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SOLVA. Several casks of petroleum were washed ashore under Llanunwas Cliffs on Saturday and Sunday last. Missionary Services were held at Middle Mill and Mount Pleasant Baptist Chapels on Sunday last, when suitable and impressive sermons were delivered by the pastor, the Rev W. Roberts. ENTERTAINLVIENT. A very interesting entertainment was held at the Schoolroom on Friday evening last. The programme consisted of competitive items in singing, recitations, &c., and the triumph of this, the second entertainment, should be an encouragement to the promoters to continue in their good work, as such meetings tend to do much good to the young people of the place, and the fact that the entertainments have been so well attended is a clear proof that the efforts of the committee are highly appreciated. The adjudicators were the Rev E. T. Jones (Vicar), Messrs H. W. Evans, J. Bonnell and L. Morgan, and the Rev H.. W. Thomas made a capital con- ductor. The following programme was gone through :—Song and chorus, Gwnewch bob peth yn G Mr II. W. Evans and choir. Address by Mr L. Morgan. Scriptu- ral questions (given by Mr T. Evans), best, Mr W. B. Morgans (Carnedren); second, Mr W. James; third, Master J. Jenkins. Recitation, I Gair o gyngbor,' first, Mr R. Byrnach Da vies; second, Mr Vernon Evans. Spelling bee (Welsh), best, Mr R. Byrnach Da vies; Mr Willie Thomas (Panteg) was also awarded a prize by Mrs S. T. Williams. Song, Down where the blue bells grow,' Mrs M. Martin and party. Reading at first sight ( W elsh), Mr R. Byrnach Da vies. Song, Z, Rule Britannia,' Choir. The composition sent in by Miss Rees (Cerbyd) was consider- ed the best, subject, I Jonah the Prophet.' The prize for the essay on I Solva' was divided between Mr W. Evans (school- I master), and Mr W. B. Morgans. Song, I 'Cydgan y Morwyr,' Mr J. Bonnell and party. (This party is to compete at the forthcoming. Carnedren eisteddfod.) Sing- ing at first sight, best, Mr W. Evans (school- master). The prize for the best poetry to Solva Harbour' was given to Mr H. W. Evans. Sony, I The Contest,' Choir. Two parties competed in the quartette, Dowell mewn trefn'; the prize was awarded to Mr W. Evans, Mr Hugh Owen, Mrs Rees and Mrs Capt. Harries. Impromptu speech, best, 11 Tr W. Evans (Llarmngar). Anthem, 'Y Gwlithyn,' Rev H. W. Thomas and party. (This party also intends competing at the Carnedren eisteddfod.) Son, I Saf yn gryf,' Mr H. W. Evans and party. Penillion singing on St. David's Day,' by Mr EL W. 0 y Evans (encored). Aiitlieni, Datod mai rhwymau,' Choir.—A hearty vote of thanks was given to the Rev E. T. Jones for his valuable services to the entertainments, and also for the use of the Schoolroom, and the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nbadau brought the meeting to a close.—Mr H W. Evans conducted the choir with hft wonted ability and all those who took part in the entertain- ment acquitted themselves in such a manner as to win unstinted applause from a crowded audience. The most successful item in the programme was the penillion singing by Mr H. vV. Evans. The words of this contribu- tion were composed by Mr Evans, and his splendid rendering was deservedly ap- plauded. Altogether the entertainment was a most successful and etijo^ahlo 040. <: _?\ ANERCEtlAD BiKDDQNOL Mr L. MOUGAN. Mor hyfryd, daionus, a lion, Y trigwn fel brodyr yn nghyd, Eebfa,!ais,cenfigeti,na, brad, Ond pob un yn ilawen ci Iryd; AnghoÜwyd enw,l'Jucth a ect, Ac utlwyd fel t,i gyiuri, I fyurfiu cyu.deithas fel liou, Er gvvneuthur plant Solfacli yn U11. PJiag bitten yn dra. hivylus aedhon, Cryfhau byddo'r uuddb o hyd Chwi dadau, colnogvvch. hi'u. llon- Chwi famau, rho^ch gymorth tr.ewn pryd Dyrchafwn lenyddiaetAi Din gwlad, Aleithryawn hi i'r oesoedd a ddel, Cerddoriaeth a godir mo,»n chwaetli Trwy iafur ymdreeho! a sel.

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