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Sole Agent for the District for Messrs Worthington's Celebrated Mild & Bitter Ales, in 9, 18, and 36 Gallon Casks. Agent for the District for 1 Messrs Murphy and 1 Messrs Jameson's & Pym's 1 Superior Irish Porters. 1 .J .'1 V ana £ 33pi:|it Stores, :R.; 0 23 T-i -Fi w I s ROBER J Hi IE "W I S Wholesale « Retail Wine Spirit Merchant. R. L. invites attention to his choice ? selection of old WINES and SPIRITS. GOOD SHERRY, pale or gold, from 15s. to 00s. per doz. superior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s. to 5 is..per ooz, AMO.N TILL ADO, pale or goM, 30s. to 60s. per dozen. PORT of various ages, from 15s. to 54s, per dozen good i?LAKET3 from 15s. to 30s. per dozen. ING-HAM's Marsalla, .Champagnes and Moselles. BASS AND WORTHINGTON'S ALES AND, GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT IN CASK AND BOTTLES. MESSRS. BURiNARD AND ALGER'S ANDV" H. GOULDING'S CELEBRATED MANURES AND'rHOMAS'SJASIa PHOSPHATE. t- Hennessy's Brandy," Wood and Bottle. Nicholson's London Gin, I Old Jamaica Rums, and Jersey Brandies. Business Notices. J I Vstabl-. j Established 1823. j ■■■' ———————————————— THE CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WHISKEY, 'r • FOREIGN WINE & SPIRIT STORES,' ;w TT A "ra "T"fc 1"* •*—* • 4 ■■ ■_ GEO. BENNETT CDOj ..j Are still Supplyirg their, noted 01d. Ix-isJa AT 18/- PJilt GALLON. This long esteemed Old Spirit is guaranteed a pure and wholesome stimulant. Wines and other Spirits of Superior Quality.—East India Pale Mild Ales and Guiness' Stout in Casks and in Bottles. H. M. LAMB, Lonaon House, .iShg1.1a,rc1, BEGS to draw Public attention to her large and varied stock of the LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, SUITABLE FOR THE WINTER SEASON. Hats and Bonnets Trimmed on the shortest notice. .JZft:II':I.41I:8C'J!J'¡j¡'I,nl!(,w;&!t<¡;o..m¡a'iI$::e.æ.ö<.JJ!t :¡[:¡f -PUBLIC NOTICE. ;MI • ,'Y 1 Don't fedl to call a,t F. J. H1 And secure °P¥^ for Christmas. The following are cheaper this year than ever—Currants, Raisins, Sultanas, Musca- 9 il tels, Plums, Prunes, Dates, Figs, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, &c. ALSO A LARGE STOCK OF DRAPERY & GROCERY A Call Respectfully Solicited. An APPRENTICE Wanted. Good terms. Nota the Address- Compton House, Main Street, Fishguard. ( Business Notices. Everything comes to them who wait; therefore wait and see my AUTUMN AND WINTER STOCK before buying elsewhere, and you will be convinced that I give the Best Value in the Trade. Always to the FRONT with the LARGEST and SMARTEST STOCK. Special Announcement. I have bought for CASH a large quantity of JACKETS, CAPES, CLOAKSSP ULSTERS, REEFERS, &c., portion of a Manufacturer's Stock at a Great Discount off Usual Prices. The Goods are the Latest Designs, and will be found of exceptional value, 'I w Men's and Soys' Overcoats and Suits, Mackintoshes, &c. Specialities in Dress Materials. The Latest Designs in Millinery. W. T. Xiaugflxaime, THE FISHGUARD Drapery, Millinery, and Outfitting Establishment. Close on Fridays at 2 p.m., other evenings at 9 p.m. IFOPW IF1 TX ITTT KE GO TO ALFRED E. REYNOLDS, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Decorator and Undertaker. Old Furniture Repaired and Polished Equal to New i DRAWING ROOM and DINING ROOM &UITES Restuffed and Covered V:'R AT J&0LOaerate Oharses" J;