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I IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. Mrs Mary Ann Foster of 48, Greenfield- terrace, Gateshead-on-Tyne, Durham Co., writes: "For a.long time my legs had been so stiff that I was not able to sit up in bed. It seemed as though the ligaments of the joints had grown together. Having tried many remedies for my complaint, only to prove them a failure, I applied St. Jacobs Oil with the same expectation. Yet although I was suffering great pain when I used the Oil, I was free from pain in fifteen minutes, and could walk about the house in one week. I now recommend St. Jacobs Oil to all suff- ering from pain, and believe a bottle should be in every household." Mr J osuha A. Moore, of Roe Park, Bristol, wrhea, II I am impelled by a sense of duty to testify to the extraoadinary effioaoy of your remarkable specific, St Jacobs Oil. I am an old man and for the last 40 years have been a victim of lumbago. I have in vain Bought relief from medical science, and was at last led to consider my case hopeless. I procured your Oil and it would be impossible for me to describe the relief that even one applic- ation produced, and I can affirm most distinoly that its use has completely cured me." For 30 years Mr George Stephens, ooach painter, of Lewes, Sussex, was a constant suff- erer from severe sciatic pains in his hip. Eminent physioians were consulted and remedies tried in vain and so he lost hope and became resigned to a life of suffering. St. Jacobs Oil was suggested, and after it had been applied the pain began to leave his hip, and he obtained a rest the next night, which he had not had for thirty years. The use of the Oil was continued, the pain left entirely, and has never returned. Mr E. J. Feusey, of Brixton Rise, London, S.W., writes, I am able to inform you from personal experience of the efficacy of St Ja- cobs Oil as a conqueror of pain. After seven- teen years of intense suffering from soiatica, during which time I was treated by eminent medical gentlemen in private practice, and at one of the leading London hospitals, without obtaining relief, I procured a bottle of the Oil, the contents of which have praotioally cured me. I am still using the Oil, but am free from pain and able to perform my work." Mr W. R. Allen, of 9, Wiakfield Road, Balaam Street, Plaistow, London, E., writes, I desire to inform you that my father-in- law, Mr Thomas Wood, of Hill House, Off- ham, near West Mailing, Kent, has received great benefit from using St Jacobs Oil, His oas3 was that of a sprain in the ankle, from which he suffered a great amount of pain; he had tried various remedies without avail. As I had heard a great many people speak highly of St. Jacobs Oil as a remedy for all painful ailments, I procured a bottle and sent down to him, the contents of which he used several times, with the result that in a day or two the pain and swelling from which he had suffered was entirely removed. The ankle became well and strong as ever, and although this was several months ago, there has been no sign of the pain returning."