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AN EPISODE. A farmer one day thus debated I find I am too heavily rated; Sixteen miles, what a pity, To th' assessment committee, But there I'm determined to go. There's my friend, so prudential; i To see him is most essential, To have a u confidential As to ways and means. To the overseer, each stated, That each was highly over-rated Would he kindly get them abated A pound or two. He told each that he could, And ditto that he would, And also that he should Write a letter to the Board. The twain then appeared together At the Board, spite rain and bad weather, And in statement very clear Quoted word of overseer To fortify the matter. The Chairman, with a nod, Just said 'twas very odd That overseer Had not confirmed them. That a man might change his word In the absence of a third,' It was not too absurd For some to do. The upshot of the application Filled both with utmost consternation The letter written, the words entreating, 'Twas tersely put, Don't want abating." GLAN ILLEN.