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DISTRICT NEWS. The Rev. Glanffrwd Thomas, vicar choral of St. Asaph, is contributing a series of articles on Welsh (Jo: a me to the Western Mill. In the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Osborne Morgan brought in a bill to amend the, bnrmljas'alisbuiy his arranged to visit North Wales during Easter week. lie will address a meeting probably on Tuesday, the 3rd of April, in the Carnarvon pavilion.. The Colwyn B iy Local Board have decided to apply to the Local Goveinmeut Board for power to borrow ZCIOOO for the purpose of concreting and asphalting the footpaths from Colwyn Bay to C°m7 G. W. Taylor, the Liberal Candidate for West Denbighshire, and his family, after travelling througti Europe and joiuiug the Peninsular and Oriental mail steamer Rome at Brindisi, safely landed at Melbourne on Sunday, January 29th. Mr J. Emmott Barlow, the Liberal candidate for D..bigh at the last general election, has been adopted as the Liberal candidate for S.)uth Salford. The electors number 8792, and at the Last election I the Conservatives won by a majority of 157 Capt. Cole, J.P., Llysmeircnion, has been ap- pointed president of the Denbighshire Infirmary for the coming year, and Mr Geld Edwards chair man of the institution. On last year s accounts there was a deficit of £ 190, and during the last three years it appears that there has been an aver- age deficit of £ 140. The Duke of Westminster has given zClOO to the Welsh National Eisteddfod, which is to be held at TIT.hnm this vear. It is confidently expected that his Grace will also entertain the Prince of Wales, who is expected to preside at the principal meeting of the Eisteddfod. On Wedr esday night, at Denbigh, a meeting of the electors was held to hear addresses from Mr Kenyon, the borough member, and Mr Ashmead- Bartlett, M.P. There was a crowded and enthus- iastic audience. Colonel Mesham, pr> silent of the Conservative Association, presided, supported by many prominent local Conservatives. The rules and constitution of the Welsh Land, Commercial, and Labour League," whose head- quarters are at Denbigh, have now been officially issued in English The league has been in exist once a year, un ler the title of the League for the support of the tithe-oppressed," and the change of name has been resolved on by the executive in order that the area of its operations may be extended. Colonel Cornwallis West, M P has sent a letter to the clerk to the Ruthin Board of Guardians, in- timating that he will be glad to communicate with the Home Secretary on the subject of the expenses charged to the county for the expenses of the police in connection with the inquiry held by Mr Bridge, and adding that he does not despair of getting the Treasury to allow that amonnt. At the usual monthly meeting of the Holywell Local Board, held on Monday—Mr John Carman, chairman -the clerk (Mr W. Davies) stated that the finances of the Board were at a low ebb, there being a sum of zCl3 16s. due to the treasurer of the bank. Referring to the bank book, he said their was a sum ,f Y,381 lis. 9d. on the debtor side, and X,117 15s. 6d. on the credit-, leaving a balance of X263 16s 3d. The Board had a guarantee bond of £ 250. It was decided to adjourn the Board for a fortnight, in order that the rate collector might make a stren- uous effort to get as much money as possible to pay the Board's outstanding liabilities, the payment of which had been postponed from previous board meetings. The second five head of stamps were started on Saturd ly at M.ount Murgan Gold Miue. Mr Joseph Richards, the manager, is pushing forward with the work of developing the mine and expresses the opinion that it is one of remarkable richness for gold. Further samplings will shortly be reported upon, and then Mr PritchnrJ-Mo-gan will be in a better position to estimate the value of his discovery. A special meeting of the Flint Town Council was held on Wednesday, Alderman Dyson, Deputy- Mayor, presiding. Alderman J. L. Muspratt brought before the Council the resolution of quarter sessions in favour of the amalgamation of Flint- shire and Denb'ghshire for financial and aominis- trative purposes, and it was unanimously resolved that from the information then before them the Council was strongly of opinion that the County of Flint should not be amalgamated with Denbigh, but that it should remain ao at present, even if the Hundred of Maelor were detached from it. The Town-clerk was instructed to forward a copy of the resolution to the Boundary Commissioners. At the request of the North Wales Liberal Fed- eration, a meeting of Montgomeryshire farmers was held at Newtown, on Tuesday, "to discuss and consider the needs of the farmers of Wales, and to formulate a statement of the legal reforms which they desire." After careful consideration, state- ment of their views was, adopted and signed by the chairman. The farmers express their desire for the establishment of land courts and the immediate and periodical revision of rents based upon the current values of agricultural produce. The re- assessment of tithes is also asked, as well as legis- a lation giving the farmer compensation for improve- ments made by him, and fixity of tenure. On Tuesday list, Mr David Morgan J,P., of Bryn Gwyn. Llanfaii, P.G., Anglesey, died in Liverpool, after a brief illness, at the residence of Miss Mary Anne Ashc.roft, 14, Percy-street. The deceased, who was well known and highly respected in the county of Anglesey, went to Liverpool about a month ago on business, and during the first week of his stay there, he contracted an affection of the lungs which ultimately developed into inflamma- tion. He was nursed with the most tender solici- tude by his wife and daughter, but in spite of all care and medical skill he gradually sank, and died on the day mentioned.



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