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GRAND AMATEUR DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE. On Tuesday evening a strong caste of local amateurs, supported Mr Alf Sandoe, in the repres- entation of the heart-stirring domestic dram "Hazel Kirke," at the Town Hall, Rhyl. The entertainment had been extensively advertised, and, as was anticipated, a crowded house was the result. The piece had been for some time well rehearsed, and the performers carefully trained by Mr Alf Sandoe the audience therefore naturally expected a good performance, and they were not disappointed in their expectations, for the representation was a really clever and enjoyable one, and deserves to be SDoken of in unqualified terms of praise. The piece has been before performed in the town by a well- known professional company, but the performance on Monday will bear favourable comparison with any that has taken place in Rhyl. We have not the space at our disposal to attempt a detailed criticism; some of the parts were undoubtedly better sustained than the others. The portrayal ot Dunstan Kirke bv Mr Alf. Sandoe was, of course, the treat of the evening. During his connection with Miss Maggie Morton's theatrical company he has performed this part upwards of 100 times, and he always brought down the house by his clever acting. His acting on Monday was up to its usual standard of excellence, and was greatly appreciated by the audience. Mrs Torkington as Hazel Kirke was greatly admired; her movements were graceful, and her rich and powerful voice was used with telling effect, emphatically so in the 2nd act in the scene between Lady Carlingford and herself, and she was deservedly applauded. Mr Edward H. Williams has on several previous occasions given evidence that he is possessed of considerable histrionic powers and his delineation of Aaron Rodney was all that could be desired. In the scene where Aaron Rodney renounces his claim to Hazel Kirke's hand in favour of Lord Travers, his acting was seen to great advantage. His bearing was stern and dignified, and he did full justice to the character. Mr Harry Sandoe's impersonation of Pitticus Green was a most clever performance his splendid attitude and his quaint drolleries caused the utmost biliarity, and he well deserved the applause he received. The part of Lord Travers was admirably sustained by Mr W. H. Pidgeon whilst Mr W. Mudd as Barney (his Valet) fairly brought down the house by his capital impersonation. Miss Esther Bell's deline- ation of Mercy Kirke was a very creditable one, her articulation was very distinct, and her attitude good. Miss May Ball made a typical Dolly Dutton, she had plenty of attitude, but her articulation was at times rather indistinct, still her impersonation of the character was exceedingly good, and was loudly applauded. Miss Lizzfe Bell as Lady Carlingford J.c oreatlv admired. Her dignified appearance and graceful bearing, coupled with the excellence of her get up and acting being much appreciated by the audience. Miss Clara Ball, as Clara, and Mr D. Holt, as Me-, the miller's man, did justice to their parts. The get up of Mr Alf Sandoe and Miss Lizzie Bell were excellent, and tho e of Mr W. Pidgeon and Miss May Ball very fair; but the get up of the other characters were not so good as it might have been. The posters announced that there would be a powerful orchestra of ten instrumental- ists, but only two, however, put in an appearance, viz., Mr J. D. Asher (pianoforte) and Mr Povah (violin), these two gentlemen, however, acquitted themselves with great credit. Mr Sandoe explain- ed that the reason that the other members of the band had not put in an appearance was because a squabble had taken place among them on the pre- vious evening. The following was the dramatu nersonm:—Dunstan Kirke (the miller), Mr Alf Sandoe; Aaron Rodney (county squire) Mr E. R. Williams Lord Travers, Mr W. Pidgeon; Pitticus Green (will you permit me?), Mr H. Sandoe; Barney (valet), Mr W. Mudd; Met (the miller s man), Mr D. Holt; Hazel Kirke, Mrs Torkington -Lady Carringford, Miss Lizzie Bell; Dolly Dutton, Miss May Ball; Mercy Kirke, Miss Esther Bell; Clara, Miss Clara Ball. The entertainment was brought to a close with the side-splitting farce, The Secret." The following was the dramatis pWlomc :-Mr Dupuis, Mr Pidgeon Mr Valere, Mr W. Mudd; Mrs Dupuis, Mrs Knightley; Mrs Valere, Miss Clara Ball Thomas, Mr Alf Sandoe. The entertainment was repeated on the following evening, when there was a fair attendance.




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