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Business Notices. ø- WHY EMPLOY ANYONE BUT A PRACTICAL BARBER TO CUT YOUR HAI[T? PAY A VISIT TO G. ROCH'S HAIR CUTTING & SHAVING ROOMS, FiSlXfg"UL £ t:rc3L. -YGU Families and Schools waited upon. Orders executed for all binds of JLr Work. Razors and Scissors carefully Ground and Set. Ladies' Combings wa-io up -at Moderate Charges 4..<1 "<:o'W_7-r.7. ADVERTISE r\J .it k) _L ADVERTISE .Ll, JJ.. V f) .t-, 1 IN T p 'COUNTY ECHO' T ONLY NEWSPAPER PRINTED In Nortli Pembrokeshire. Do not delay, but Advertise at once in the" Conntv Echo and Fishguard Advertiser." Business Notices. 1ST IE W SHOP, SOLVA. T. WILLIAMS AND SON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS and DRAPERS, AND Patent Medicine Stores. ,m; "=,JIIrr: JAMES EEBS AID SONS, WHOLESALE GROCERS, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. EENJ AJlL[IN BEES, Furnishing, Agricultural and General Ironmonger, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. i fir Agent for the VICTORIA Patent Cream Separator. —————— MRS. "W. THOMAS, f.I. CALIFORNIA HOUSE, HIGH STREET, ZI3HGUAED, HAS A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS I II L I L r lJi LJ' OF THE LATEST TYLIi. 0: ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. bob.. _K" "n, | LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN AT L DEPARTMENTS I DIRECT FROM THE MILLS—Newest Styles in Tweeds, Harris, n f\ F I S f Homespun, MeltonBeavers, Serges, &c. Wishing, Shooting, and Hunting' g 1 I | 1 1 | | H | Tweets a Speciality. Also Homespun, Cian Tartan, nnd fcergo Costume Vk? \J \J b \J I i | Cloths for Ladie?-, speciall v woven in all the Latest Novelties 50 PitR CENT. SAVED .BY AVOIDING INTERMEDIATE PROFITS—Travelling | Hugs, Shepherds Mauds, Blanket, Flannels, Sbir&ipyrs, Knitting: Yarns, &« S | n I | r i & C* 3)o your chopping* direct by post, thus obtaining Goods oi acknowledged 3 If M | | 1 I "i Excellence at First; Cost I 1 I L»r La L/ V Pattern.? free [iVame this Paper'] All Parcels free Carrie* M'Dougall, & Scott, Langhaugh Mills, Galashiels,M.B ATT TFPAT NOTE—Farmers and others can have own Wool Made into any of above ^lJuu VV UUJjj at Reduced Prices. We 1'ay Carriage of Wool and Finished Goaw from and r tito all Parta %AgenU Wanted 14 Business Notices. PRINTING PRINTING L. EVANS, County Echo Office FISIIGUARD, Has facilities for the execution of every Description of Plaill and Oite: mortal At Reasonable Charges, and .upon the •• Shortest Notice. -0- Billheads, Memorandum u, i), O, .l'íljl J. ,C «1 Lu _Ie. VA Concert, Eisteddfod, and oilier Programmes; Rate and Receipt Books; Posters (any size), Window Bills, Handbills, Catalogues, and all other General Printing. Tonic Solflt printing At Very Cheap Rates. —o— Prompt 'attention given to all Orders by Post or otherwise. Estimates Free on application. 'COU-N,"fY -ECT-L-TL 01 Machine Printing Offices, High-St., Fishguard. rost. C0U8HS K f ( 'h I { MM ¡ II JklllllSiilJ) For ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NIGHT ¡ COUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSEIIESSL. AND ALL LUNG TROUBLES. SAFE AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Years. See Trade Mark on Wrappers. Beware of ImitatioBfc SOLD BY CHEMISTS EVERYWHERE. M i ia Bottles. lilt. 218. 4/6. and. ttfc Printed and Published by LEVI EVANS, at the County Echo" Office, Street, in the Parish of St. Mary, Street, in the Parish of St. Mary, k Fishguerd, in the County of Pembroke ,4