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Sole Agent for the District for Messrs Worthington's Celebrated Mild & Bitter Ales, in 9, 18, and 36 Gallon Casks. Agent for the District for Messrs Murphy and Messrs Jameson 's & Pym's Superior Irish Porters. — 1 The Wine Spirit Stores, Fishguard. r R.O :a E ..r:rr.LE w i;s Wholesale=Retail Wine s Spirit Merchant. A 4- R. L. invites attention to his choice selection of old WiNES and SPIRITS. GOOD SHERRY, pale or gold, from 15s. to 30s. per doz.; superior dittorpale or gold, from 30s. 9 to 54s. per doz. AMONTILLADO, pale or gold, 30s. to 60s per dozen. PORT of various ages, 0 from 15s. to 54s. per dozen good CLARETS from 15s. to 30s. per dozen, INGrHAM's Marsalla, Ghampagnes and Moselles. BASS AND WORTHINGTON'S ALES AND GTiJINNBSS'S EXTRA STOUT IN CASK AND BOTTLES. MESSRS. BURNARD AND ALGER'S ;AND,H.GOULDING'S CELEBRATED MANURES, AND THOMAS'S BASIC! PHOSPHATE. 's >• H epne.sy't'Brandy, Wood and Bottle. Nicho1son's London Gin, Old Jamaica Rums, and '1' Jersey Brandies. —— Business Notices. ¡ Established 1828. THE CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WHISKEY, FOREIGN WINE & SPIRIT STORES, PISH GrXJ AH.D. I j GEO. BEliTIsrETT <Sc CO.! V1 Are still Supplying their noted j ød. Ii-isla. Wliislsey AT 18/- PRGALLON. 4 fflPPr.Thia long escfeejii^d Old Spirit is guaranteed a pure and-wholesome stimulant. Wiues and other Spirits of Superior Quality.-East India Pale Mild Ales and Guineas' Stout in Casks and in Bottles. ¡ L H. M. LAMB, London House, Fishguard, BEGS to draw Public attention to her large and varied stock of the LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, SUITABLE FOR THE WINTElt SEASON. Hats and Bonnets Trimmed on the shortest notice. REES, Furnishing, Agricultural and General Ironmonger, HIGI-I STREET, •' HAVERFORDWEST. i. MiaitlHfliT I lit IbHUIH MMANI ItilM Agent for the VICTORIA Patent Cream Separator. Business Notices. Compton House, Fishguard. F. J. HARRIES Invites special attention to his large and varied Stock of General DRAPERY. Ivies'Dress^Malfirials, Cloaks, Capes, Jackets, Corsets, &c. Also a large selection of Suitings, Ready-made Suits, Overcoats, Covert Coats, Umbrellas, IIt8, Caps, Ties, Coll,- and Gloves. Youths' and Boys' Ready-made S Overcoat ALSO A LARC or Boots, Shoes, titifffiV-nryifiiillirfllli n liiTur mum i> i» Is replete with a well-selected Sto< Note the Address— Compton House, Mai jcreet, "1:À 1ST E3W SHOP, jSOLV A. < — < ——— — T. WILLIAMS AND SON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS and DRAPERS, I AND; ■ Patent Medicine Stores. "■■"■■'■"■■"j" .Ll rwrnwririm .4.a8i1L.r rl.ll:.cl:1it "J |t1 M LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN At,L DEPARTMENTS #■% !f\ f\ g ■ DIRECi I1 ROM THE MILLS—Newest Styles in Tweeds. ITarrir, U I H I I fill Homespun, Meltons, Beavers, Serges. &c. Fishinsr," Shooting, and Hunting ii J I J | J | I I n Jweetsa Speciality. Also Homespun, Clan Tartan, sud Sergo Coetnmo V W V « w • ■ Clofcb* for .Ladies, fneciaUv woven in all ilr* Latmf, Novelties 60 PffR. CENT. SAVED BY AVOIDING INTERMEDIATE PROFITS-TravelliM •p i fc | P" fN fk Shepherds Msurds, Blankets, Flannels, Shirfcisgs, Knitting Yarns &e I yU L L I I V ^direct by past, thus obtaining Goods of acknowledged. L-L-L/V^ Patterns Free [A am-? fh! s P-rp«r] All Parcels Free Currie, M'Dougall, & Scott, Langhaugh Mills, Galashiels,N,B ATT, W OOTi NOTE -Farmers and other* cau have own Wool Made into any of abov« Mu h >Y WL. at Reduced Prices. Wo Pay Carri^e of Wool ana Finished Goods fnm I W ParW Wanted