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Epps COCOA.—GEATEJTJL AND COMFORTING.—" By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well selected Cocoa, Mr Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured beverage whicti may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It is by tho judicious use of such articles that a con. stitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun- dreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished frame." Ctvil Set-vice Gazette.-MAde simply with boiling water aud milk. Sold only in packets, by Grocers, labelled-" JAxzs Epra & Co., riomceo- 1 pathic Chemist, London." Also makers of Epps's Afternoon Chocolate Essence. RACKHAMS LIVER PILLS are proved by the many testimonials received, to be the best and safest medecine for Biliousness, Indigestion, Costiveness, Dizziness, Sickness, LOMs of Appetite, Drowsiness, Headache, Pain in the Stomach, Wind, and the various ills caused from Liver Complaint. They relieve the bowels, prevent constipation, purify the blood, assist the proper secretion of the bile, and stimulate a sluggish Jiver to its proper action; areBmildin operation, and do not i;ripe may be taken by old or young. Send post card to the Proprietors for testimonials. The Pills are prepared tasteless. Sold by all Chemists, in boxes, l/U, or of the Proprietors, J. CLAPMAN & Co., St. Benedict's, Norwich. CADBUBY Baos. caution th9 public against those Dutch Cocoas and their English imitations, sold at pure Cocoa, to which about 4 per cent, of Alkali and other agents are added, to give apparent strength to the liquor, by making it a dark colour. This addition may be detected by the scent when a tin is freshly opened. No Cocoa can be stronger than Cadbury's, which is guaranteed ABSOLUTELY PURE.