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Business Notices. DON'T, FAIL TO SECURE SOME OF The Bargains NOW OFFERED BY Willi am James IN ■ 3DRAPER"ST BEFORE. HIS j Removal at End of February to .Post Office Buildings,! ( Next Door to the Post Office. i j Large Stock of '3 Carpets, Glen's Hats and Oaps, and Accumulation- of It E M JN A iNT T 8 'k JJ ) k) L L TERMS STRICTLY CASH. a respectable and ictellijretit ItOV TS Tf as APPRKJS'ilCJfi to the Printing Tru?J 3>— Apply the M'ko Office, H&bguarcl. "'1 | Business Notices. FOR — eo; II ¡,¡¡ ¡,;¡¡¡Îj" "11 .t:: ..d GO TO ALFRED E. EEYNOLDS, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. -#h_ Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Decorator and Undertaker. Old Furniture Bepaired and Polished. lTIqual "to New DRAWING Itood and DINING IlOOM .SUITES Restuffed and Oovered AT Charges.. (GSY" .I'.mc_'IITb..J¡I.Io. AI ADVERTISE ADVERTISE IN THE 'COUNTY ECHO' THE ONLY NEWSPAPER PRINTED In North Pembrokeshire. -V%x.rtn1m BOOKBINDING done 111 the best style and at J.) low prices at the Belio Office, Fishguard. WHY EMPLOY ANYONE BUT A PRACTICAL BARBER TO CUT YOUR HAT.Li? PAY A VISIT TO G. ROCH'S HAIR CUTTING & SHAVING ROOMS, ^isSxgrixjazrcaL Families and Schools waited upon. Orders executed fur all kinds ef Ifair Work. Razors and Scissors cafefully Gronud and Set. Ladies' Combings made up at Moderate Charges MFFI FFL HIS &K B% M J MEMBIMMMIBMMMMAMM WILKINSON §A1 MIXTURE Cures gravel, pains in the back, kidney diseases, weak- nesses and urinary diseases. Better than pills or cap- sules. 4/6 per case, by parcel post 4/9, in plain wrapper, of Sole Proprietors Messrs. WILKINSON, Medical Hall, Sheffield, and of all Drugg'ists. Advice Free. A PERFECT CURE N IN" E-vv. BHOP3 SOLVA. I .< -.f- T. WILLIAMS AND SON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ..—' G-EOCEES and DRAPERS, V AND ,■ Patent Medicine Stotée's. I *d:c .J.¡'oÚ ) LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS I DIRECT FROM. THE MILLS—Newest Styles in Tweeds, Harris, Q A A "T" A. I I | Homespun, Melton*, Beavers,' Serges. &c. Pishing, Shooting, and Hunting I .I! 1 1 p M I Tweets a! Speciality. Also Homespun, Clan Tartan, and Serge Costume \J V 1 U 1 I j Cloths for Ladies, specially woven in all the Latest Novelties 50 PER jCENT. SAVED BY AVOIDING INTERMEDIATE PROFITS—Travelling 1 mm I— p\ A iRogs, Shepherds Mauds, Blankets, Kiannels, Sbirtirgs, Knitting Yarns, &e T\ftf L L fl O I Honour Shopping direct by post, thus obtaining Goods of acknowledged '1 if vl I* ? 1 | "j Kxce lence at First Cost 1 I tmm I— V/ Patterns Free [AW this Paper] A'-l Parcel# Free & Scott, Langhaugh' Mills, Galashiels,N.B i T TH WAHT NOTE—Farmers and others on. have own Wool Made into any of above rVt Xj | VV UU-U. afc Reduced Prices* Wo Pay Carriage of Wool and Finished Goods from and [ to all PartspBSH aAVentv W*anted Business Notices. -n_ PRINTING PRINTING L, EVANS, a ..L ¿1 'q i -,Cl y E c I'l o Office FISHGUARD, Has facilities for tho execution of every of Plain and Ornamental .A. Sj ,& -&. JiL At Reasonable Charges, and upon the Shortest -Notice. -0- Tonic golf'a Printing At Very Cheap Rates. —o— Prompt attention given to all Orders by Post or otherwise. Estimates Free on application. BOUNTY Machine Printing Offices, High-St., Fishguard. -WO.I.-tRY! J tJ 1, L SAVE YOURSELVES 150 PER vNT. PAY ANY FIRM WHO C \N SUPPLY BETTER VALUE IN WATCHES AND REPAIRS. One JzLuiidred Pounds. TAKE YOUR WATCHES TO ¡ J. Fletcher, 'I? (Late with J. II. Williams, fBiM Aio'!oneOT' 2, Queen's Terrace, nr Railway Station, Haverfordwest, 130, Charles Street, Milford Haven, 1 (THURSDAYS); AND Hlgh Street, Neyland, ^FRIDAYS). WATCHES OIJEANED SAME DAY. Watches cleaned and examined la. NEW MAIN SPRINGS, Is. Watch Glasses fitted, 1 d. Watch Keys, Id. | Other .repairs equally cheap. 1 All Repairs guaranteed for twelve months. Ladies' 14 carat Gold Watches, £2 I to £ l5. Do. Silver Watches, in good sound cases, from 17s 6d to 21 15s. SETS OF ELECTRO-PLA13 TEA AND COFFEE4SERVICES from R.1 to £$ Engraving I done-l at Cartlett. I — in—mm. Printed and Published by LEVI EVANS. at the "County Echo" Office, High Street, in the Parish of St. M; .'y, J Fishguard, in the County of Pembro.