two sub«iitu e i e i^ing ,!I" artival of two of their men by a ia:«r trmu.-Ibe following constituted the t^ams:— WRfcXHAK.-G< al W. J Hujrhes; fu'l b;tck.. F. D E-mns C. V-u-han; bulf backs, 11, ri ic I-lo., d Trevor Jones, J. Willia-ns; le t wing, U. T. Iii c. A. Lee; right win*. B. Da\li-o, J. BroAn enu., W H Turner. Umpire, rmnna i. RHYL.—Goal, W. ulass; lulbmk-. W. P J<ne Watkin Browi e; half t a ks I wt-ton Mo « W. Vaughan, A. Matthews; left wing, WUI. Will-a.us, C. Jones; right wing, Thos. Vaughan, J. Davies centre. J. L Morgan. Jmpire, Mr E. Price. Re- feree, Mr J. P. Lewis. RHYL v RHOSTYLLEN VICTORIA! A CREDITABLE DRAW. [BY "PHYXIP."] I would'nt have missed this match fcr anything it was the most exciting of the bundle The after- noon of Easter Monday was rather war.n for football, though There was a large crowd, about 1,300 or 1,500, I should thinK. The visitors looked well in their neat striped jerseys, and quit? toik the ere when they stepped on to the ground and they could play the game—rather Rhyl wasn't in it for more than an hour after start, but there I am agiin — commencing at the wrong end. Well, when every- thing was ready the teams lined np as follows:- RHYL. Goal, W. Gla-s fullbicks, W. Browne, Twiston Morgan half backs, J. Lloyd Robeits, W. Vaughan, A. Matthews riwht wing, J. Davies, T. Vaughan; left wing, Charlie Jones, W. Williams centre, J. L. Morgan. Umpire, Mr T. Wood. Re- feree, Mr E. Price. RHOSTYLLEN VICTORIA.Goal, A. Puh; full backs, R. Roberts, E. Owens; halfbacks, J. Evans, G. Jones, J. Owens; right wing, R. Hill, Thomis Cotton left wing, J. Roberts, R. Roberts. Umpire, Mr W. Cotton. From the kick-off it was evident there was only one bdm in it, and that team was'nt Rhyl. The visitors went away with a rush, ani it was not long before Hill hot past Glass. This looked a good sttrt, but it was nothing to what we did see. The Victorias p layel like clockwork, and it was delight- ful to see them go alouar the ground; the spasmodic attempts of the locals seemed to cisgust the spec'at- ors, who really expe t d something better from their favourites. Soon J. Roberts scored the second for Rhostyllen, who still continued to have the best of matters. At length J. Lloyd Roberts, one of the home halves, sent in a rattling shot, which Morgan assisted through, by letting the goalkeeper "have it." I don't mean the tall, miud, but something else. A tremendous cheer was immediately raised, but the visitors hid not been beaten by a long way. At the interval, they were lead ng by two goals to one, and soon afterwards, R R >berts (right winsr) increased the total to three thiugs looked bad for Rhyl, who were playing very loosely, indeed. Realizing their position, the locals put on steam, and a furious attack was made on the v;s.tors' gaal, resulting in Wil iams putting the leather through, amidst con- siderable uproar. The game was now worth seeing, both sides straining every muscle to gain an advantage; but Rhyl was gradually gaiuing the mastery. A slip by Browne let in the visitors' forwards, and their cenire scored the fourth point for them. In a minority of two gorls the locals made a spurt, and Puirh, the visit )rs' custodian, made a serious mistake, and the third point was sc-red for Rhvl. It was getting-sultry now, I can assure vou, for the loca's seemed determined to equalise. The visitors weie completely kept on the defensive—quite a contrast to what we had been used to, don't you know- and at length Williams got the equalising goal safely landed. The enthu-iasm was unbounded -h-it.,f, sticks, and fV, rythin- moveable were throwa in the air-and Will "Cheister" was delighted. Get another," all shouted, aud J. Davies I early got another, but the people had collected about the goal posts, that it was iinpol-sible t) judge the shots. Just as Tom Vaughan wa- taking a corner kick, the ref,rea sounded the whittle, and hostilities ceased, leaving THE BBSULT: ftbyl 4 goals Rhostyllen Victoria 4 goals RHYL v DENBIGH AND DISTRICT. This, the last match of the season, is announced to take place to-monow (Saturday) on the Palace Grounds, kick off at 3 p m. WELSH CHALLENGE CUP. FINAL TIE. BANGOR VICTORIOUS (By Bangor, the present holders of the Welsh cup, one of the most coveted of trophies, have had a run of ill-luck, so to speak, in the competition, and have so successfully surmounted their difficulties, that their great victory of the champions of Cneshire at Wrexham on Monday has gained f r them the admiration of whole of the football fraternity. Northwich Victoria, the holders of the Cheshire tup, and Bangor's opponents in Monday a final, are by no means a ttam to ba deipi-ed. In the Combina- tion, or second League, the Cheshire champions "fattve made capital Lid fcr fir-t place. They have defeated about as many League clubs as Bootle, and the latter organization have had to bow the knee to ihem more than once. Nearly everyone seemed to fancy them for the Welsh trophy, and it was generally thought Bangor had a very poor chance; but patri tic Welshmen, thongh doubtful about, it, fondly cherished a hops thac Bangor would jjst ab:ut lift tIle" p..t. ani keep it in "dear little Wales,"aod..o tbe vkt)ry ou Monday last at Wrexham was a Ntional victory, and all gool Welshmen r. j ice accordingly. The match was played at Wrexham, 011 the Bacecc,ur.se, on Easter Monday, before 4000 persons. The game was splendidly contend throughout, but Northwioh Vict nil exhibit.d a little unnece-sary roughness towards the close. All the Bangor team played to win, and their combination was excelltnt. This was the FINAL NEEULT: I BAKGOB 2 Goals. NOBTHWJCH VICTORIA 1 Goal I The winners left W rexhim soon after seven, and on their atr»val soon aftep nine they met with a GRAND BEOSITION AT BHYL. A crowd of s m-thin* like 300 assembled on the platform, aud as th-j train steamed into the station, a hearty cheer was i aisecl. "'Viure's the cup," w,qs t h,, fli st questi, n asked, and when the corn- n lttee s comp nam nt vaspoiuted out a rush was immediately loaie to get a glimpse at the tr.phv. ale L. W. lhr i, aft r the cheering h id subsided, as secretary of .he Khyl Footb.,11 Ciuh, congratulated the Ban-, r cub upon the great victory they had won Besides bemyr a rriumph of which they iright Well be f'r'lid it was, he aid a g eat victory for th l'dndphty its,-If (loud cheer.), and all true VVelst.men must ba dtligbted with the result (chet r,). The cup was t .en exhibited to the crowd, «ho cneer-d u,t,ly, Uoe of the Bangor officials then cal d u^oii his comrades t » g ve "Three good ct-eers f. r the Rhyi club," and the ca 1 was hea,tily respoudld 10. W \VIIl'aII.s, the Rhyl left-wing, asiied peim,s>ion to baaclj t ie cup, and upon this b mg £ la' -JJL' ° ,Us d a deai of mer im nt by shout ug, "Wil Chester's g„t the cup, for once/' As the t arn ii o* e I otf tha cheering was renewed 0 w ta me e -sed vigour, and su t iinea until the last van parsed the signal t ox.










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