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THE PROPOSED COTTAGE HOSPITAL FOR FISHGUARD. PUBLIC MEETING. A public meeting was held at the Town Hall, Fishguard, on Friday evening last, to consider a proposal to establish a Cottage Hospital for Fishguard. Owing to the wet weather the attendance was very meagre. J. C. Yorke, Esq, (Trecwn), occupied the chair, and among thoso present were Drs. J. M Owen, H. Lawton Swete, G. Williams, the Revs. W. Jones, W. Morlais Davies, M. Griffiths, J. D. Symmons, T. Garnon, T. G. Mortimer, &c. The Chairman, in explaining the object of the meeting, said that the first thing ^'n they would have to do was to. ascertain 'whether the district was ripe for the proposed Cottage Hospital, and whether, if established, it would be patronised and supported by the inhabitants. He had received several letters in favour of the movement, and also promises of support, He said he was very pleased to preside over such a meeting, which had for its object the welfare of the working classes, and he (the chairman) had no doubt that if the Hospital was established it would prove of real service. He would be very pleased to give the project his hearty support. Dr Swete, in a lengchy speech, clearly showed the great want of a Cottage Hospital in the town." The cost of establishing one would be very small, whilst the cost of supporting a Hospital with six beds would only be about V,120 per year; and he suggested that this amount should be raised as follows -By subscribers of £ 1 Is and upwards per year, to be guaranteed for not less than 3 years by collections at the different Churches and Chapels in the district; by collecting boxes at the different hotel bars by collecting cards, &c. It had been suggested that a bazaar should be held in aid of establish- ing a Cottage Hospital, and he wished to publicly thank all those ladies who had promised their assistance. The institution, if established, would be entirely free from religious or political bias. Clergymen and ministers could render very valuable assistance to the institution, and he cordially invited them to co-operate—With a view of assisting to raise the necess- ary amount to establish the Hospital, Dr Swete suggested that a gift auction' should be held; and Mr Walter L. Williams (auctioneer) very kindly offered his services gratuitously, as also did Mr W Sees Carver. Dr Owen had no doubt as to the necessity of a Cottage Hospital for the district, and the proposal was one which deserved the support of the whole neighbourhood. At present great difficulty was experienced in many cases with patients requiring special treatment; and cases which had to be operated on in a small room, with insufficient light and ventilation; and in cases of accidents in the district a Cottage Hospital would be a great boon, where the sufferer would always be under the care of a trained nurse, and receive skilled medical treatment. The Rev W. Jones, speaking in Welsh, said it gave him great pleasure to sup- port the statements of the medical gentlemen as to the necessity of a Cottage Hospital, and he proposed that it should be established at Fishguard. W. S. Jenkins, Esq., seconded. The Rev T. G. Mortimer also spoke in favour of the proposal, and he hoped it would receive the hearty support of all the inhabitants. The Chairman proposed that a com- mittee be appointed to consider the best means of establishing and supporting a Cottage Hospital, and to report to a public meeting, to be convened for the purpose at a near date. This was seconded by the Rev Morlais Davies, who spoke strongly in favour of establishing a Hospital in the town. The congregation under his care were ever ready to help a good cause, and he felt sure, if they were appealed to on this occasion'2, that they would heartily respond. Dr Swete here submitted to the meeting a long list of names of gentlemen to serve on the committee, and these having been called out, the meeting terminated with a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for his presence there that evening, and for the 3-bla manner in which he had presided over the meeting. If the enthusiasm which was apparent at the meeting ia favour of a Cottage Hospital is any indication of the interest taken in the proposal, we have no doubt that the work will be accomplished. The speeches delivered showed that something tangible should be done to meet the many cases occurring in the town and district which required immediate surgical attend- ance, and in cases of sudden sickness and accidents, it was clearly shown that such a Hospital would be a great boon. In a short time, we have reaso- to believe, the appeal which is now ,oing made for subscriptions, will receive a hearty response. A large amount of sup- port was guaranteed at the meeting, and further subscriptions and donations are respectfully solicited, which will be thank- fully received by either of the following gentlemen:—J. C. York, Esq., Trecwn; Dr Owen, or Dr H. Lawton Swete, Fish- guard

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