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Sole Agent for the District for Messrs Worthington's Celebrated Mild & Bitter Ales, in 9, 18, and 36 Gallon Casks. Agent for the District for Messrs Murphy and Messrs & Pym's Superior Irish Porters. -4>of!- -=; The Wlno and. SSjpiriti stores, IPlelaf^i^aL-irci. IR, O IB IE3 IR, T X.E1 w x s Wholesale s Retail Wine s Spirit Merchant, -c.t"- _w. R. L. invites attention to his choice selection of old WINES and SPIRITS, GOOD SH RRY, pale or.gold, from 15s. to 80s. per doz,; superior ditto, pale or gold, from HQs. to 54s. per doz, AMONTILLADO, pale or gold, 30s. to 60s. per dozen. POET of various ages, from 15s. to 54s. per dozen good CLARETS from los. to 30s. per dozen. IISTCr LI^\iVX"s M.arsalla, Cha"n-ilDaolnes and imosplles. BASS AND WOETHINGTON'S ALBS AND GUISNE^S'S EXTRA STOUT IN CASj^ AND BOTTLES. MESSRS. BUENARD AND ALGEE'S AND W. H. GOULDING'S CELEBRATED MANURES, AND THOMAS'S BASIC PHOSPHATE. I I Hennessy s Brandy, 1 Wood and Bottle. j Nicho;son's London Gin, I Old Jamaica Rums, I and Jersey Brandies. Business Notices. Established 1823. THE CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WHISKEY, FOREIGN WINE & SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. I -=- I G-EO. IBElsrisriEITT <Ss (DO- Are still Supplying their noted j 01d. Irish Wlii^lsiosr 1 AT 18/- PBK GALLON. This long esteemed Old Spirit is guaranteed a pure and wholesome stimulant. r Wiues and other Spirits of Superior Quality.—East In li i Pale Mild Ales and Guin(-Bs' Stout in Casks and in Bottles. A. ""Ut.t4 _rI8lO"wØowl- -1 H; m. iamb, Xaozicloja Mouse, 1-i Li C-A, M, cl BEGS to draw Public attention to her large and varied stock of the LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, SUITABLE FOR THE WINTER SEASON. Hats and Bonnets Trimmed on the shortest notice.- UJUII\IIISti -w- BEES, i II Furnishing, Agricultural and General Ironmonger, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. UtJ.¡ëdd 1" CTJf '\geat for the VICTORIA" Patent Cream Separator, j w Business Notices.. MBS. VT THOMAS, California House, Fishguard, 1 9 Begs respectfully to thank her numerous Customers for their past support, and to draw public attention to her Choice and Varied Stock of Spring C> C:)i Cl EB f Just received from the Leading Markets, in MILLINERY, INFANTS' CLOTHING, AND FANCY GOODS OF THE LATEST STYLES. -0 Soliciting further commands. All orders executed at the shortest notice. — AN APPRE N't ICE WANTED.— ..I!!bd.. -d.. u.c Obmpton House, Fishguard. -.r: F.J H A R RTES Invites special attention to his large and varied Stock of ..lJ- -L ,,L U1\. o.CA. r. IIDtMø.ur]1 Car & lOL & 2T S!U 1 33 3ri. A, 3EP JEEI HrlL ""XT • Ladies' Dress Materials, Cloaks, Capes, Jackets, Corsets, &c. Also a large selection of Suitings, Ready-made uits, Overcoats, Covert Coats, Umbrellas, Hats, Caps, Ties, Collars, and Gloves. Youths. and i Boys'Ready-made Suits and Overcoats. ALSO A LARGE STOCK OF Boots, Slioes, ana Legg1.1gS. :O¡"P';1-W- III::r.J8M The Grocery Department Is replete with a well-selected Stock.—Home Cured Bacon and Hams. Note the Address— v Cornpton House, Main Street, Fishguard. 1 t )-1- J 11 .4 À.. II 1'" 17 ■JAMBS EBBS AND SONS, 7 i 1' WHOLESALE GEOOBES, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. i