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ST. DAVID'S. In the Cathedral City there is a, Free Reading Room, which is much frequented by lads and lasses from the board school. These young people take a deep interest in politics, and the other day one of them, a lad 13 or 14 years of age, who had just been apprenticed to a certain trade, went to the Reading lioom as usual, when there happened to be a Conservative working man present. The working man, on look- ing over the papers, had found something which highly amused him, and which turned out to be a cartoon representing i Lord Salisbury and Mr Chamberlain as dogs attacking Mr Gladstone, and so pleased. as the man that he called to the lad which took adverse views on policies— Come here George; what do you think of this ? Is it not good now ? Don't they give it to him ? Well done, &c." Young George looked at the cartoon and very coolly turned the tabies on his opponent by saying, "This just proves what I have always been telling you, that none but dogs would ,ever think of attacking the Grand Old Man."—Com, ST. DAVID'S DAY CELEBRATIONS AT THE SAINT'S NATIVE CITY.-Amongst the var- ious communities of Welshmen the globe o'er who honoured the saint's day, and those, associations connected therewith, and the national feeling towards Gwjad y menyg gwynion," few perhapsi tho ig it of the city in the western pxit of the Principality where the patron samp was born. To all who take an interest in Welsh history, the story of St. David's life is one of great interest. The celebra- tion of the day in this city took the form of a social tea meeting and concert, which took place at the Tabernacle Schoolroom. There was a good attendance of the j.general public without distinctioii of creed, and a very pleasant evening was spent. Tea being over, an interval was allowed during which the young and old passed a right merry time. The concert com- menced at 730, under tne presidency of Mr W. D. Williams (Messrs W. D. 'Williams and Co.), Cross Square. The various parts of the programme were 1heartily enjoyed, the climax being reached when Mr H. W. Evans, of Solva, favoured tho audience with penillion singing. The words were composed by the singer, and were topical of the stunt's day, and of those Oymry who Had made their name renown- ed. The ^olva party having kindly come over rendered several pieces in good style, as also did the St. David's party. Solos, duets, &c., were also sung by local artistes, and the singing of the Welsh National Anthem brought a very enjoyable meeting to a close.

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