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Miscellaneous I IMMEDIATE POSSESSION-TO LET, RENT REDUCED TO £25. 5 BELLE VUE TERRACE, BATH STREET, RHYL. Situate in the beat part of the town. Recently papered. For particulars apply to the T. C. Alios, Auctioneer, Rhyl. TO LET, COTTAGE in Back Queen Street, con- taining five roomB. Reut low. Apply C'HAS. SHOWDOX, Cabinet maker, 11, Queen street. AKTT.fi, 4300 to £ 400 at 4} per cent, on good Freehold Property.—Address, "Y Z," Advertiser office, Rhyl. NFURNISHED House WANTED.—Rhyl or Lj vicinity small house four bedrooms re- quired from May 1st; detached with garden pre- ferred.— Rent and full particulars, "Inquirer," office of this paper. ENDERS wanted for ALTERATION of SHOP T and Building NEW OVEN at 8, Water- street.—Apply to E. P. JoNES. SEEDLING POTATOES. Fine Magnum s Bonums (grown in clay), and other Potatoes lor seed or eating, 6s. perhobbet.-Apply toRicHD. Joira, 51, West Parade. HOUSES to LET.—In Gronant Street. Rent, £ 12.—Apply at Mre. C. FOULKES, 4, Water Street. TO BE LET,all those two SHOPS and DWEL- LING HOUSE, known as Nos. 2 and 3, High street, Rhyl. For further particulars apply o GOKONWY M. EVANS, Solicitor, 1 and 2, Wel- lington Chambers, Rhyl. TO be SOLD two splendid PIANOFORTES, nearly new) best makers.—Apply to Mr T. 0. Axos, Auctioneer, Rhyl. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, with immediate possession if desired, WOODLANDS," 4, Brighton road, Rhyl, containing two Sitting and five Bedrooms, Bath room, and the usual Offices. Capital Garden.—Apply "W," on the Premises. SEED POTATOES.— Myatt's Prolific and Sut- ton's Early Regents, at Id. per lb., oi 8s. per cwt.—EDWAUD AMOS, Bedford street, Rhyl. TO BE LET, Cleveland House, Queen street, Rhyl. For particulars apply to No. 13, West Parade. TO BE LET. NO. 6, MARKET STREET.—A good SHOP, two Sitting-rooms, five Bedrooms. A two- room Cottage in the yard.—J. ROBIKSON, Bryn Avon, St. Aj?aph.—Rent £ 32. TO LET. GRANGE VILLA, Warren Road. First-class Villa, good situation, highly finished, sani- tary arrangements perfect, with land for garden, containing two entertaining rooms, five bedrooms, and the usual offices. -LOCK. UP SHOP, Magnet Buildings, High-st., with Jarge Work-room behind, and every convenience. Best position in town.— Apply to T. C. AMos, Auctioneer, Rhyl. HOUSES TO LET in Albert street. Rents low. Apply to DAVID DAVIES, Freelands. 9 BRIGHTON TERRACE. To let from May 1st, at reduced rent, this comfortable house, containing two sitting and five bedrooms, bath- room hot and cold water," kitchens, &a.-Apply to- Godfrey Parry, 17, Queen street, Rhyl. TO LET ill best position, main thoroughfare, town of Rhyl, commanding and commodious, Business Premises, situate 63, HIGH STREET. For all particulars apply to to BUllY MILLWAED, 54, High Street, Rhyl. TO be SOLD a block of well-built COTTAGES and Bnilding Land. Offers invited.—Apply to Mr Axoa, Auctionee, Rhyl. A BAKEHOUSE to be LET in Windsor street, Rhyl.—Apply to JOSEPH LLOYD, St. Asaph HYL.—BUILD1NG LAN^ ON SALE on West Parade, Aquarium Steet, aDd North and South John Street, in Lots to suit purchasers Apply to Mr R. JONES, Builder,Elwy Street.Hhy. SUPERIOR Apartments, at 58, West Parade, 0 Rhyl. Good Cooking, Home Comforts, Re- duced Terms. References given if required. mO BE SOLD, the EQUITY of BOme good Å House Property. Apply by letter, "L," office of this paper. TO BE LET. A FURNISHED HOUSE and a FURNISHED COTTAGE, situate in CHURCH STREET. Plate and Linen found if required.—For particulars, apply at 16, CHURCH STREET. TO BELFT, from May 1st next, the commod- ious an I pleasantly situat d HOUSE, 14, Elwy Street. -Apply to J. T. JONES, Aled House. TO LET, fflHH commodious and conveniently arranged ■ Public Room or Hall, known as OXFORD HALL, in Bank Buildings, near the corner of High-street and Sussex-street, with a roomy en- trance in the latter street. The Hall is on the first floor (under the Freemason's Hall) and is adapted for concerts, dramatic performances, public meet- a?8'- Keys at the London and Provincial Bank.— For terms (very low) apply to Mr TALLBNT*BATKMAIT, Solicitor, 24,|Brown Street, Manchester. JAMES D AVIES, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, RHYL. Registrar of Marriages. Fire and Life Insurance Agent. Instructions for AUCTION SALES promptly attended to. VALUATIONS for PROBATE MADE. Mortgages Procured. TO BE SOLD, TEN HOUSES in Princes' Street, in one or two Lots; a good sum can remain as Mortgage (if required.) Also, BUILDING LAND. By Order of the Trustees: Apply to Mr James Davies. TO LET, Rent. House in Gwynfa Terrace iCI5 10 0 Houses in Prince's Street 118 10 0 In other Parts of the town, renting at £14, .£19 10s.; S,20 E25 S-27 S,30 L35, &c. Apply to MR. JAMES DAVIES, Office-GWYNF A VILLA. WOOL. Established 1821. WOOL WWADDELL A SONS beg to inform W # Fanners and Wool Growers that they can have their own Wool manufactured into Tweeds, Blankets, Yarns, Ac., for their own use. By this old-fashioned and sound sysfem a saving of 15 to 20 per cent is effected, as the goods are obtained at first cost, and wear much better than bought goods. Any class of wool will do for this purpose, such as Fleece, Broken Wool, Fallen and Pulled Skins. Send to our representative in Rhyl lOlbs for a suit of clothes and 14lbs for a pair of blankets for a trial pleaae. Full particulars and all information may be ob- tained from Mr J. L. CHUWELL, Glencoe, 8, Edward Henry-street, Rhyl, or from the manufacturers, W. WADDBLL & SoNs, Heads Nook, Carlisle. JL im JCIJM a a WASTE PAPER TArge Quantities of the above to be had at the Office of this Paper, in Bundles aot less than 8 lbs. and upwards, at Id per lb. FAIR WHITE HANDS. BRIGHT CLEAR COMPLEXION SOFT HEALTHFUL SKIN. PRALW SOAP, for Toilet and Nursery, gpepally prepared for the delicate a6 of ladies and children anajfihers sensitive to the weather, winter or summer. Preveate Adness, hf Bess, and chapping. Sold EVERYWHERE, in ATFELCTI aod MI* -w.sock w !"ii- "V. RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIE S ANNUAL SALE WILL TAKE PLACE During the Month of MARCH. ° r < TV Jul Great Furniture Sale, Great Carpet Sale, ,¡; Great Sale of Floorcloths, A Great Bedstead & Bedding Sale, Great Sale of Lace Curtains, (See Special List). Great Sale of Household Drapery. V Great Clearance Sale During the Month of MARCH. CARPETS Made and Laid FREE OF CHARGE. '1 FLOORCLOTHS TA Laid FREE OF CHARGE. All Goods Purchased will be Packed and Delivered Free, J.J f ..L RHYDWEN JONES and DAVIES, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Carpet, Bedstead, and Wall Paper Factors, Bedding Manufacturers, and Householdd Drapers, RHYL- JONES & SON, GROCEHS, ABBEY STREET, RHYL, AND LIVERPOOL HOUSE, ST. ASAPB. PATENT MEDICINES AND PROPRIETARY ARTICLES AT STORE PRICES. ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. Over 400 varieties always kept in stock, and any not quoted in List, will at once be prooured,and sold at Wholesale Prices. From our List we select the following:— Usual Price. Onr Price, s. D. S. D. Allcock's Porous Plasters 1 1J 0 8} Allen A Hunbury Cod Liver Oil 14 11 Do do do (large size) 2 6 2 0 Do do do (largest size) 4 9 8 10 Alleti.Hair Restorer. I 0 4 0 Beftcham's Patent Pilit. 0 9i 0 7 Do do do 1 if 010 Do do do 2 9 as Benger's Liquor Pancreaticus 2 6 20 Do Liquor Pepticus 8 0 2 6 Benzine Collas (6d. size for 4d.) 10 09 Blackwood's Jetoline 10 09 Bragg's Charcoal Biscuits—per tin. 2 0 18 Do do do do 10 0 18 Bragg'a Prepared Charcoal 2 0 18 Brill's Sea Salt—per box 1 6 1 2 Brompton'i Cough Cure. 1 11 0101 Brown's Chlorodyne ] li 0 10 Do do 2. 9 2 2 Brawn's Bronchial Troches. 1 14 0-10 Bond's Marking Ink 0 6 0 4 Bunter's Nerrine 1 15 0 10 Colman's Mustard Oil 1 0 0 10j Condy's Fluid (for disinfecting), (various sizes and colours) At Store Prices. Citrate of Magnesia—per bottle 10 0 10 Cuticura Ointment—per box 0 0 2 0 Do RESOLVENT per bottle 0 0 4 4 Do SOAP-per tablet. 0 0 0 10J Cleaver's Specialities and Perfumes At Stor Prices. Davis' Pain Killer 1 li 0 11 Eau de Cologne (genuine) 16 12 Elleman's Embrocation 1 II 0 10J Enoi Fruit Salt 4 6 3 6 Do do 2 t 2 2 Epps' Glycerine Jujubes 0 7* 0 Iij Evans's Quimine Bitters 2 9 2 2 Do do do 4 6 3 8 George's Pile and Gravel Pills—No. 1. 1 li 0 10 Do do do —No. 2. 1 1§ 0 10 Do do do -No 8. 1 1 0 10 Glycerine (Price's)—per bottle. 10 07 Do do do 0 6 0 q Holloway's Pills-perbox 1 11- 0 10 Do do do 2 9 2 3 Hop Bitters-per bottle 4 6 3 9 Kay's Essence of Linseed 1 H 0 10 Do do do 2 9 2 8 Khoosh Tonic Bitters 10 0 9 Do do do 4 6 2 10 Kreochyle (Liquid Meat)—per bottle..16 10 Lamplough'8 Pyretic Saline 2 6 1 11 Liebig's Extract of Jtiat— Do do do Jib. jar 0 0 4 5 Do do do Jib. jar 0 0 2 8 Do do do 2oz. jar 0 0 18 Do do do loz. jar 0 0 0 8i Maltine with Cod Liver Oil 8 0 2 Moller's Cod Liver Oil-per bottle. 4 0 36 Do do do do 20 19 Nicholl's Food of Health 0 8 07 Norton's Camomile Pills—per bottle.. 1 1 0 10 Do do do do 2 9 2 8 Owbridge's Lung Tonic .I ij 0 10 Do do do 2 9 2 2 Parrish's Chemical Food 1 6 0 11 Powell's Baisam of Aniseed 1 It 0 10 Powell's Beisam of Aniseed Do do do 2 8 19 I iroche's Embrocation 4 0 8 6 Bunnell's Specialities. Perfumel- At Store Prices. St. Jacobs Oil 2 6 20 Sanitas Company's Preparationl- At Store Prices. Seidlitz Powders- Bize 10 09 Tooth Brushes (various) At Lowest Prices. Warner's Safe Cure 6 0 89 A visit cordially invited. Orders by Post attended to. JONES & SON, LIVERPOOL HOUSE, ST. ASAPH, AND ABBEY STREET, RHYL. J. M. GRIFFITHS, Tailor, Hosier, and Outfitter, 9, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Choice and varied Selections in latest SCOTCH AND WELSH TWEEDS WEST oy ENGLAND & YORKSHIRE CLOTHS For OVERCOATINGS & SPRING SUITINGS. Fit, Style, and Workmanship guaranteed. But Makes in SILK Aim FELT HATS, HOSIERY in all its Departments. 0. AMOS, Auctioneer, Rhyl, has IJAveral j. s Cottages to Let in West-street, Wellington Terrace, Boston Place, Victoria-road, and Mill Bank. Also good HOUSES, SHOPS, &o., in Tartan parts of the Town. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. REV. J. VERRIER JONES, (Pastor), HILL PBKACH ON SUNDAY. Services, Momng at 10-80. Evening 6-30 Oollectionsafter each service. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. ON GOOD FRIDAY MORNING-At 10-30, REV. DAVID JONES. ON EASTER SUNDAY-At 10-30 and 6-30, REV. W. F. SLATER, M.A. Sittingp Free. Collections at each Service. Week evening servioe, Wednesday at 7-30 P.M. Prayer Meeting on Friday tt 7-30 p.m. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Ternleigb. ENGLISH BA PTlST CHAPEL SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. ON SUNDAY NEXT, REV. W. EVANS-FOOTE (Pastor), WILL PREACH. Services, Morning at 11 Evening at 6-30. All Sittings Free. Collections after each Service. ^THRIST QHURCH, HYL WATER STREET. ON SUNDAY NEXT REV. D. B. HOOKE, (Pastor). Will Preach-Morning at 11; and Evening at 6-30 All sittings free. Collection at each Service. Week Evening Service-Wednesday at 7. RHYL pLEASANT E VENINGS. The Conversazione^ will be held on WEDNESDAY, 25th APRIL, 1888, In CHRIST CHURCH LECTURE HALL, hair to be taken at 7 p.m. Admission, Is. Be W. G. H. CRISP. BANKRUPTCY STOCK, 66A,HIGH STREET, RHYL. Bought from the Official Receiver. A GREAT CLEARANCE SALE Will commence ON THURSDAY, MARCH 8TH, 1888, Of a very Superior and almost New Stock of FANCY DRAPERY, MANTLES, MILLINERY, TRIMMINGS, BLACK CASHMERES, FRENCH MERINOS, &cl. Great Reductions in every De- partment. 66A, HIGH STREET, RHYL LACKPOOL. gOUTH gHORE JJTDROPATHIC. Promenade. General Sea View. Best Baths in England. Physician: DR. KINGSBURY* M.A., M.D. Tariff from 6s. per day. Manageress: Miss CHARLTON,(late Rhyl Hydro) N.B,— Book to J South Shore Station. Legal Notices. THE aEV. JOHN DAVID JONES, LATE VICAR OF COLWYN, DECEASED. PURSUANT to the Act of Parliament, 22nd and 23rd Victoria, chapter 35, intituled An Act to further amend the law of property and to reliove Trustees," NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of the REVEREND JOHN DAVID JONES, late of the Vicarage, Colwyn, in the county of Carnarvon, Clerk, deceas- ed (who died on the 9th day of January, 1888, and whose Will was proved by MARY DAVIES, widow, the sister of the said deceased, the REVEBEND DAVID EVANS, Clerk, Vicar of Abergele, and the REVEBEND WILLIAM JOKES, Clerk, Vicar of Llanasa, the ex- i ecutors therein named, on the 21st day of March, 1888, in the District Registry attached to the Pro- bate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Jus- tice at Bangor),are hereby required to send particu- lars in writing of their claims or demands to us the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said Executots, on or before the 31st day of MAY, 1888, after which date the said Executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons en. titled thereto, having regard only to the claims and I demands of which they shall then have had notice, and they will not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person or persons of whose claims or demands they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 23rd day of March, 1888. SISSON & GEORGE, Clwyd Street, Rhyl, Solicitors for the said Executor. WILLIAM EDWARD SMALLEY, 1 DECEASED. PUR&TANT to an Act of Parliament made and passed injthe22nd and 23rd years of the reign of her present Majesty, chapter 35, intituled An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve Trustees," NOTICE :IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and persons "having any claims upon or against the estate of WILLIAM EDWARD SMALLEY, late of Fern Villa, Rhyl, in the county of Flint, Bank Manager, deceased (who died on the 3rd day of January, 1888, and whose Will was ?roved in the District Registry at St. Asaph of the 'robate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, on the 24th day of 3farch, 1888, by JOHN WILL- LUIS, of Rhyl, in the County of Flint, iron founder, the sole Executor therein named) are hereby required to'send the particulars in writing of their claims to me, the undersigned, the Solicitor for the Executor, on or before the 23rd day of April, 1888, after which day the said Executor will proceed to distri- bute the assets of the said Testator amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which he shall then have had notice, and that he will not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part theret f, so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands he shall not then have had notice. Dated thia 27th day of March, 1888. MAURICE D. ROBERTS, Denbigh and Rhyl, Solicitor for the said Executor. DISTRICT OF RHYL. TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for paving the CROSS- ING from Queen Street to the Market Hall. To be delivered under seal, endorsed Market Hall Crossing," to the undersigned not later than 9-30 a.m. on TUESDAY, 10th APRIL. Particulars may be had on application to the Town Surveyor. (Signed) ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Rhyl Improvement Commissioners'. Town Hall, Rhyl, March 29th, 1888. Education. NORTH WEST WESLEYAN METHODIST SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. EPWORTH COLLEGE, RHYL. GEO. C. WALKER, ESQ., B.A., HEADMASTER. PENRHOS COLLEGE, COLWYN BAY, MISS POPE, LADY PRINCIPAL. VISITORS desirous of seeing the School Premises, are respectfully requested to call and do so. Prospectuses on application to the Principal, or the Secretary, REV. F. PAYNE, Colwyn Bay. ST. ASAPH GRAMMAR SCHOOL LARGE AND COMMODIOUS BUILDINGS Ereated in 1881, Surrounded by Six Acres of Playing Fields, and situated in ounef the healthiest Districts in North Wales. Pupils prepared for Professional and University Examinations. Thirty-three successes in the last two years in- uding a scholarship of JE50 for three years and exhibitions of X20 and JE15. Terms, &c., on application to W. Easterby, LL.D., B.A., Head Master. The Very Reverend The Dean of St Asaph, Chairman of the governing body. BRYN AVON, ST, ASAPH LATE OP LLANFAIRFECHAN. A thorough preparation for Business aNd the learned Professions. DURING the past twelve months the Pupils have been successful at the Examinations of the Royal College of Surgeons, the Incorporated Law Society, Durham University, the Home Civil Service, the Pharmaceutical 8ooiety, and the Science Examinations of South Kensington. No Pupil has failed in any Examination. Testimonials from the Archbishop of York, Lords Fitzwilliam, Zetland, Horghton, Feversham Wenlock, &c. Mr Robinson has had thirty fonr years' experience in teaohing a ome of the best schools in England. L A D I B 8 c 0 L L E G ARCVILLE, EAST PARADE, RHYL. (House detached. Recreation Ground with Winter. Tennis Court.) Principal-MISS MERCIER. (Removed from Russell Road). Masters: Resident English & Foreign Governesses. Pupils very successful in Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, also in Royal Academy of Music and College of Preceptors" Senior and Junior jy^IDDLE-CLASS piDUOATION F. WELSH, B.A. Course of Instruction: ENGLISH SUBJECTS, CLASSICS, MATHE- MATICS & FRENCH. PRIVATE TUITION. Full Particulars on Application. Address-27. WATER STREET RHYL A very rare opportunity Do not miss it It may not come again JONES & SON Are now offering Pare Indian Meal at 18/6 per 240 lbs. Bran at per 100 lbs. Splendid Oata at 6/- per 105 lbs. or hobbet. For CASH only The careful attention of Farmers, Cow-keepers, Horse Proprietors, and others, is respectfully so. licited. We are also giving Splendid Value in Flour, 9, 10, & 11 lbs for ONE SHILLING. The lllbs. Flour is highly recommended to those with large families, and whose study is how to vmoITA hnth cods meet. Delicious Family Bread at ONE PENNY per lb. We guarantee this to be superior to any sold in North Wales. Give us a Call. It will be worth jour while. Do not go farther and fare worse. JONES & SON. Flour &,id Provender Merchants, ABBEY STREET, RHYL, and j LIVERPOOL HOUSE, ST. ASAPH. Sales by Auction. ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, 5TH AND 6M APRIL, 1888. The Sale of the Whole of the VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of the Re-. J. D. JONES, deceased, 1. MESSRS CLOlJGH & CO., (originally fixed for the 23rd and 24th of February) will take place at THE VICARAGE, OLD CO LWYN One Mile from Colwyn Bay. Commencing punctually at 12 o'clock each day. The different lots (which wi!l be found fully des- cribed in the Catalogues obtainable at the Hoteis in Colwyn and Colwyn Bay, and from the Auc- tioneers,) can be inspected on Wednesday, 4th of April, from 10 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. Auctioneers' Otfices- Denbigh and Rhyl. 6, BELLE VUE TERRACE", BATH STREET, RHYL. ATTRACTIVE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. MBS. E. J. KING, who is leaving Rhyl, has instructed MESSRS CLOUGH & CO. to conduct a SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, on FHIDAY, the 13TH APRIL, 1888, of the whole of her VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, including a magnificent 120 guinea upright GRAND PIANO, in Walnut case, by Erard;" brilliant Mirror in gilt frams; ele- gant Cheffonier with Marble Slab, plate-glass back, and doors; handsome Centre Table and Music Can- terbury in Walnut; ebonized cane-seated Cheiis hair-stuffed Couch'and Easy Chair in green damask; Walnut Writing Table: Steel-mounted Fenders and set of Fire-irons Gilt Curtain Pole and Rings; Brackets Dresden, Worcester, Coalport, and other China Ornaments; Gilt and Marble Clocks; hand- some Pair of Bronzes Mahogany Cheffonier with Cellarette Drawers Loo Table Couch and Single Chairs in Crimson Cloth Lace and other Curtains; Brussels Carpets and Hearthrugs Venetian Blinds, &c., &0. Several AUTHENTICATED OIL-PAINTINGS in Gilt Frames. In Bedrooms: Brass-mounted Iron and other Bedsteads; Palliasses Wool Mattresses Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows; Mahogany and painted Chests of Drawers Looking Glasses Wash-hand- Stands and Dressing Tables Blankets and Counter- panes; Curtain Poles and Rings; Fenders; Car- pets, &c. Exceedingly Valuable Dinner Tea, & Coffee & Ttte-a-Tete Tea Services,in Worcester, Crown Der- by and Coalport China. Together with the Glass, Cutlery, Electro-plate, the Kitchen Furniture and Cooking Requisites, and the Contents of the Green House. The Sale will oommence punctually at 12-30 o'clock. The Articles will be on view on the Morning of Sale. Descriptive Catalogues may be obtained on aud after Friday, 6th April, on application to the Auc- tioneers. Oftices-Denbigh and Rhyl. WIGrAIR ISAF, One Mile from ST. ASAPH. Very Important Sale of 4 Powerful Cart HORSES, 42 Head of Fat ana. Store CATTLE, 14 SHEEP, 8 PIGS, 100 Head of POULTRY, And a large and varied assortment of excellent HUSBANDRY IMPLEMENTS. The whole of the VALUABLE LIVE 4 DEAD FARMING STOCK Will, by order of JOHN BEISCOE, Esq., (who is giving up hib Farm) be SOLD BY PUBLIC AUC- TION on the Premises, by MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO., on TUESDAY, 17TH APRIL, 1888. Lunch at 11. Sale at 11.30 punctually. Terms, Cash. Descriptive Catalogues are now in nourse of pre- paration, and will be ready in a few days, when they may be obtained from the Auctioneers. Offices-Denbigh and Rhyl. No, 56, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. Highly Important and Attractive Sale of very sup- erior and costly Household Furniture, contained in Dining-room, Drawing-room, Bedrooms, Hall, Kitchens, &c. MR. T. C. AMOS begs to announce the receipt of instructions to SELL BY AUCTION on MONDAY, APRIL 23RD, 1888, the whole of the excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects. Full particulars will appear next week. Sale to commence at 2 p.m. prompt. 12, WATER STREET, RHYL. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MR. T. C. AMOS will offer for Sale by AUC- TION a consignment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of excellent quality, on THURS- DAY, APRIL 26th, 1888, particulars of which will appear shortly. Goods may be booked for this sale up to April 20th. TOWN OF RHYL. 1, PLASTIRION TERRACE. MESSRS WM. DEW AND SON are instruc- ted by the Executor of the late Mrs ORTON, deceased, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION on the Premises as above, on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1888, the whole of the SUPERIOR, WELL-MADE, MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Comprising very handsome mahogany Breakfast and Dining-room Suites in morocco leather, wal- nut Drawing-room Suite, upholstered in crimson plush; the Contents of five best Bedrooms and Dressing-rooms splendidly furnished the whole of the Silver Plate, Plated Goods, China and Glass Services; about 300 Volumes of Medical and other Books Contents of Kitchens, Larders, etc., etc. Catalogues will be issued ten days prior to the Sale, and may be obtained of the AUCTIONEERS, Wellfield House, Bangor. MARINE DRIVE, RHYL. TO BE SOLD or LET, with early possessiou, a Freehold Detached VILLA RESIDENCE within fifteen minutes' walk of Railway Station, containing three Entertaining Rooms, three Sitting Rooms in basement, Lavatory, Smoke Room in Tower, nine Bedrooms, Bath-room and Kitchens, Cellars, and all modern improvements. Hot and cold water throughout. The house is built of best Ruabon brick and Gwespyr stone, and has a charm- ing view from the front of the Orme's Head, Car- narvonshire Hills, and from the south aspect an un- interrupted view of the far-famed Vale of Clwyd. For further particulars apply to Mr KEATINGE 65, High-street, Rhyl. "RAHEL 0 FON" YN RHYL. Bydd y Foneddiges uchod yn Pregethu yn NGHAPEL YR ANNIBYNWYR, QUEEN STREET, SUL, EBRILL lAr, AM 10, 2, A 6 O'R GLOCH. HEFYD F NOS L UN DILYNOL, BBRILL 2fed, Bydd yn traddodi ei DARLITH Boblogaidd ar Y BEIBL: EI DDWYFOLDEB A'l DDEFNYDDIOLDEB." Cystmerir y Gadair am 7-30 o'r gloch gan MRS. JONES, 17, BRIGHTON ROAD. TOCYNAV-X Llawr, §o. y Gallery, 3c. TOWN HALL, RHYL. TUESDAY, APRr: :-7TH, 1888. GRAND AMATEUR J^RAMATIC gjNTERTAINMENT Of the heart- stirring Domestic Drama, H A Z ELK I R, K, As played at the Madison Square Theatre for 1040 Nights. Mr. ALF SANDOE Will appear in his great part "DUNSTAN KIRK E," Supported by the following Ladies and Gentlemen Mrs Torkington Mr C. H. Williams Miss Lizzie Bell Mr W. Pidgeon Miss May Ball Mr H. Sandoe Miss Esthet Bell Mr W. Mudd Miss Clara Ball Mr D. Holt Powerful Orchestra of Ten Instruments. SPLENDID SCENERY. Doors open at 7-30 commence at 8 carriages at 10-30. Prices of Admiesion Reserved Seats (numbered) 3s.; Front Seats, 2s Second and Gallery, Is.; Back Seats, 6d. Tickets and Plan of Hall at H. SANDOE, Bodfor Street and Queen's Circus. Sole Manager Mr ALF SANDOE. H. A. STEER, INE AND gPIRIT ^JERCHANT 73, HIGH STREET, RHYL. BASS AND WORTHINGTON'S ALES, GUINESS' DUBLIN, RAGGETT'S LONDON INVALID NOURISHING STOUT, IN CASK AND BOTTLE. MINERAL WATER DEPOT. Full Price List on application. RHYL RL,?CORD & ADVERTISER May be had from the Publishers Alios BROTHERS By Post. Deliveredin Town S. D. S. D. One quarter 1 8 One quarter 1 ] Half-yearly. 3 4 Half-yearly 2 2 Yearly 6 8 Yearly 4 4 + TO CORRESPONDENTS. Cor respondent tare requested to givetheirnameand address when sending communications. Orders, Advertisements, &c., to be addressed to the Publish era: and all cheques, P. 0. Order: &c.to be nrnde payable to the Proprietors, AMOS ■ >BOTHESS Advertiser Office, Rhyl.


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