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i RHYL. LoNG FIRM OUTWITTED.- Nothin comes imiss to a "general" dealer, especially if larketabie commodities can be got "on the heap." We have in Rhyl a dealer of the most 'eneral description cor, livable. All things his man can get to his hands-from a needle 0 a ship's anchor, from a sprat to a sturgeon, )r a pear to a pine apple-are acceptab1 All rades in their turn are honoured' with his -astom. And he his above any narrow-minded )rejudice: he will buy of anybody-that will rust him. He objects on princple to remit cash with order (or at any time, for that matter, if he can possibly help it). It is won- lerful the number of 'cute business people he has succeeded in gulling." But occasionally has succeeded in gulling." But occasionally jven "Long Firm" himself is outwittea. Last, week, for instance, he over-reached him- lelf. A tradesman in the town, bearing a I similar name to that of the head and body) of his no orious firm," is in the habit of dealing with a Chester wholesale house. This fact ividently came to the knowledge of Long Firm, who favoured the house with the following order —i ——— street, Bhyl, 18/2/88. Or Sir, Pleue send me this day per pat tender train the following order and oblige,-Your Obt, W. s s. 6 Reams Best Note Paper. •50) Befit Envelopes. 12 Doz. Id. Pickets Notepaper. The reader will observe the italicised words. These were underlined in the original, to de- note "urgency" no doubt. The "urgency" plea is an old-fashioned dodge of this person. Delay would mean an inquiry, and that would be disastrous. Persons in the trade will wonder perhaps how the suspicions of the warehouse- man were not aroused by the unbusiness-like way the order was worded 1 But he, knowing there was a customer of the name in Rhyl, audi believing doubtlessly that, the goods were ur- gently required, thought more of their dispatch than of the way in which they were ordered. The parcel was forwarded. However, suspicion was afterwards aroused, and the telegraph wires flashed instructions to atop delivery at Rhyl. How far this unmitigated scoundrel has carried on his nefarious trade he himself only knows. It is a fact that he hawks goods at half the retail prices, and well he might, for the original cost to him is nil It would be easier to shoot a rhinoceros with snipe shot than to rid the town of this pest by exposure. The remedy is in the hands of those who purchase from him. They cannot but know the character of the man, and their own common sense will tell them that goods honestly got by cannot be sold for the prices he asks. Let them consider how they assist to tarnish the commercial reputation of the town, by support- ing a commercial leper. ST ASAPH AND RHYL COUNTY COURT.-All summonses against persons residing out of this district for the next Court, to be holden at Rhyl on Friday, the 16th day of March, 1888 should be entered not later than Tuesday. the 28th inst and those in the disttrict not later than Thursday, the 1st of March CAMPANOLOGY.—On Tuesday evening last at At Thomas Church a peal of 720 Grandsire Minor comprising 34 bobs and 2 singles, was rung in 26 minutes, by the following members of the local ringers—1 G H. Bowden, 2 J. Wallis, 3, F Hordley, 4, J. P. Powell, 5, F. J. Gamlin, 6, F. Wallis (conductor). The tenor was rung behind by Joseph Owens. A TONIC SOL-FA C ass has just been establish- ed by Mr J. Pierce Lewis in connection with I Brunswick Welsh Wesleyan Chapel. The class meets on Saturday evenings in one of the vestries attached to the chapel—all ages and sexes are invited to join. TESTIMONIAL TO THE NEW STATION-MASTER. —The other day, Mr Carr, the 1 ew station- master, was presented with a purse containing J £ 120, subscribed privately by his railway friends on the occasion of his leaving Chester to take charge of Rhyl station ENGLISH PRESBYTERIANS IN NORTH WALES. —The quarterly conference of members of the English Presbyterian churches in Carnarvon- shire, Denbighshire, and Anglesey was held a few days ago at the English Presbyterian Church, Prince s-road Bangor, under the presi- dency of Mr E T. Jones Denbigh. The following officers were elected President, Mr J. R. Davies, J. P. Menai Bridge; secretary, the Rev Mortimer Green, Denbigh i and treasurer Mr Anderson, Rhyl. A vote of sympathy was passed with the Church at Carnarvon conse- quent upon the death of its minister, the late Rev J Varteg Jones The Rev W. Parry (Ruthin) read a paper upon The Responsibil- ilty of Individual Church Members." It was decided to hold the next meeting at Ruthin. TEA MEETING AND ENTERTAINMENT On Thursday, the 16th inst., the members of the Soar Welsh Wesleyan) Sunday School, Vale Road, held their annual tea meeting and enter- tainment. The tea-makers were Mrs Thomas Roberts, butcher Miss F Edwards, Sisson st., and Miss M. Hugbes, Elwy House assisted by Miss Dowell, Vale Road; Miss Jones, Free Trade Hall; Miss Owen 67, Vale Road Miss Jones, Brynhyfryd Miss Ro5erts Vale Road I and Miss Brookes, Glanaber. The following also rendered assistance in various ways:—Mrs Edwards Sisson street; Messrs T. Roberts, Gabriel Hughes, J Jones, Sisson St.; J. Jones, Morfa Bach J. E. Edwards, Thos. Frimstoon Thomas Hughes Ffordd derfyn Joseph Grif- fiths C. E. Lewis, Vale Road; E Frimston. and Mrs Pickering. The tea was greatly enjoyed. The groceries were supplied by Mr J. Hughes, Elwy House; and a plentiful supply of milk was given gratis by Mr J. Brookes, Glanaber. The evening meeting was presided over by the Rev D. Jones, Prestatyn and the adjudicators were Messrs Edwin Willia-ms Rhuddlan and A. W. Hughes, Bhyl. Recitations were given by Miss T. Roberts, Miss A. Hughes. Mr Jabez Roberts Mr H. P. Roberts, Miss M. Evans Mr T. Hughes Mr T. Frimston, Miss M. E. Young, Miss A. Frimston, Miss E Frimston. and Miss E. M. Jones. Songs were rendered by Miss M. A. Middleton, Miss Pritchard, Miss Brookes, Messrs W. H Hughes A. W Hughes J. Jones, E. Jones, H. Williams, and J. Brookes. For reciting a hymn the prize was awarded to Miss A Hughes for spelling, to Miss A Owen, 67 Vale Road; for singing. Miss M. E. Young, and the second prize to Miss E. Frimston. For the best speech on the Bible, the prize was given to Mr J. Edwards, Sisson street. A party under the leadership of Mr Gabriel Hughes took the prize for singing the congregational tune Soar." A CASE of very prompt) and generous settlement by an insurance office has been re ported to us. and we have great pleasure in giving publicity to it Mr William Jones, Emral Villa, whose lamented death took place so suddenly about two mouths ago was insured in the Welsh Provincial Office, at Wrexham. According to the terms of in- surance, the company were not bound to pay the money before three months after proof of title. But having regard to the exigency of the case, Mr W. R. Williams, solicitor, who acted for the family, wrote to the company asking their kind consideration of the circum- stances, and in reply received a cheque for the full amount assured bv return of Dost. PLEASANT EVENINGS "—The last but one of these entertainments is advertised in our columns to be held on Monday next, under the presidency of Mr A. L. Clews. Mr P. Harding Roberts, of Holywell^ who is a great favourite at these gatherings, is announced to take part. GIPSY SMITH S MISSION —Our readers may remember that a year ago, Mr Gipsy Smith, of Hanley, was to have conducted a mission at Rhyl It was, however, postponed owing to his illness, and will be held on Thursday next and six following days During that time he will preach and sing the gospel everv night in Christ Church. Lecture Hall, and on the Sunday will occupy the pulpit of Christ Church. Water street In the next number of the IthyZ Record and Advertiser we shall give a portrait of the Gypsy, the story of whose life is one of extra- ordinary interest. Dr. Moore's Hair Restorer is acknowledged to be the best preparation known for restoring hair that is turning grey and falling off. One of the chief merits of this preparation is, that it is absolutely free from any disagreeable smell, a great advantage which Dr. oore's Restorer possesses over all other similar pre- parationg. Sold in bottles at 48. each by Hatwood the Hairdresser, in Queen Street- Y M O. A.-Tbe Hon. Secretaries beg to ao- lin, -wledwo th- receipt of t,he foll,,wing eb-ques. r)uke of Weitminmter K.G.. L3: S 3mitb M\P., £ 2; S. Perh Esq., J.P Winston. Esq., £1 Rgr D. B. Hooke. log. a Mem.BIAL to Mr Gladstone in favour of ,Rule fo/.Irelind from the Graduateh Ind Professors of Oxrord University. included the name of Pr t -qaor Rh vt4, formerlv of Rhrl. nn l(N0^C0vFORMiTY.( n Fridiy last a lecture Nonconformity" waa delivered to the mem. hers of the Gu ilct in connection with Christ Church Rhyl by the Rev William Jones, of Cheqter. The chair was taken by the Rev D. Burford Hooke. thi rl i t 86 3 Tery h?a?y vote. of thanks ti the rev. lecturer was carried. wS\a £ tmau .tea- meetir}S and concert of the u«n Presbyterians wiil be held at the Town Hall on Friday next, M;.rch 2nd. No one should miss this opportunity of hearing Miss Mary Owen, London, of the Crystal Palace and Aluert Hall Concerts. Miss Owea will sing Oh had I Jubal s lvre" (Josuah) Handel; Sunshine and rain," by Blumentbal; and "When the heart is youn," Dudley Buck. The following artistes will .I:o teke part in the concertMrs Pierce Lewis, Rh 1 • Mr Humphrey Lloyd (tenor), of the Liverpool Cymric Vocal Union. Mr J. W. Jone8 (baritone) of the Liverpool Concerts, and Mr T. Houghton, hhyl Intrumentali-ts—Mrs Hazlehuret, G. S. Hazlehurst, E-q.,J.P, and Mr J. D. Asher. So'o pianists and accompanists-Miss Ada Mills Wil- liam* and Miss Katie Jones. -ADVT. TO-DAY, Saturday, a remarkable opportunity occurs to the people of Rhyl and neighbourhood, when at Mr Millwards Sale in High street, large lots of drapery goods, consisting of Quilt*, Lace Curtains. Blankets, Dress Goods Mantles, Jackets, Silks, Velvets, Plushes, &c, will be disposed of. The reductions in prices are great, and we can promise customer* this is one of those (these days), rare occurences-a genuine sale. -ADVT. AN advertisement in another column announces that Messrs Rhydwen Jones and Davies will bold their usual annual sale during March. To those who require excellent quality and value in goods, an advautayeous oppori unity is offered. Readers are referred to advertisements for particulars. RHYI. Y.M C.A. ENTERTAINMENT.—We under-! stand that the rehearsals ot the Great Breach of Promise Operetti, intended to be performed by the members of the Rhyl Young Men's Christian Association, at the Town Hall, on Monday March 19th have been highly successful, and the perforin- ance prynises to he one of the best we have had in Rhyl for some time. The operetta, which is bristling with humorous songs, choruses, amugintr dialogues, sayings and doings, will be performed by a company and chorus con,isting of upwards of 50 voi es, the characters all attiried in suitable coetumes. A great demand is anticipated for I tickets,and it would be advisable to secure them at once they can be had of any of the members of tb« association. j THE annivcrea-y of the patron saint of Wales I falls on next Thursday, and on that day the mem- ory of St David will be honoured in every part of the world where a knot of Welshmen are gathered together hhvl has always taken an honourable part in the patriotic demonstrations of the ist of March. And this year we hope to see as large a gathering as ever around the festive board at the Koyal Hotel. The Dost prandial proceedings can not be but instrucive :and entertaining, with two thorough Welshmen at the ends of the table. Mr T. Morgan Owen and Mr P. Mos'yn Williams a.e weU acquainted with the early lore of their nitive land, and something i f historical interest will be uttered by each of them. TBB Poos RELIEF FUND.—The Hon. Secretary desire us to say that the fund is now in debt, and it is hoped that, considering this ftet and the incle- ment state of the weather, subscriptions will come in more freely. OCTOBER BREWED IDLES.—J. H. Ellis begs to announce that he has received a consign- ment of Bass and Go's October Brewed Ales which can be obtained in 9 and 18 gallon casks, at brewery prices. Also the Anglo- Bavarian celebrated Amber Ale," as supplied to the Carlton and other leading London clubs. 1 his ale is brewed expressly for family use, and is strongly recommended for its purity and tonic qualities. Full price lists of all wines, spirits, mineral waters, foreign cigars, &c on application to John H. Ellis, Wine and Spirit Merchant 12, Water Street, RhyL



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