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Opinion seems to be divided among mem- bers of the party itself as to the state of Conservatism in Rhyl. Subjoined are two paragraphs extracted from two highly in- fluential Tory newspapers. The first ap- peared in The Rhyl Guardian "—a local paper printed at Wrexham—for Saturday, March 24th and the second in The Liver- pool Courier" for last Saturday :— Two of the old Guardians will not seek re-election and an exellent opportunity is afforded the Conser- vatives ot the town to have an innings of their own, by returning two out of the three to be elected. But: that is not likely to take place, however easily ic Jii^rht be biought abour. The Tories of Rhyl arc w ithout a leader, and although possessed of three Lrganisatiotis, they are in a state of utter disorganisation aud disunion, aud consequently Radicalism is unwarrantably rampant in the town. C OX.-SEHVATISJI IN RHYL.—The Primrose League in Rhyl has been most energetic of late, and still flourishes. Mr H. A. Steer has bean appointed president1 of tho committee to carry out the elab- arrangements for Primrose-day, and Mr W atkiu Parry, solicitor, has been appointed secret- ary in the place of Mr G. S. Hazlehurst, J.P., who is shortly leaving Rhyl. A Ladies Executive Committee, which is. well officered under the presidency of Mn Llewelyn Lloyd, Ty'n Rhyl, is doing good service, aud Primrose-day in Rhyl can again be looked forward to as a grand political success. That Liberalism is "rampant" in the town, no one conversant with the facta of the case will deny, but that the damaging admission should be made by a would-be leading Tory organ is a cause of sorrow to the adherents of the Primrose League, and the paragraph in the Liverpool paper can only be regarded as an attempt to gloss over the straight-forward and truthful, but unpalatable statement of the Guardian."