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ST. ASAPH E3ABD OF GUARDIANS THIS DAY (THURSDAY). The fortnightly meeting- of the St. Asaph Board of Guardians was held at the Board Room, on ihursday, when there were present, Mr Edwin Morgan (m the chair), Mr Joseph Lloyd (vioe- ohairman). Col F. Standish Hore, Me»8rs LI. ?ywe, J.P., S. Perk«, J.P., E. • Roberts, T. Howes Roberts, R. Roberts, W. Williams Hugh Parry, J. Briscoe, D. Davies (Lodge), T. Matthews (Bryn Ibbot), H. Williams, T J- Kerfoot, Wm. Ellis, T. Vaughan, John Hughes, Rev. R. H. Howard, Mr T. Lloyd Murray Browne (Local Government Board In- spector), and the Clerk (Mr Chas. Grimsley). -ITHE HOUSE. ^aster reported that the number of inmates the house last Board day was 138; admitted since, 14; discharged, 6 remaining in the house at ^rr^me' 146 J corresponding period last y r, loz. The number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight was 161, as compared wiA the corresponding period last year, 119; increase, 42. A FOOTBALL FOB THE BOYS. kiSt ^aster/eported that Mr J. E. JLoxmore had kindly presented the boys with a football. maL that Edwards, an in- mate, applied to appear before the Board. The the^^mi^1 fi?r £ heen admitted to The Master, in answer to gains questions, said that the woman's husband was in prison. and prev!ou8 to being admitted to the house the woman u about. The education of the chiidren had been very much neglected: one girl of m.0t ab\e even to read her alphabet. lhe Clerk said the woman was of very drunken naoits. Xhe husband was sent to prison at the in- stance of the Aberystwyth Guardians, and the woman had been removed to the honse from Aber- ystwith. The woman was called before the Board and 5 Perr^i8sion l*ave the House, and e that the Board should allow her a sum of money in order to get stock to start business again. ♦w 3 motiori of Jos. Lloyd, it was resolved thatdaym°S.^be asked to renew her application A BILL FOB BRANDY. fi called attention to a bill for brandy at 5s. 6d. each.—The Master said that the brandy was supplied to certain pan- pers upon the order of the Medical Officer, Dr. Lloyd, the nature of the cases being blood poisoning and dropsy, and to two cases of confinement. The man suffering from dropsy was not likely to live, unless there was a marked change in his condition. Mr Murray BrovvDesaid that the matter was one entirely for the discretion of the .Medical Officer; ,^r Browne's) sympathy waa with those who had brought the matter forward. In large unions they had almost dispensed entirely with the use of stimulants, still it was an extremely delicate matter to interferp. with any order that might be made by the Medical Officer. resolved that the Medical Officer be re- quested to discontinue the use of stimulants as much as possible. THE LATE CHAPLAIN. r.3r^irt?a.n t'iat t^e present was a fitting ffi? f!hD1ly ^0,'re or t0 the death of their late chap- lain (the Rev I. Brown), who, as they were well aware, had died since the last Board meeting. M* Brown had been chaplain of the house for about 30 years, and from what he (the Chairman) had seen of him he had been a most excellent chaplain in every way,and was exceedingly devoted to his duties, andvery careful in attending to the spiritual >\ ants of the inmates; and he thought the least they could do was to propose a vote of condolence with his relations (hear, hear.) The motion was seconded by Mr J. Briscoe, and unanimously carried. On the motion of Mr Joseph Lloyd,it was resolved to defer the election of a successor to Mr Brown until the first meeting of the new Board. THB SCHOOL CHILDREN. The deputy-Chaplain (Rev W. Williams) reported that he had examined the children. They answered very well, but were deficieut in reasoning power. They could repeat a thing very well, but were unable to explain its meaning. He recommended that more attention should be paid to the cultiva- tion of the reasoning powers of the children, and less to memory. ON THE SILVER WEDDING OF THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES. The following lines were read by the author at th<^ *6 Pleasant i/vening*" on Monday erenmg Five and-twenty years ago, England's youthful heir went forth, To the regions of the North, Armed with Love's unerring bow Saw a maiden wondrous fair, Left his heart behind him there, Guarded by a lover's vow. Five-aud-twenty years ago, Came a Princess to this land Came to gain that lover's hand; Came her own heart to bestow. And, the suushine of her smiles, Thrilled with rapture all these Isles, As she stood in beauty's glow. Five-and-twenty years have gone, ileaven, their royal home has blast; From that genial peaceful rest, Love's sweet pledges have upgrown. Wife and mother prize we more Than when first she touched onr show— He, unrivalled, holds his own. Five-and-twenty years combined, .Bless the silver wedding dav • Now, the Poet in his lay, Brings a nation's heart, enshrined Full of praise and gratitude, For what's best in womanhood For what's noblest in mankind. Through a longer life again May their happy union last, With more lustre ih m the past Till the summit they uttain. May it ripen into gold, nd the future yet uniultl, Rieslings of a glorious reign. -p- ,R MOSTTN WILLIAMS. Ruyl, Marc.il 10th, 1888.

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