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Lloyd (Ffynon Beuno), Mrs Edwards (Gardener), Mrs Jones, Miss Jones (Nantcwilym) Misse« Wilson, Miss Ellen Barnelli, Mrs Carty, Mrs Kenny (St. Beuno's College). Mr Woodissee of Denbfgh, kindly gave a loan of the crockery, and the men employed in Mr Gee's iron ore mine kindly fired the canons. PARISH GATHERING. On Friday, the 13th inst, after stoppage during Lent, the Parish Gatherings were resumed The chair was occupied by J. LI. Roe-Browne, Esq, solicitor, and there was a large attendance. The Chairman said, in the course of his opening remarks that he was proud of the privilege of occupying the seat of honour that evening-he considered he was occupying a very honour- able and enviable position, surrounded as he was by so many pleasant faces. It was the first time in his career that he had the distinction conferred upon him of occupying at an enter- tainment the presidential i, chair in his native town-for in Rhyl he had been born and bred, and in its vicinity he had been brought up and educated, and he was proud of that fact (cheers). If he managed to fill the chair in a fairly satisfactory manner that night he hoped it wouli not be the last time he should have the pleasure of doing so (applause). He then referred to the previous Parish Gatherings and the success that had attended the efforts of their indefatigabe pro. moter, the Rev. Clement Davies, senior curate of the parish. He had been most energetic in en- deavouring to make them a success, and his efforts had not proved futile (cheers). Few people knew the difficulties and obstacles a person had to sur- mount in organising even the smallest entertain- ments, especially so when carried on periodically, and the stock of fresh talent became gradually less and less. He (the Chairman), had no doubt a considerable sum had been raised by the former gatherings towards liquidating the existing debt on St John's Church, and all credit and praise should be given Mr Davies for his efforts in doing a good work both in raising funds for a good object and in providing innocent and edifying amusement and recreation for those many of wnom could not really afford to spend their money in higher priced entertainments (hear, hear). The ocject of this Gathering was to provide funds for the the purpose of cleaning and freeing from dust and dirt the walls, arches, windows and [ceilings of St Thomas' Church. He thought this was a good object, and it would be hard to find a better one, for it was highly desireable and necessary that a place of worship of all others should be purified from all dirt, for, as the Scripture said, cleanliness is next to Godliness." He then pro- ceeded to apologise for the absence of Miss -^ttie Harris, who had written to say that her medical adviser had prevented her taking part on account of the state of her vocal organs. But he (the Chairman), was glad to say that Mr Frank Lloyd, the son of their esteemed County Court Judge, I had very kindly consented on the spur oi me moment to fill the gap, and he was sure he would do it right worthily (applause). The following programme was then proceeded with: Pianofo ta duet, "Hungarian Dance," Fraulein V on Waldheim and Miss Wanner duet vocal All's "Well," Messrs H. T. Roberts and G. Bell;'song, "Kitty Maldoon," Mr E. C. Pugh; song, The Chimney Corner," Mrs Pierce Lewis harp solo, Mrs Llewelyn Lloyd; song, Miss Olivia Heaton Harris; pianoforte solo, American Cique," Miss Wanner: recitation, "The Show- man's Courtship," the Chairman song. Miss Olivia Heaton Harris violin solo, "Faust," Miss Adams song, Mrs Pierce Lewis harp solo, Mrs Llewelyn Lloyd song, Father 0 Flynn, Mr E. C. Pugh duet vocal, "Larboard Watch," Messrs H. T. Roberts and George Bell; God Save the Queen." Mr Frank Lloyd (son of Judge Horatio Lloyd) also kindly came' forward, and his mimioing of different instruments created much amusement. He also gave a song entitled May Queen Victoria Reign," for which he was loudly applauded. Great credit is duo to Messrs 0. Leo. Rippon, C. .W. Berrie,andG. T. Lyne, for the excellent manner III which they carried out the arrangements of the evening.