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THE RELIGIOUS AND MORAL STATE OF FISHGUARD. To the Editor of the COUNTY ECHO. SIR,-I read with interest the remarks of a Correspondent in your last week's issue on the moral and religious state of our town, and I flly. appreciate and cordially wel- come the spirit shown by the writer, and trust that our ministers will not allow the hint given to pass unnoticed. I heartily re-echo the desire, and would gladly help any movement which would tend to bi-itio, abo"t a much-needed change in the religious welfare of our town. Yes, we have people in our midst-young and old- -who never go near a place of worship to hear the glad tidings." It would, perhaps, be difficult to devise some scheme by which these people could be brought together to their moral and intellectual benefit; but I may say that I know of smaller towns than ours where united open-air meetings are p In held in different parts of the town at inter- vals on Sundays which have, as a result, produced good and lasting fruit. A more cordial and general co-operation is required amongst the ministers and members of our various churches and chapels, so that they might join hands and work together with one common purpose in view—the further- ance of the cause of religion generally, and to get people who are now outside the pale of .the different churches inside them. Some people have said that the old-time religious revivals was due to better preachers than those living to-day, but I feei inclined to say that those revivals were rather attributable to a fuller and better co-operation and a heartier enthusiasm amongst the congrega- tions. I hope we shall ere long see steps taken by the ministers and members of the different denominations in the town to meet the spiritual wants of those people who at present never enter the house of God. Yours truly, A CHURCHMAN.

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