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Teify Welsh Flannel. For Costumes, Blouses, and Shirting. 1. It is All Wool. j 7 2. It Wears Well. M? 3. It is Absolutely Unshrinkable. faT Good 4. It is Light and Soft in Texture. 5. It is Smart in Design. j Points 6. It is thoroughly Good Value. I 7. It is Sold at a Popular Price. I TEIFY Cream Costume Serge, best quality, 27 in. wide Is 6d. Costume Flannel, *27 in. wide Is M do. 42 in. wide 2s 3d „ Blouse Flannel, „ Is Id do be Equality Is 3d u Shirting Flannel, » is Id; „ is 3d The Teify Welsh Flannel Shirts are well made, in smart designs, and in all sizes.- E-Jrlce, 4s. lid. -I-f Obtainable only of — T. W. E .A.S Manchester House, Newport, Pern. Public Notice. J. W. EVANS, MOTOR and CYCLE WORKS, I FISHGUARD, HAS NOW A CAPITAL STOCK OF New -1907- CYCLES OF ALL KINDS. —Also all kind of Motor and Cycle Accessories.— NOTE THE ADDRESS- WEST STREET, FIS3HLGUARI?. WLatest Novelties for the Summer.— Great Arrival of NEW -Summer Goods From London and the Leading Markets. tit— n. maae "thfilæphli at the rapid increase of trade. NOVELTIES in Dress Goods. Trimmings, Embroidries, Lace of all kinds, Blouses and Skirts, Costumes, Motor Scarfs, Pinafores and Overalls, &c, &c. MILLINERY.-In. this department you will find the largest stock in Fishguard. Straws, Chip, Crinoline Hats, Toques and Bonnets, English acd French made up Millinery, Flowers, Feathers, Aigrettes, Millinery Ornaments, fancy and plain RibbODS, Silks, Laces, great novelties in Ladies' Neckwear, Quills, Veilings &c DRESS DEPARTMENT—This department is well stocked with latest productions in al! Shades & Materials Dresses & Costumes made to order on the Dremisflq OUTFITTING.—This department has been well selected in Men's, Youths' and BoTs Suits, Shirts, Underclothing, Hats, Caps, Ties, and Collars, latest in shape and quality. Call and ask to see our Extragood Pattern Book for Men's Suits. Suits to measure from 21s. Fit and Style guaranteed. Mrs THOMAS has visited the leading London Markets and made some heavy purchases and hopes their numerous customers will come early and secure best choice of fashions! Note AddrM- V\T 0. THOMAS, —The Leading Draper, RAILWAY HOUSE, FISHGUARD.- Letterston Cycle Works. The Cycling Season is now in full swing, AND T. WILLIAMS, The Motor and Cycle Works, HAS A FINE STOCK OF Up-to-date Bicycles TO SUIT EVERYBODY. —CYCLES Built throughout on the Premises.- All kinds of Motor and Cycle Accessories stocked. Repairs PROMPTLY executed. Seven a Side In a stuffy compartment for hours WikiA together is'nt nearly so enjoyable, .0;; so health-giving, or so inexpensive 4' ';J,- l as a good spin on a Jenner's Special' Cycle eCOSTINg £ 8 0 o. It is good for many holidays. You can pay a couple of pounds for a Third-class Railway Ticket, but it will only provide you with a Third-class Holiday. A JENNER'S SPECIAL Cycle always affords First-class Travelling at less than Third-class Fare We will meet buyers' wishes in any reasonable way in Building. He-enamelling and Plating a speciality! Repairs of every description under- taken on the premises at lowest charges. We also stock Cutlery, Cartridges, Musical Instruments, Phonographs and Records at rock-bottom prices. Compare the Quality & Prices of our GoQlls with other firms & judge for yourself JENIVER, —Motor and Cycle Works- The Square, Letteraton. BRODOG TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. W. MORGAN & SON Beg to inform the public generally that they have OPENED BUSINESS as Timber Merchants, And have now in stock all kinds of Timber, also general Bnilding Materials. r, Sawing (by Gas Power) done on the Premises. Orders respectfully solicited. < VA IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS! Every mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her child should use A HARRISON'S VA W "RELIABLE" W A NURSERY POMADE„ A One application kills *11 Nits and Vermin, A beautifies and strengthens the Hair. w In Tins, 4§d. & gd. Postage id. V CEO. W. HARRISON, CHEMIST, BROAD ST., READING. V 1V Agent:— |r For Goodwick, D. L. Llewellyn, chemist. Fishguard. Thos. Lewis, cibetuist, Market Square A long-felt Want Supplied. Wile BIIS BOOT and SHOE WAREHOUSE ST. NICHOLAS, In thanking bis numerous customers for their liberal support in the past, begs to inform -them that be- -— Has ENGAGED a Practical BOOTMAKER And is now prepared to undertake all work entrusted to him with neatness and despatch. -All urgent repairs done while you wait.- WO holds a large and varied Stock .J\. 0f«« Hold-fast" BOOTS & SHOES. JAMES WEMYSS, R.P.C. (Registered Plumbers Company), West-street, Fishguard. A PLUMBER, Hot-water and SANITARY ENGINEER. Sheet Lead cut to size. Galvanized Iron Fittings and Piping always in stock. Estimates Free. Your patronage solicited Note the Address— West-street, FISHGUARD. __n_- Summer Footwear. Men's Tan Boots. Tan Glace Kid or Willow, from 8s lid. Canvas Shoes, Black or Brown, 2s lid, 3s 6d, 4s 6d. Tennis Shoes from 2s lid. Ladies' Black, Brown, or White Canvas Shoes, Is lid, 2s 6d, 2s lid, &c. Ladies' Sand-shoes from Is lid. Children's do. Is od. HARRY WILLIAMS, Royal Stores, — FISHGUARD, Agent for the 11 HOLD-FAST Brand of Boots & Shoes. Of Nailed Boots, no doubt the HOLD-FAST is the very best on the fitarket-alivays reliable. PQ Boots taken to above address to be repaired are executed in two days at latest. Urgent jobs- done the same day as received. D. T. EVANS, Tire mores, uwyffliuiv Respectfully calls attention to his Splendid Stock of Groceries and Provisions For the Festive Season. Large Consignments arriving daily of all the Choicest Goods in the Market. HIGHEST IN QUALITY. LOWEST IN PRICE. Finest Fruits-Fresh and Dried. Cheese, Hams, Sausages. Palethorp's Ham Sausages a Speciality. Biscuits of all the Leading Makers. Teas of all the Finest Exporters. Everything in GROCERY and PROVISIONS at THE stores, GOO ID WICK. JAMES THOMAS, Builder & Contractor, Ironmbnger and Hardware Merchant West-st., NEWPORT, PEM, In thanking the public for generous patronage during the past year, desires to state that he has now Extended bis Business, adding General Ironmongery —Tools, &c., of the wy best quality,— And by supplying everything of the highest quality at the most reasonable prices, hopes to continue to merit public patronage as hitherto. > Varnishes, Oils, Paints, and Hardware of the highest grade possible. Call and inspect the Stock. — The Motor Garage -AND- Motor and Cycle Works, west-st., FISHGUARD. Messrs Thompson and Evans desire to inform the public that they have added to their Works' equipment and machin- ery of the latest type to deal with Motor and Cycle work. A fine New Enamelling Stovø-the largest in the County-has just been installed, and they are now able to deal with all kinds of repairs. ——— Plating and Enamelling a speciality. Cycles and Motors built to order. — Quality and Workmanship Guaranteed. — Agents for Royal Enfield (made like a gun), Triumph, The Ritey, and others-best and leading makes of machines. Plumbing and Gas Fitting. — Engineering of all kinds. Note Address-The Motor Garage, West-st,, FISHGUARD IF you are thinking of buying a Piano or —< Organ, do not be persuaded to purchase until you have seen the extraordinary bargains I I am offering in new and second-hand instru- ments (Ball, dealer, Neath). You will save many pounds, and can buy on the easiest of terms, will be liberally and fairly dealt with. Write for catalogue (Ball, dealer, Neath). All my Pianos bear the MAKER'S NAME. Be- ware of worthless rubbish and unsound instru- ments without. Old Pianos taken vin part payment, and foil value allowed. Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired. At Fishguard next in October.—BALL, Piano Dealer, Neath TTTANTED, A General Serv;.nt at Tre- v groes F.:rm. Fishguard, good wages to capable girl. Fish.g-u.rd.. —Impoitant Sale of Freehold House Property.— W. REES CARVER Has been instructed to Sail by Auction On Thursday, Sept. 5, 1907 -AT THF.- -COMMERCIAL HOTEL, FISHGUARD,— At 3 o'clock sh:ii-I). the fullowing valuable FREEHOLD Dwelling Houses LOT I-All thAt newly-built Dwelling House, bdug No 3 Vergam Tel race, counting of two sitting rooms, kitchen, birder, and p intry, to- gether with four bedrooms and bathroom, water being laid on. This lot is situate on the direct road from Fi.,Ii,,u ii d to G odwick is now in the occupation of Mrs Eliza Rees, and possession my be obtained on September 29th next. This lot is admirable suitable for private or business purposes. LOT 2. -All that messuage garden and premises, situate at the Slade, Fishyuud, now in the occupation of Mr Tozier, as yearly tenant, the rental being f7. The premises are in d repair, and wouldrulke a desirable invest met.I. The Auctioneer b"8 to d- aw att > i >n to the great want of houses in Fishgu ud, t i j-e lots are excellently situa-ed, and would c,tii!jtknd high rentals. Further particulars (,f Mr W EVHn. Solicitor, High Street, Fishguard, or of the Auctionier, Park Hou,e, Fishguard. GOODVYiCK, Pem, Important sale of Freehold Dwelling House. W. R. CARVER Has been instructed to Sell by Auction at the Glendower Hotel, goopwigk On Saturday, Sept. 7th, 1907 at three o'clock sharp, all that newly built dwelling house known as ROSEHLBB situate at The Crack, Goodwick, and owned and occupied by Mr Thomas Nicholas. Further particulars by advertisement and posters, or of V. J. G. Joafls, solicitor, Fish- guard, or of the AUCTIONER, Park House, Fishguard, PUNCHESTON, Pembrokeshire. Important Sale of Freehold Property. MR. JOSEPH WATTS Will offer for Sale by Auction at the SWAN HOTEL, HAVERFORDWEST On saTURDay, AUGUST 17th, 1907 at 3 o'clock p.m. prompt, the Capital Farm known as Vagwrfran East. containing together 217 acres or thereabouts and situate in the Parish of Puncheston in the County of Pembroke. The property is ap- proached by good roads and is vitthin easy reach of Fishguard and Newport. The property will be offered in two lots, one lot comprising the Homestead and 205 acres of land, and the other lot comprising the Cottage and Garden known as the MA1.5H with Four Fields adjoining, comprising about 11 acres. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, Letterston, R.S.O., or to EATON EVANS AND WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Haverford- west. Haverfordwest, July 29th 1907. Sale of Shropshire Rams. J. WATTS Will hold his Annual Sale of pedigree Ram laambs at the LETTERSTON FAIR M I' A8ik.i9Q7. 15 Ram Lambs from Mr Daniel George, Pun- cheston. 12 Ram Lambs from Mr Jas Griffiths, Castle- cenlas. 12 Ram Lambs from Mr J W Morris, Brima- ston Grange, 8 Ram Lambs from Mr J C Yorke, Langton. Sale at 11 a.m. Terms—Cash. Preliminary Announcements. -Brimaston Hall Farm,— Parish of HAYSCASTLE. IMPORTANT Clear-out SALE of Stock, Crop, Implements and effects, the property of the late Mr-James Jenkins, on Thursday and Friday, 20th & 27th September, 1907. J. WATTS, Auctioneer. Letterston, July 24th, 1907. Hayscastle Farm, Parish of HAYSCASTLE. IMPORTANT Clear-out SALE of the Stock, Implements and effects, the property of the late Mr William Nicholas, on Wednesday, October 2nd, lOOT. J. WATTS, Actioneer. Letterston, July 24th, 1907. NORTH PEMBROKESHIRE. Preliminary Announcement. rPi-TE following FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in .1. the parish of Nevern, will be offered for Sale by Public Auction, probably in August n"t- CASTELL-Y-GARN FARM, of 169 acres, as occupied by Mr William Morris, and PENGWNDWN, nearly 7 acres, as occupied by Mr George Davies. Full particulars and plans shortly. T. RULE OWtfN & SON, Haverfordwest. Preliminary Notice. North Pembrokeshire. FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, 1,770 Acres of FREEHOLD PROPERTY, In the ParishRsT of Nevern, Bayvil, Moylgrove, and Newport, comprising the Farms of Cwmgloyne, Llwyngorras, Bayvil, Trecerney, Crigue, Pantygroes, Tregammon, Trellifant, Cibwr, &c. And in the Parishes of Myoachlogdda and Llangolman; one-third undivided share in the Farms of Portispant, Danygarn, Cwmcerrwn, Gorsfach, Yethen, Alltygog, Trellwyn, and Pentrithel, and one-fourth undivided share in the farm of Plasdwbwl (toggfeer with about 790 Acres, with valuable rights of common). The Impropriatorial Tithe Rent-charge on the farm of Rhydymain, Tynewydd, Trefaes, and Pantgwyn, in the parish of Bayvil. Also one-third undivided hare in the manor of Mynachlogddu, &c. Full particulars with P14ns, &c., are being prepared and may be obtained, free of charge, on application to Messrs T. RULE OWEN & SON, Auctioneers, Haverfordwest; or to Messrs PRICE & SON, Solicitors, Haverfordwest. FREEHOLD FARMS FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD, by private treaty, some de- sirable FARMS, with suitable Buildings, situate within three miles of the rapidly developing town of Fishguard, the whole be- ing well-watered and fenced. This property is offered at a price that would make it a sound investment.—Further particulars of W. R. CARVER, Land Agent, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire County Council TO BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS. n*lhe Public Works Committee of the above Council invite tenders for the erection of a Sessions Room at Mathry Plans and Specification may be seen, and bills of quantities and form of tender obtain- ed on application to the undersigned. Sealed tenders endorsed Tender for Sess- ions Room are to be delivered to W Davies George, Esq., Clerk to the Council, not later than Friday, the 23rd of August, 1907. The lowest or any tender will not necessar- ily be accepted. ARTHUR H. THOMAS, A.R.I.B.A. County Surveyor's Office, Haverfordwest, 6th of August, 1907 s CLEDDY, HOUSE to LET, with im- mediate possession.-Apply, Capt Miles, The Shop, Scleddy.


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