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FISHGUARD JOTTINGS. • [BY QUIL-DIUVEK.] The St. David's Day concert at the Temperance Hall was a decided success— musically and financially. The appearance of the ladies on the stage in Welsh Costume suggested the idea that Fishguard is not behind in honouring our ancestors. The artistes performed their duties in a credit- able manner. The arrangements of the concert were entirely in the hands of. Mr LI. Williams, and to his credit be it observed that every detail had been worked out. The engage- ment of Ap Fearce added greatly to the success of the concert. His reputation as a harpist was fully maintained. The Tredavid concert did not receive. the support it deserved, oa account of the inclemency of the weather/ Undoubtedly, to p t 1 the first report u-d' of an event is considered a great feat The other day I read of a newspaper that had published the result of a football match two days before the event came off. Last week an attempt was made by a con- temporary to produce the first report of a concert. It stated that a certain gentle- man 'made a capital chairman, &c whereas the gentleman referred to was unable to. attend. A friend of mine told me That this winter's scarcity of provender has made the Cwmbrandy Common like a Sahara.' I went for a load of furze,' he continued, and I had nothing but stumps.' The appointment of a new Vicar has been the sole topic of conversation for some time past. A selection has been made, and in all probability the offer will be accepted. 'Yes,' said Mr using his in- fluence on a modest young man to join the Pelican. Club, we'll make you fit ft tihe world. We teach the noble art in all its branches—offensive and deffensive.' The following is taken from a book on tl-le I French Invasion of Fishguard' Mrs Williams, Trelethia, was know every tide, From ring la rid to roexilami without guide Mrs Williams, Trelethifi, was take the spy-glass, And then she cry out—There they wass

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