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Miscellaneous IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—TO LET, 5 BELLE "V UE TERRACE, BATH STREET, RHYL. Situate in the best part of the town. tluently papered. For particulars apply to the Present Tenant, on the premises. TO LET in best position, main thoroughfare, town of Rhyl, commanding and commodious Business Premises, situate 63. HIGH STkEET. F rxli particulars apply to to HDTBT MILLWAW, 64, High Street, Rhyl. WANTDP, Sitting room and Bedroom on the same floor; facing the Sea; close to the Pier. Terms must be moderate.—Apply to H. G., 2, Nicholas street, Chester. A BAKEHOUSE to be LET in Windsor street, Rhyl.—Apply to JOSEPH LLOYD, St. Asaph SUPERIOR Apartments, at 58, West Parade, S Rhyl. Good Cooking, Home Comforts, Re- duced Terms. References given if required. TO LET, WOODLANDS, Brighton road,Rhyl, in first-rate Repair, with entry 1st May. Three sitting and five bedrooms. Excellent Gar- dec.—Apply on the Premises. TO BE SOLD, the EQUITY of some good House Property. Apply by letter, "L," office of ibis paper. rp C. AMOS,, Auctioneer, Rbyl, has several ± 0 Cottages to Let in West-street, Wellington Terrace, Boston Place, Victoria-road, and Mill Bank. Also good HOUSES, SHOPS, &o., in various parts of the Town. TO LET, House and Shop, No. 11, Water-street, Rhyl —Apply to Mr AiCoa, Auctioneer, Rhyl MILK.—A good supply of RICH MILK from t newly calved cows, specially arranged for the winter and spring trade. An Alderney cow kept—EDWARD AMOS Cow-keeper, The Milk House, Bedford Street, Rhyl. TO BE LET. — A FURNISHED HOUSE and a FURNISHED COTTAGE, situate in CHURCH STRBET. Plate and Linen found if required.—For particulars, apply at 16, CHURCH STREET. WANTED by May next, a HOUSE situate in the centre of the town, with front room on ground floor suitable for an Office. Rent must be moderate.-Address Aon," Advertiser Office, RHYL TO BE LF T, from May 1st rest, the rommod- iops ani pleasantly situa, d HOUSE, 14, Liwy Street. -Apply to J. T. JOHES, Aled, House. TO be SOLD, by Private Treaty, that desireable SHOP and DWELLING HOUSE, being No. 25, Bodfor Street, Rhyl.-&pply to J. W. JJBOWN, Auctioneer, Ac., Rhyl. ) HYL.-BUILDING uAXu ON SALE on it West Parade, Aquarium S teet, and North and South John Street, in Lots to suit purchasers. Apply to Mr R. JONES, Builder,Elwy Street,Bhvl EHYL, NORTH WALES.—To be Sold. Ihirty Ladies' Bathing Machines, with bookiug- ottice and all requisites for bu luess, in good order best stand on beach owne deelinii-g butsiness through delicate health.—Foi further particular apply to HiottT PABBT, 13, Bedford S 'eet, Rhyl. "11 r ELL-FURNISHED APART M NTS io be f f LETiutne best part of the own. Ap ply at Woodville HoWIe, 22, Water-sti 3t, Rhyl. TO LET, TH"K commodious and conveniently arranged Public Room or Hall, known as OXFORD HALL, in bank Buildings, near the corner of Huh-Ntrjet abd Sussex-street, with a roomy eo. trance in the latter street. The Hall is on the first floor ,unJlJr the Freemason's H-ll) aId is adapted for concerts, dramatic performances, public meet ings. aswmbliea, Sea. Also commodious Shop and i»*eiung ttouse, No. 21, Bodfor street. Keys at the London and Provincial Bank.— Forterms (very low) apply to Mr TALLBNT-BAX £ )U2I, Solicitor, 24, Brown Street, Manchester. J AMES D AVIES, BOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, RHYL. Registrar of Marriagas. Fire and Life Insurance Agent. Instructions for AUCTION SALES promptly attended to. VALUATIONS for PROBATE MADE. Mortgages Piocured. TO BE SOLD, TEN HOUSES in Princes' Street, in one ] or two Lots; a good sum can remain as Mortgage (if required.) Also, BUILDING LAND. By Order of the Trustees. Apply to Mr Junes Davies. House, Shop, Coach-house, and Stable, 7, Bodfor street, Rhyl, and other Freehold Pro- pertiea in Town. TO LET, Rent. Houses in Gwynfa Terrace £ 15 10 0 Houses iu Prince's Street 918 10 0 In other Parts of the town, renting at £14, £ 19 10s.; £20; 925; £ 27 430; £ 35. &c. Apply to MR. JAMES DAVIES, Oftice-GWYNFA VILLA. AFTER WAITING. THIS DAY AND THE DAYS FOLLOWING Sale of DRAPERY STOCK M I LLWA RD-qSm Bargains all round TO-DAY J. M. GRIFFITHS, Tai!or, Hosier, and Outfitter, 11. WATER bTREKT, RHYL (Temporary premises during alterations at Sussex-st) Choice and varied S> lections in latest SCOTCH AND WELSH TWEEDS. WEST OF ENGLAND & YORKSHIRE CLOTHS For OVERCOATINGS & SPRING SUITINGS. Fit. istyle, and Workmanship 0"ftranto«d- Beat. Makes in S.1.L AHD I fiLT HlTS, HOSIERY in all its Departments. 4fy GREAT BARGAINS to clear before Inter. ing New Premises. RE-OPENING OF A PUBLIC BAKEHOUSE. ROBERT P.UICE, 39, HIGH bTREET. R. P. Grocer, cto, High Street, begs to inform hi, numerous customers and the public generally, that he has Re-opened the PUBLIC BAKING at 5 l-m. daily. 3. P. having engaged an ezpenenoed Baker, and paring every attention tu same, hopes to be favoured wlb a share of your patronage. 8. P. begs to draw your attention to his Splendid Qality of FLOUR at very Low Prices, vi& Sis., 9lbs., lOlbs., for 1.R. P. guarantees tkat itaunot be surpassed for the money in the town oi RfL A visit is incited to j utig, for yourselves. ?Vlr 1T«.—THE HOME-MADE BREAD SHOP, 39, HIGH &T&EET, Kfi&L I RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIES' | ANNUAL SALE WILL TAKE PLACE During the Month of MARCH. Great Furniture Sale, Great Carpet Sale, Great Sale of Floorcloths, Great Bedstead & Beddi gSale, Great Sale of Lace Curtains, (See Special List). Great Sale of Household Drapery. Great Clearance Sale During the Month of MARCH. CARPETS Made and Laid FREE OF CHARGE. FLOORCLOTHS Made and Laid FREE OF CHARGE. All Goods Purchased will be Packed ahd elivered Free, RHYDWEN JONES and DAVIES, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Carpet, Bedstead, and Wall Paper Factors, Bedding Manufacturers, and Householdd Drapers, RHYL SMALLEY MEMO til AL FUND. AT a meeting of the friends of the late W*. ED. SHALLOT. Manager of the N. & S. W Bank, Rhyl, held on Friday. Jlin 20th, 1888, Mr T. ELLIS, Chairman of the Rhyl Improvement Commissioners, presiding—It was resolved, "That the many various and important services rendered by Mr Smalley in whatever way seemed for the benefit and welfare of his t«Uow-towDRmen of Rhyl and of the poor in particular, extending over a period of 25 years, deserve to be acknowledged by some noting tribute to bis memory." Co That in pursuance of the above resolution, a I und be at once opened, to be called • TuE SKAL- LBY MEMORIAL FUND,' in aid of the Ednoation of Mr Smailey's Children; and that circulars in riting contributions be sent to all his fnends." List of Subscription*. £ s. d Rev. T. Richardson, M.A., Vicar of Rbyl 500 Rev. J. O. Evans, M.A., Vicar of Towyn 600 Afr T. Winston, Bodanerch 5 0 0 A FRIEND," PER MR T. WINS!ON 5 0 0 Mr Peter Browne,Plastirion 5 0 0 Mr W. J. Kent 6 0 0 Mr Thomas CTSSON, Denbigh .o 6 5 O bfr S. Perks, J.P. 220 MR W. WYNNE, J.P 2 2 0 Dr Eyton LLOYD 2 2 0 Rev. Canon Browne, Bodfari 2 2 0 Mr Thomas ELLIS 1 1 0 Mr Walter Wynne, Abergele 1 1 0 Mr Edward Roberts, solicitor 1 1 0 Mr M. D. Roberts, do. 110 Mr E. W. Keatinge, dentist. 1 1 0 Mr John Asher, head POSTMASTER I10 REV. D. BURFORD HOUKE 1 I O Mr J. H. Ellis, wine aud spirit merchant 110 Mr H. A. Steer, wiue and spirit merchant 110 Mr Henry Parry, Brighton road. 1 1 O Mr H. J. B, Lawrence. Royal hotel 0 10 6 gr T. M. Davie-, CHEMIST 0106 Rev. T. Prichard, Rector of LLANELIDAN 0 10 0 Mr T. Ll. Marray Browue, J. P. 10 0 O Mr Caleb Lewis, London 5 0 0 r E Rae. LIVERPOOL 2 10 0 MR H. B. PARR, DO 2 10 Q C.»PT. WYNNE JONEA, OLIUDA 2 2 Q MR W. HUGHES, CARNARVON 2 2 R- V CANON MORTON 2 2 0 OFFICERS of Rutlun Branch of N. & S. 0 Watts Bauk 2 2 0 MIHS E<I WARDS, BODF <R STREET 2 2 0 MR P. J. CHAMBERS, L. & P BANK, RHYL I I 0 Mr Oliver UT-ORGE, SOLICITOR 1 J Q Ar M. S. Plunkett, Pt-,uydon I10 Mr Johu FOUIK^S, Albert VILLA 1 1 0 MR ROBERT JONES, VORYD II() MR WIN. WILLIAMS, SUMMERIIELD I10 MR R S M.,tthowts J J 0 KEV. W. LI. NICHOLAS, ±"L UT RECTORY 1 1 Q capi. IK.Imo. Brvutiriou 1 1 0 Mr Jam. Y. STRACHAN, MANAGER N. & S. W. BATIK. RHJL I 1 II Mr S. ROOSE, E IGLEFIELD COTTAGE I10 MIAP R JESE, YSCEIFIOG J Q MRS De Kauce, I10 .gr u. T. Evotus, N & W Bank 0 10 6 Mr G. Edwunds, do., Lltufdir- AEREIUION 0 10 6 MR DANITL EVANS, DRUPER, RHYL 0 10 6 Ur A. Harris, jeweller, do. 0 10 6 Mr W. V. Edwards, CARNARVON 0 10 6 Mr ISAAC OLDIIELD, SYCAMORE LODGE 0 10 0 MAJOR PENU, GORPHWYSFA 1 1 0 Mr T. E. Perkiam, Water STREET 0 10 6 MI John TRTLBOT, High STREET I10 Mr S. L. REVIS, N.& S.W. Bank, HolyweB 110 IVLRS MORRIS, PEUYCOED I10 MR OWEN TI ARRISON 0 10 0 Ar Stephen Lloyd, KINMEL STREET 0 10 6 "Ira MORGAN, LOUDON 2 2 0 Rev. lir Buttertou, J.P I10 Mr,, Twiston, MOILAN 220 MRS MORGAU, MORDON 220 ,dm Price Roberts 1 1 0 MR S. L. TILDASLEY 1 1 Q MESSES tit HUGHES AND CO. 9 10 0 Mr Alfred SHEFFIELD ] J 0 Mr R. D. Roberta. 0 6 0 Subscriptions may be paid to either of the joine hon. Teasurer8 at tne N. & S. W. Bank, or at tht L. & P. Bank, Rbyl; or to the hon. sec Mr ABTHUR ROWLANDS. RHYL RELIEF FUND. THE Committee appeal for assistance to enable JL them to relieve the p »or duriug the ensuing seasun. They commence operations with a balance of 12s. 6d. owing to the Treasurer flora last winter. The Treasurer thankfully acknowledges the follow- ing subscriptions in aid of the fund: £ s. D. Already Advertised 26 10 0 Mr A. Ma tby, butcher, 1 sack of turnips. Mr W. Wynne, J.P., (2nd donation) 110 JAMES Y. STRACHAN (Manager), Ron. Treasurer. N. & S. Wales Bauk. To STUDENTI.- Tv all those who burn the J&jdn.ghc Oil," eugaged in mental labour we ncoia recommend Cadbury's Cocoa, its comfocuog# saatumng, aud exhilaiaticg, powera are Azwaordinary JONES & SON Are now giving SPLENDID VALUE IN FLOUR Double XX 91bs for one shilling. Superfine lOlbs for one shilling. Super 11 lbs for one shilling. Fines 121bs for one shilling. The 9lbs Flour is EXCELLENT VALUE. The 101bo Flour is Unprecedented Value, being FAAHL YUSE. ^°UIi FOB FAMILY USE, There is not another flrm in North Wales that can give you BEITER Value, and very few (if any) can give you equal value. We purchased; 3,000 sacks before the advance in prices, and we give our customers the benefit by selling the same just as if there had been no advance in the maikets. ——— V OUR DELICIOUS HOUSEHOLD BREAD At Id. per lb., or 12 lbs. for I s., Cannot be equalled or surpassed fur the money. It will be worth year while to give us a call when yuu will receive BEST QUALITY OF GOOD AT lMW8T PRICLS. JONES & SON, FLOUR MELICR \NTS, ABBEY STREET, RHYL, AND LIVERPOOL HOUSE, ST. ASAPH. LIVE R POOL. THE MADBro DAY HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Is THB "BEAR'S PAW," 58, LORO STBBET. LADIBS ,• also LA.lJIES' and GENTLEMEN'S DINIRG ROOMS. Lavatories Choicest Cuisine. Finest Brands of Wines, Spirits, andCigara, JOHN COM A*. Proprietor. Telephone No. 542 HEB' Manager. ACCOMMODATION for PARTIES from 20 to 200 I ROBERT JOLLEY, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, AND GASFITTER, 67* VALE ROAD, RHYL. Baths, &0., fixed. Hot and Cold Water Engineering. Estimates given, and Personal supervision of all Work. Ctotf NotJRiSHMKUT —Fourteen large Breakfast Cups of stroug, reliable Cocoa Can be made from a Tlxpenny Packet of Cadbury'B Codott Esscnce. Abk IK Cadbuay s, aod do not M imposed upon* for Cadbuay s, and do not be imposed upon. YNULISH PRESBYTEUIAN CHAPEL, 1 J WELLINGTON RHYL. REV. J. VERRnR JONES, (Pastor), WILL PBKACH ON SUNDAY. rvicell, Mornng at 10-30. Evening 6-30 Collections after each service. ENGrLiirfii I t1J:) I..E Y.iN eH a eEL, BRIGH ON ROAD, RHYL. ON SUNDAY NEXT, MR. T. G. OSBORN, M.A., Colwyn Bay. WILL PREACH. SittingF Free. Collections at each Service. Week evening service, Wednesday at 7-30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday let 7-30 p.m. Organist— G. E. Fielding, Esq., Fernlelgh. EaGtLISH BA^TtST C BAP EL SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. ON SUNDAY NEXT, REV. W. EVANS-FOOTK WILL PREACH. Services, Morning at 11 i Evening at H-30. All Sittings, Free Collections after each Service. (J HRIS T C H lRnu, It HYL WATER STREET. .ON SUNDAY NEXT REV. D. B. HJOKE, (Pastor.) Will Preach—Moruiug at 11 Eveniug at 6 30 All si'tiugs free. All free. Collectiou at each Service. Week Evening1 Service—Wjdae^d^y it 7. I RHYL JpLEASANT PVENINGS. 1. rj The T^nth will be held on MOND \.Y FEBRUARY 27th. 1888, [n CHRI&T CHURCH LhuTURE HALL, Chair to be taken at 8 pm. by A. L. CLEWS, ESQ: Admission Front Seats, 4d Back Seats 2d. AFTER WAITING. THIS DAY And following Days. Sale of DRAPERY SrOCK AT MILLWARD'S. Bargains A11 Round TO- DAY. Education. NORTH WEST WES LEY AN METHODIST SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. EPWORTH COLLEGE, RBYL. GEO. C. WALKER, ESQ., B.A., HEADMASTER. PENRHOS COLLEGE, COLWYN BAY, MISS POPE, LADY PRINCIPAL. VISITORS desirous of seeing the Scbocl Premises, are respectfully requested to call and do Prospectuses on application to the Principal, or the Secretary, REV. F PAYNE, Colwyn Bay. ST. ASAPH UKAMMAR feCHUOL LARGE AND COMMODIOUS BUILDINGS Erected in 1881, 9urronnded by Six Acres of Playing Fields, and situated in on" Îf the healthiest Districts in North Wales. Pupils prrpared for r rofessional and University Examinations. successes in the last two years in- udiug a scholarship of £50 for three years aoo exhibitions of JE20 and £15 Terms, &c., on ipplicition to W. Easterby, LL.D B.A., Head Master. The Very Reverend The Dean of St Asaph Chair*nan of the troverui'itr body BKVN AVOIN, ST, A"IAPll LATE OF LLANFAIRFECHAN. A thorough preparation for Bu^ines* and the learn d PrOfS8ionl. I )URING the past twelve months the PupiU i7 have been successful at the Examinations of the Royal College of surgeoilS) tile Iuuoip(,lateu Law Society, Durham Uuiversity, the Home Civii Service, the Phanuaceurical Somety,and the Science I Examination* of South Keusiugtou. No Pupil ha.- tailed in any Examination. Testimonials from tht Arehb^hop ot York, Lords Fitzwillii/n,, Zetland, Uonght. n, b, verstiaui W enlock, J:c Mr Robinsou has h*d ttiirty four years' experience in .,e ichiug a ome ol tbe best schools in England. J^J^IDDLE-CLaSS J^DUCATION F. WELH H, B.A. Course of Instruction ENGLISH SUBJECTS. CLASSICS, MATHE- MATICS & FRENCH. PRIVAIE TUITION. Full Particulars on Application. Address-27. WATER STREET RHYL J^A DIES' OLLEGE, /ttART7LK' !AST Pa-RADE, RHYL. (House detached. Recreation Ground with Winter. Tennis Court.) Principal—MISS MERCIER (Removed from Russell Road). Masters: Resident English & Foreign Governesses. Pupils very successful in Oxford and Cambridge Local Exammauoas aiso in Royal Academy of Mump and College of Preceptors' Senior and Junior DANJJELTTevans S H O W- TOU. OOLOLENCE THIS DAY WHKN A MAGNIFlCENr COLLECTION OF THE JJQ-EWEST FASHIONS IN HIGH-CLASS GOODS, Will be Ready for Inspection at the Lowest Prices seen for matiy years. 25, Wellington Road, AND COMPTON HOUSE, 32, HIGH STREET, RHYL j Legal Notices. RE WILLIAM BREEDEN DECEASED PR SUA NT to the Act of Parliament 2 'nd and j[ 23rd Vi"tom, chapter 35, intitul d An Ar* to further amend the Law of Property and to rflitvs. Trustees," NOTICE IS HtREBV GIVEN" that all 1 reditors *nd other p^rsois navinsr all I' claims or demands again-t the Estate of WIlLaAM BhEi-DEN. fouuerly of Birchfiel.i ilou-, King* Heath, in the County of Worcester, but l.te 01 Brighton Rv:id, Rfiyl, in the County of F int, Gentleman, deceased, (who died on the 4:h d ot jHnuarv, 1888, and whos.3 Will whs proved in th, District Registry at Ht, A..aph of the Probate Di- vision of Her Majesty's Hiyh Court of Justice on the 7th cay of February, 1888, by SAMUEL GEORGII WIIKINSON, of Wesi Bromwicb, in the C.»untv ot Stafford, Bauk Minaurer, and FKEDEKICK BOWAR I, CARTLAND, of Park Hill, Moceley IU the Couuty ot Wt ■r<sester. Bral-s f under, the Executors therein nameii) are hereby required to send the partielllar", iu writiutf of their claims or demat-d-i HI tne. the Uhderxigned, the Solicitor for the s id Executor>, on or belol'(¡J the 12dl day of Mlrch, 1888, aftei which date the said txe(;utors will pro :eed to dis tribute the aswets of the said de Jea-BLl ainoug tht pers,,i,.s entitled thei-et, li,,vin, re,i-d only to iht, claiiiit3 a\,d demands of wh ch they shalL tnen htv bad notice, und iney wi 1 n >t be 1..ble fox the a.-weo. of the said deceased or any part thereof so distri- buted to any pernon or pei.so s of whose ciiiiua o; demands the, shall not then have bat notice. Dattd the 18th day of F«biuaiy, 1888. A. H. FOSTER, Solicitor f(,r the EHcptors, 13, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. ::Wlt'tsr."<a !AI. 1\ .ä._ VALE OF CLWYD PLOUGHING SOCIETY. Denbigh Meeting 1888. FURTHER POSTPONEMENT. OWING to the continuance of the Froft, it h«s been louud neces-aiy to Postpone ttie M-t-b, (:ri-,iiuaily jjxed to lake "pi ice on the. 7tt. Ftbiuaiy, until FRIDAY, 21'D ALIICi-1, I808. Already enteied- 50 Teams aDd 30 Ht dgers. All previous arrangements hold good for the new date. For Cheap Tickets see R -ilway Bills. G. T. E WitIFUlti), Secretary, Denbigh, 22ud Feb., 1888. ST DAVID'S f|j|^ DAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 1ST, 1888. THE ANNUAL DINNER Will be held as usual at the ROYAL HOTEL, RHYL. PRESIDENT T. MORGAN OWEN, ESQ., M.A., H.M.I.S VICE-PRESIDENT P. MOSTIN WILLIAMS, ESQ. Dinner at 6 p.m. Tickets, 5s. each, to be had at the Hotel. HE MATCH advertised to take place on j. Friday, 17th February, 1888, has, owing to the Frost, been POSTPONED until FRIDAY, 24TH FEBRUARY. All previous arrangements hold good. PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL TO MR. bToKES (Late Stationmaster of Rhyl). IT has been resolved to open a Subscription List, !L with a view of presenting MR STOKES with a Teslimonial on the severance of his long and f.-ithftil service a" Star.ionmaster in Rhy the most import- ant S'ation letweeu Chester and HoL heitd., J Till further arrangements are m.tde subscriptions can be paid to the lion. Sec. p o tem., J. RE IN OLDS, At the Bee Rote], Rhyl. FrthEHULD. BY PRTVATE TRKATF. TO BE SOLD, immediate possession, Nos. 1 and JL 2 cLW1D VILLAS, U.ENBI,H!. >I tIt budt m..deru Hou>e.s, del ghtfu ly sunatod on the iiiaui road from Denbigh to Riiyl. Five mimites' Wjilk iTviin ihe Railway Station. Aiao several Val- uaoie BUILDINtx PLIUTS. Apply to Messrs SISSON and GEORGE, Solicitors, S: Asaph. H. A. STEEK, INE AND oPIKIT w MI^HaNT 73, HIGH STREET, R YL. BASS AND WOUTHINGToN'S ALE6 GUINEAS' DUBLIN, RAGGETT'S LONDON INVALID NOURISHING STOUT, IN CASK AND BOTTLE. MINERAL WaTER DEPOT. Full Price List on application. AFTER WAITING. THIS DAY and the days following, Sale of Drapery Stock "F At MILLWARD'S. BARGAINS ull round to-day. KHKL fi iCORI) & ADViTmsiilt Miy be had from the Publishers, AMOs BROTHERS By Post. Delivered in Town D. S. D. ONE QUARTER 1 8 One QUARTER 1 ] HALF-YEARLY 3 4 HALF-YEARLY 2 2 YEARLY O 8 YEARLY 4 4 » TO CORRESPONDENTS. Correspondentsare requested to ive t heirnamea nd tddress when sending communications. lJrdersdverti8ements, &c., to be addressed to the Pu blishers: and all cheques, P. O. Orders. &c .to be II t'le payableto the Proprietors, AMOSBEOTHHSS Advertiser Office, Rhvl

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