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, . FOOTBALL MATGHr^^r— .,…


FOOTBALL MATGHr^^r— FISHGUARD v. HAVERFORDWEST HARLEQUINS; :ÍI, [BY GOAL-POST.] The match between the above teams o off on Thursday last in good football "thor, on the Fishguard grounds, and resulted in a win for the visitors..There was a fair attendance of spectators, and the match was, played in a friendly and sportsmanlike iiianiier. ■; ■ ■■ -r- In the match Fishguard was well represented, aiid,, tl-le, selectioli of. such a team reflects credit on the match com- mittee. The comparative strength of the teams was; well nigh equal; tho differences betweeii il:icjil, although very light, was certainly in favour of the homesters. j_ The play was vu'y loose at times, and some very sidy wore-occasion-• ally made by both levies, A t intervals during the giuno the i'isli- •• lard forwards ware almost :nvB>ibubie, j their buiart foilowi: uj> never: d tmio4. i ..•Voting the visit >is' go: J in ••ger. jiut £ ?t; 'Q uins suecyfeuiiiy resisted ail these grand puffs. ""In the tight'semms the 'Quins were very smart in heeling,out t-he ball. The home forwards, however, were the stronger, and repeatedly wheeled round, and ilius gained a deal of ground. The halves on both sides were very sharp, and time after time sent the ball out to their three-quarters. The home half in the white jersey being exceptionally smart. His opponent very often seemed as though he felt inclined to go a-poaching. The home three-quarters received their passes we a and utilized every opportunity given them. On the other side the three- quarters were swift and played together dly. homesters I think the following v ovjrve special mention: Dick Lewis (captain), .Kichards, Parry, Joe Evans, Charley Slocombe, Johnson and H. Williams; all having played a hard game. ZD 9 Joe Evans was always on the ball, his tall form being very conspicuous. Charles Sloeotiibe played remarkably well, and several times collared some of the most determined of his opponents. Unfortu- nately, Johnny Richards received a,nasty kick on the kne. Before he,was injured he played a, aii4, made some., gg(?.d,ruiis. i. 7C..iii •. us rDick Lewis and Johnson also acquitted themselves creditably, having played a good scientific game. Both fuh'-l c'. ].o\cl i ves well able to xih T, L > c h i I would i advice n" v. meat as to what m uo wiuli the leather when hard pressed. Tho declared after the match that Fishguard was the strongest they had play<id against tbis seascu. ..The .next match- will j,-c-d at St, David's on boxing Day, when it is to be hoped that our boys will turn out as well as they did last Thursday, so that they 'may be able to convince the writer iri1 last week's Echo that 'a "defeat'1 awaits the St. David's team, and not a Hetory." 't. '1 did J. D. Lewis venture to play aOlis old comrades, last Thursday, rather surprised to see Harry busy- at play,'as he had been haviog passed-awfty." &>■ ■$. ■, ■>. /■ ■■ ■' v