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RHYL. THE ENGLISH WESLEYAN CIRCUIT. — The March Quarterly Meeting (the most important m the year) in connection with the Rhyl English Wesleyan circuit was held at Epworth Lodge on the afternoon of Friday, the 23rd inst. The meeting was presided over by the Rev. H. W. Jackson, B.A., as deputy for the Chairman of the Liverpool District, whose duty it is to visit circuits like Rhyl—being a single station—once a year. In addition to the Rev. Thomas Rippon (superintendent of the circuit) there was also a good attendance of office- bearers and others. The financial statement presented by Mr Hazlehurst was regarded as very satisfactory, there being an improvement in the state of the funds of about £20 as com- pared with the balance sheet submitted at the corresponding meeting last year. The Super- intendent presented the statistical statement of members in society. The figures given were —in full membership; 105 on trial, 7; being an increase of 7 on the previous quarter. In the junior classes 67 members were reported, being an increase of 3. The Rev. Thomas Rippon was heartily and unanimously invited to remain in the circuit another year, and thns complete the full connexional term of three years. The invitation was warmly supported by Mr G. S. Hazlehurst, J.P., Mr G. F. Gunnei, Mr A. L. Clews, Mr Elliott, and Mr Joseph Williams. The invitation was accepted. The Sunday School statistics were given by Mr Elliott, shewing a total of 163 scholars in the circuit (which includes Rhyl and Prestatyn), being an increase of 9. The question of a successor to the Rev. T. Rippon for the Con- ference of 1889 was considered, and it was, resolved to communicate with ministers not yet engaged. The meeting was a most pleasant and happy one. m „ A COMMISSIONER DISQUALIFIED THROUGH NON-ATTENDANCE.—We are sorry to learn that in consequence of the pressure of other business Mr G S. Hazlehurst, J.P., has been unable to record the required number of attendances at the meetings of the Rhyl Improvement Com- missioners and that as a result he has been: declared disqualified. The vacancy thus caused will not have the effect of increasing the num- ber to be elected on the 12th prqximo; but will be filled up, after due notice, by the Com- missioners themselves. ST. ASAPH AND RHYL COUNTY COURT.—All summonses against persons residing out ot this district, for the next court to be holden at a Asaph, on Friday, the 20th April, 1888, should be entered not later than Tuesday. 3rd April, and those in the district not later tlian Thurs- day, 6th April, j, ENGLISH WESLIYAN CHAPEL. Our readers will observe from our advertising columns that a special service will be held on Good Friday morning, when the Rev. David Jones, of Prestatyn, will preach. The Rev. Professor Slater, of Didsbury College, will occupy the pulpit on Easter Sunday, morning and evening. RESIGNATION OF THE REV. D. B. HOOKE.— At a special meeting of the members of Christ Church, held to consider the resignation of the Rev. D. B. Hooke, it was unanimously resolved —" that this meeting regretfully and reluctantly accepts Mr Hooke's resignation, and while recognising with gratitude the invaluable services rendered by him during his connection with this church, under exceptionally difficult circumstances, it prays that, through the bless- ing of Almighty God, he may be made still more useful in his new and largely-extended sphere of labour. It desires also to express to Mrs Hooke its lively gratitude for the great interest she has manifested in its efforts, and the invariable kindness and readiness with which she has co-operated in all good works. It also trusts that the interests of Mr and Mrs Hooke in this Church may be maintained in the future as earnestly and affectionately as in the past-"—It will be seen from our advertising columns that, after three Sundays' absence, Mr Hooke will preach on Sunday next at Christ Church. GUARANTEED PURE FLOUR.—The Alun Mill", (Mold) Brands of the Roller Flour, made on the Hungarian system of Milling. "Three Stars," Two Stars," and One Star." Ask your Grocer or Baker for the above brands.—ADVT. QUEEN STREET CHAPEL SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETING.—The annual Sunday School meeting in connection with the Welsh Congregational Chapel, Queen-street, took place on Sunday last. In the morning meeting Mr David Davies, Freelands, presided, and Mr Richard Jones, 51, West Parade, presided over the afternoon meeting. The various classes were catechised by Messrs Arthur Rowlands and J. Griffiths in St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians, and the Gospel of St. Mark. The answers to the different questions were ready and spon. taneous Several congregational hymns (which are intended to be sung at the forthcoming meeting of the Vale, of Clwyd Congregational United Sunday Schools), were sung with great effect Representatives from the Denbigh and Abergele Congregational Sunday Schools were present, and expressed themselves well pleased with the meetings. In the evening a service of song was held under the presidency of Mr A. Rowlands. In addition to several congrega- tinnal hvmns, the chapel choir, under the leadership ?f Mr Thomas Whitley, Abbey- street, sang in exoellent style, the anthems- "Tevrnasoedd y Ddaear," Concwest, and "Addoliad," the two former being anthems which the choir intend competing for at a com- petitive meeting to be held on Good 1 nday. Mr Green, of Denbigh, read an interesting Daner on The Sunday School, and Mr John ffies Denbigh, also delivered a suitable address. The meetings were throughout high- lv interesting, and great praise is due to Mr l. WUtley for the efforts he has made to secure efficient congregational ringing in Queen-street ( ^MIXIRRN'B TBIOH<B3 AND BloTOLaa. Great reSSta, to tbe prico <* Latest stvle cripper tricycles from £ 3 10s. Od. up- wards. Latest style, Rover safety. Bicycles from £ 7 10s. 0d., with a liberal discount for cash ou delivery. All machines quite new and direct from the besyt makers, viz., Humber andCo ..and Rudge and Co., from their agent, CHAS, CONNAH, Bodfor Street-Advt. MR. ALF SANDOE is now arranging for a rep- resentation of the great American domestic drama "Hazel Kirke," in which he has so successfully and repeatedly played the part of "Dunstan Kirke." The drama will be acted at the Town Hall, on the 17 th of April, when Mr Sandoe will be supported by a strong caste of local amateurs. It is unnecessary to dilate on the histrionic abilities displayed by young Sandoe. He has already made his mark on the provincial stage. Poets, it is said, are born, not made. The same expression can be ap- plied with equal truth to actors, it would seem, for in Mr Sandoe the art of impersonation is inherent. In the above drama "Dunstan Kirke is his big part, and this, coupled with the fact that he is supported by some well-known amateurs, ought to draw. At any rate we hope it will. FISHING SEASON.—Some very nice baskets of fish were again taken this week. Those fond oS the sport and using Hatwood's FISHING TAOXLE will always find it reliable. A nice new stock of Rods, Reels, Baskets, Lines, &c &o. Old Rods repaired and done equal to new by Hatwood, the Hair- dresser, in Queen-street.—ADVT. MARCH BREWED ALES.—H. A. Steer has now received a stock of these ales from Bass Co. and Worthington & Co., and is prepared to deliver the same at once. Sole agent ia Rhyl for Raggetts' Invalid Nourishing London Stout, also the Stretton Hills Mineral Water Co., Church Stretton. Full price lists of all wines, spirits, cigars, on application to H. A. Steer, 73, High Street,.Rhyl—ADVT. CONCERT.—On Tuesday, a concert was held at the Town Hall for the benefit of Mr John- Jones, Vaughan-street, who has been suffering" from a severe illness, which has totally incapa- citated him from following his employment for a number of years. The chair was occupied by J. Asher, Esq., and there was a fairly large attendance. Several local amateurs readily gave their services, and the concert was a most enjoyable one. At the close Mr Asher, on be. half of Mr John Jones, returned thanks to the performers for their kindness in coming forward,, and moved that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded them. This was seconded by Mr R. D Roberts, and unanimously carried. The following is a copy of the prograimne :-Fan-: tasia (English Airs) Pride of England, Bhyl Brass Band song, Y Fam a i Baban," Mr I A Proffit; song, The child's dream." Miss Amy Vaughan euphonium solo, "Village Black- smith," Mr R. T. Williams song, The Flow. ing Tide," Mrs Knightley; song, Mr Geo. Bell; song, Mrs .T. P. Lewis j cornet solo, The Children's Ilv .e," Mr J. Asher; pianoforte duet. Galop de Concert," Misses Wilkins and Wrigley; duet, "Could a man be secure, Messrs Evans and Roberts song, "Tit for Tat," Miss Wrigley; recitation, Mr Alf Sandoe; Fantasia (Welsh Airs)" Pride of Wales," Brass Band Mr Barger gave a few selections from his entertainment dialogue, Professor Parker's Waxwork," T. Wood and Party. CLWYD STREET LITERARY AND COMPETITIVE MEETING—We have been asked by the secre- tary. Mr Hugh Edwards, to publish the follow ing list of competitors in the various competi- tions at the Clwyd Street Literary and Com- petitive Meeting to be held at the Town Hall, Rhyl, on April 6thDiscipulus, loan, Ru- hama, Nicodemus yr Ail, Lydia, Frater, Un Disylw, Hannah, Gwenonwy, Iorwen yr Ieuanc, Charles o'r Bala, Un sydd yn tybied nad oes drwg mewn treio, Eos Gele, Un hoff o ganu, Gwenfron. Jacob o Warren Road, R. T. Williams (Rhuddlan), Anfedrus, C. Pritchard (Vale Road). J. R. Williams. Megan, Emma Evans, Cvmro Bach, J. ac R., J. Jones a Jos. Jones, Brawd a Chwaer, Dau Fethodist. Llew. elyn Puw, Paul, Ap Edmund. loan Geunant, Henry, Absalom, Jane Parry, Joseph C. Jones, Pryderus, Daniel, Edward Jones (Princes- street), Caradoc. lorwerth, Cymro. Asaph, Un or Dyffryn. Clwydian, Joseph Jones, Charles Jones (Cwybr Bach), J. E. Proffit, Edw. Jones, Emma Evans, Joseph Owen Jones, Tegwedd, Marco. Un o'r dref, Bore Spring, Cendwen, r Lydford, Hope also choirs from Warren-road, Clwyd-street, Queen street (Congregational), Bethel (Vale Road), Abergele, and Rhuddlan. ELECTIOE OF GUARDIANS.—The nominations for the annual election of Guardians for the Union of St A saph closed on Monday last. The parish of Rhuddlan is divided into two wards, the Urban (i.e., the district of Rhyl), and the Rural (i.e.. Rhuddlan and the out townships); three Guardians being required for the former, and two for the latter. In the Urban Ward a contest this year again has been avoided the three gentlemen nominated being Messrs B. Littler, Bodhyfryd; Jacob Jones, Bodeuron and J. Foulkes, Mbert Villa. The two iatter gentlemen are new members, and take the places of Mr. Winston, (resigned), and Mr Perks, J.P., who is now an ex-offrcio member of the Board, as a county magistrate. Neither will there be a contest in the rural ward. Messrs W. Bell and Chas. Jones (Cwybr Bach) being the only gentlemen nominated. There will, however, be a spirited contest for the Parish of St. Asaph, the following candi- dates having been nominated for the four seats, viz-—Messrs Thos. Parry, Faenol Fawr D. R. Davies. Penrhwylfa; Thos- Howes Roberts, Bodhaulog Jos. Lloyd, Elwy Grove; Rev. Watkin Williams, Bodenvyddan Rectory; Dr. A. E: Davies, P. Roberts, Mount Street, and Richard Lewis, Hafod Elwy. Mr D. R. Davies, Penrhwylfa, and Mr Richard Lewis, Hafod Elwy, are, however, disqualified from acting. The voting papers will be delivered on the 7th of April, and the votes will be counted on the 10th of April. DEATH OF MR JOHN WILLIAMS, LATE OF LLANDDULAS MILLS-—We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. John Williams, late of Llanddulas Mills, which took place after a short illness at Rhyl on Saturday last. Mr Williams was a great number of years a faith- ful and active member of the Congregational cause at Llanddulas, and it was principally II owing to his efforts that the cause in that village was brought to its present state. Several years ago he removed to Rhyl, and since his residence here has been A faithful member of the Congregational Church, Queen- street. He was a constant attendant at all its meetings, and as a Sunday School teacher, and an exponent of the Scriptures, he exercised a powerful influence on the young men and others he had under his care. The funeral took place at Colwyn on Wednesday. The members of the Queen-street Chapel were ignorant of the arrangements, and consequently much to their regret they were unable to be present. HAGUE'S MINSTRELS'. — This talented and popular minstrel troupe gave two entertain- ments in the Town Hall this week—on Wed- nesday and Thursday evenings; a change of programme taking place each night. The audiences, though not by any means small, were not so large as have usually patronised the troupe in Rhyl; but, of course, the present visit took place at a less favourable time of the year. The entertainment was excellent; and the applause was loud and frequent. The terpischorean flag tournament was indeed grand; and the musical performances—vocal and instrumental—were faultless. We hope. this clever troupe will favour us with another visit during the season. • "MwRoft" AND THE SILVER WEDDING.— Copies of Mr R. D. Roberts' (Mwrog) song on the silver wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales were sent to her Majesty and thej1: Royal Highnesses. They were acknowledged in the following kindly terms :—" General Sir Henry F. Ponsonby has received the Queen's commands to thank Mr Roberts for sending the verses which accompanied his letter of the 8th instant.—Privy Purse Office, Buckingham Palace, S.W., 10th March, 1888." — "Marl- borough House, Pall Mall, S-W.—The Comp- troller of the Household is directed to thank Mr R. D. Roberts for his kind congratulations and loyal verses on the occasion of the cele- bration of the silver wedding of T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales.—March 14th, 1888." ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL ANNUAL TEA PARTY.—The annual tea party in connection with the English Baptist Chapel, Sussex Street, was held at the Lecture Room, on Wednesday. At 5 o'clock a numerous and select company sat down to an excellently prepared tea. The tables were tastefully decorated with a large quantity of flowers, and the viands provided were of a superior character. Every effort was made to ensure the complete comfort of the guests, who seemed greatly to appreciate the arrangements. The following ladies presided over the tea tables:—Mrs Foote, Mrs W. P. Jones, Mrs Slinn, Mrs Jones, Abbey Street; Mrs Lee, Mrs Everatt. Mrs Walmsley, Mrs Robbins, Mrs Remington, Mrs Gittoes, Mrs Roberts, Bath Street, Mrs Royston, assisted by Miss Slinn, Miss Hammond, Mr Homan, Mr McEwen, and Mr Bobbins. In the evening the Rev. P. D. McPherson, B.D., Liverpool (successor to the late Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown), preached an eloquent sermon to a large congregation. A Lady friend says she has kept her hands and complexion beautifully soft and smooth this winter by simply using Lawrence's Glycerine Cream. Bottles, 6d. and Is., at 20, High-street.—ADVT. MARCH BREWED ALES. — J. H. Ellis begs to announce that he has received a consign- ment of Bass and Co's March Brewed Ales which can be obtained in 9 and 18 gallon casks, at brewery prices. Also the Anglo- j Bavarian celebrated Amber Ale," as supplied to the Carlton and other leading London clubs. This ale is brewed expressly for family use, and is strongly recommended for its purity and tonic qualities. Full price lists of all wines, spirits, mineral -waters, foreign cigars, &c., on application to John H. Ellis, Wine and Spirit Merchant 12, Water Street, Rhyl.—Advt. THE STAE BOWKBTT BUILDING SOCIETY.—An adjourned meeting of persons favourable to the establishment of a branch of the above society in Rhyl was held on Monday last, but the attendance being small, it was resolved to further adjourn the meeting until after the Easter holidays, it being thought that the holidays would render it inconven- ient for tradesmen and others to attend. In the meantime, we would recommend the working- wen to study well the principles of this society. MB H. J. B. LAWBENOE, one of the retiring commissioners this year,, and who hesitated as to whether he would seek re-election, has, we under- stand, finally resolved to stand; and has been duly nominated by Dr. Q-irdlestone, J.P., and Mr S. Perks, J.P. ( PoroiiAB PREACHER.—The Rev. J. R. Jones, of Llwynpia, a very popular minister, will preach at tha Welgh Baptist Chapel, Sunday next, morning and evening. A LADY LECTURES AND PBEAOHBB.—On Sunday next, Mrs Davies (Rahel o Fon), a very popular preacher, will preach three times at the Welsh Con- gregational Chapel, Queen Street and bn Monday evening will deliver a leoture on the Bible." A I lady will also preside..







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