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Nhguard Hill. I


Nhguard Hill. Way afternoon representatives of aces interested in the diversion 2LCes interested in the diversion ] Town steep met at the bridge, by Mr \Y L Williams, C.C., who, Yorke, Langton, is anxious that shall he carried to a practical Meeting undoubtedly marked a sand by which, if maintained, gradient on any main road in \Vl11 be at length remedied. With fountain steep is regarded as er to commercial development g the coast to the south-west of wjDd although Fishguardians have **udable movement they are the t users of the hill. One or two ittee, far seeing and observantly t that the scheme should be the extent of doing away with y There is much reason in this, Would be enormous. To con- W-und and well-metalled road, d, from the bridge at Lower gfht along towards the bungalow es of well-defined curves towards Pjould entail more expense than be raised for sometime to come, suggestions are weighty and ■jfcplv earnest consideration for, of the Fishguard one is the most d in carting goods from the y1 quay. But, perhaps, for the tion should be directed towards dient on the Dinas side of the that is carried out it will open r the other side to be similarly « Quite a mistaken idea seems to Poinds of posting proprietors, some /;<«fear that the diversion will make dreaded motor-car, which, it is reduce the need for horse-drawn t^ovv, it should be borne in mind railway facilities there are for e people into the district the | demand for posting vehicles. One ltefer to the enormous demand for ■jt has taken place since the open- route to Ireland and the ex- P'^ay facilities^ which have been in connection therewith, to show K railway means more vehicles. As M^iat motors will become general aversion of the hill, a greater mis- Motion could scarcely arise. Were to the Cwm the only stiff n Fishguard and Aberystwyth then be some ground for fearing invasion." The numerous ter- On the coast route to Aberystwyth JBfMck must ever prove an unsur- ^^■^arrier to the motor-car. So that ^B^ation, at least, to come the trusty JMF vehicle will predominate. This may once and for all be dismissed d. Posting proprietors may con- ■Pr quota to the proposed diversion absolute certainty of reaping the j are sure to accrue by the easier %unication between Goodwick, 'i 'inas, Newport and places beyond, j feting last Saturday it may safely bf} as a distinctly encouraging fore- Matter things. From Newport came Jk. Felix and David Luke; Dinas Panted by Capt T. James, J.P., Glan- Edwin Bennett, J.P., Ashgrove, *^7i Harries, J.P., the Glan. Of the were Mr W. L. Williams, C.C., Evans, Capt D. M. Symmons, the W\ ^rt>an Council, Mr A. J. Hodges, Evans, solicitor, represented the jEj^Ugh whose garden the proposed 3? Will be constructed. Plans were J^nd the route inspected from the the bottom to the outlet at the S I.. Williams pointed out that the Ivould reduce the gradient from i in 15. The steepest part of the hill on rd side is about i in 9, therefore I project is worthy of the most hearty support. Let the fact t none of the cost can be placed on irmers in particular seem to have nion—an erroneous one at best, lose chiefly concerned will no >ute a goodly sum and everyone, isman or private individual, may kvith the full assurance of help- 410st beneficial scheme that must by ture prove a boon to all in the After diligent inspection Capt idedat a meeting in the Lower Ie, with the full assurance of help- Ptist Chapel, the whole of the repre- being present. Mr W L Williams rs of apology for absence for Mr J C r Thomas, the surveyor, as well as the leading administrators in the Everyone expressed sympathy with tt and promised practical support. in the course of the proceedings, Out that from £1,500 to £ 1,700 was cost, not2*2,750 as was previous Mr Yorke, who owns most of the ry, intimated in his letter his leal most generously indisposing and. Important previous engage- le cause of the absence of those In response to the Chairman, Mr ed the position at Newport in notion that the rates would be ges stated that one mail-cart driver ated his readiness to contribute £ 10 ke said that the fear was if the hill rted motors would crowd in upon i Harries also referred to the er- sssion that rating would be in- As regarded the St. Dogmaels Dis- before which he, in his capacity brought the matter that body sposed to move until something more tu had been done. illiams explained that the object in IK le public bodies to move was to ob- kwesfentation, and not with the object Jpttg anything on the rates which they ot db. The matter should be viewed broader standpoint of general wel- 1 Jo questions from several members as él he thought was a reasonable sum !t¡lght expect from Fishguard and the places, £ 500 was mentioned. (J8 all present considered about the r^t that might reasonably be expected. Carries The)' are afraid of motors. f}t Symmons: Then we ought to tax I parries understood that the Highway 41ittee expected a contribution of about Lr^ of the total. [.Williams said that was so, and a loan w then be negotiated for the remainder. e Chairman and several others agreed J.the G.W.R. Company might also be inched. Williams said that he was already in pUnication with the Company, and the ^eer had inspected the plans of the pro- diversion, the matter having been re- to Paddington. The last estimate was u -6*1,700, but Mr Williams considered it b'd cost much less. ^Plying to Capt Symmons the Chairman I that Mr Yorke had informed him person- that tlis land would be given at a very Inal figure. All that was necessary for One to put his shoulder to the wheel and a little (applause). 1r Williams replying to Messrs Felix and pointed out that the more railways the posting was required and that the fear ^reduction in that respect was absolutely jVidl««;. The view taken of the matter too narrow. Mr Felix said that tif\nrcntly the case at Newport. In tak- 5 theniatter up Mr Williams stated that he 'io without any consideration to indi- lttls or sections. It was for the welfare of .Community at large (hear, hear). ilin ]o^ Ji money would not mean more 11 about one-twentieth of a penny in the t, the Chairman proposed That this meet- I approves of the scheme and agrees to vtrVthe matter through to a successful issue." I 'Ir Edwin Bennett spoke most encouraging- lud he proposed that they should appoint ,entatives for each parish to take round J?ks to obtain promises. Dewi Harries seconded and it was %ed unanimously. n Capt Eyans thought that they might ask Vfarmers to contribute lie was sure they ^ld- ■ • [k^r Harries said the farmers in their district | ^ld contribute. ■i^apt James proposed that the Mayor of fj ^Vport (Capt D Mathias), Mr H, R Felix, Thomas, and D J Thomas, Cromlech I °Use, be appointed for Newport. Mir D I ^uke seconded and it was carried. (>^or Dinas Messrs Edwin Bennett, J.P., Jas f, (Jwells, Mill; Dewi Harries, J.P., and Capt Nes, J. P., were appointed. j.^Or' Fishguard Sfessrs Capt T Evans, J U vchards, J.P., L Evans, Echo Office DG j.jlomas, B G Llewhelin, Maesgwynne, and r iHiam' James were appointed. v\Ir Bennett seconded and it was carried nimouily. Mr Bennett observed that no one had been appointed for Goodwick. For the latter Messrs Bishop, Llewellyn (chemist), D Bevan, and D J Evans (The Stores) were unanimous- ly appointed. It was agreed that the next meeting be called for the middle of September, and in the meantime Mr Williams would communicate further with the G.W.R. Company and others interested in the matter. Mr D Harries proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman and in response the Chairman proposed that the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr Williams for his diligence and care in taking the matter up. Mr Williams briefly acknowledged and a very successful meeting concluded.

Vestry Meeting at Fishguard.



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