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Am bohmatho waith ARGRAFFU Wedi ei droi allau yn ddestlus ac am bris rhesymol, anfonwch i Swyddfa'r Echo," ABERGWAUN. Christmas, 1893. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS S CHRISTMAS IT w m m mof WilliamJames Fisliguara, Has again this year succeeded, in securing some of the Finest.. -<L. tJh« ..r Imported to Great Britain. H r,' n v .i.. Compare and you will be convinced n '==-"O:' Hayerfordwest G. W. R. Station. f Time Tabic for Ocsober, November and December UP XRAIXS Week a tn., 8.52 a.rh., 10.55 a.m., 1.29p.m. 1 5.24 p.m., 7;42 p.m. Sunday's—10.24 a.m., 5.24 p.m. DOWN TRAINS. tVeek Days—10.23 a.m., 12.19 a.m., 3.46; a.m. 6 39 a,m.7.491.m., 1.10 Sundays- q, lp,»,m., 10.19, p.m. K N o t-i c E. ,¿::v" t,! i; ): T HF, GREAT WESTERN OMNIBUS Will leave "Fishguard at 8.25 a.m. during the winter months, calliugat Letterston at 9.10 a.m., and Ford at 9.35 a.m., and arrive at Haverlordwest in time to catch the 10.55 a.m. up train. The Heturn Journey at the usual time' ':¡¡ DAVID RICHARDS, Proprietor- -4 Educational. LADIES' COLLEGE, GO AT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. # (Established 62 Years.) J; .i PJUNCSPAL — MISS LLEWELLIN, Wiio is assisted bv a Staff of Visiting- Masters an4 .highly cert tied English and Foreign Reaiclautj ruesses. year. th a Pupils of this Sohool distiuJf'tiali' themselves in the Local Examiuntioha. No trouble or expense is spared to maintain a high standard of work iu tlie-'Ssiftioli j > ■ Two local Priaes gained from Trinity College, London, for Pianoforte Playing, Senior and Junior. Certiftcau s 1>. A..M. pianoforte Playing, So anoe andArt, irinicy College, London, &c., &G, Senior Oxford list, 2nd, and 3rd Glass College of Preceptws. Certificates-and Trinity College, London. PraoBioai Music Geftificates. Highest. Jlefereaces from Parents of Pupitg* >. jf Tbe health ^nd comfort of the Pupils receive th, constant supervision of thaPrinoipnt. • f" Tennia Glands V »