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What Some Eminent Doctors…


What Some Eminent Doctors say about Alcohol. Perhaps of all the remarkable pronounce- ments on the vexed question, whether alcohol is bad or good, a speech by one of the leading doctors is difficult to tide over. Brielly the happy moderator, who is able to draw the line is on the right track. Speaking at the annual dinner of the Medico-Psychological Association in London on Thursday evening Sir James Crickton Browne said they had at that table many of the highest authorities in the country on the alcohol question, and in order to ascertain how far they adopted the extreme view on the subject he had sought the assistance of the hotel manager. Of 84 diners only five or six per cent had declined alcohol altogether and 94 per cent had par- taken of alcohol in some form-a large majority in several different forms. He re- cently dined with Sir Andrew Noble and 18 leading men of science, including Lord Kelvin, and not one of them declined alcohol. In view of such facts it was a farce, or an ob- session or a gross hyperbole, to speak of alcohol as a deadly poison. Those who de- clared alcohol to be a deadly poison should also state that we constantly carry about in our bodies more deadly poisons or toxins. But these human poisons were harmless, nay, beneficial in their proper place, and our great aim should be to keep alcohol in its right place also.


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