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What Some Eminent Doctors…


Fishguard Bread for the Troops


Fishguard Bread for the Troops Dear Mr Editor,-Tlic reply which you xtracted upon enquiry of Messrs D Rees and Co., bakers, Fisbguard, must be very gratifying indeed to them. Does Mr Rees feel satisfied that your readers are going to be put off with mere suggestions, or are they really entitled to facts ? In fairness to the Proprietor of the Clarbeston Road Bakery, I most respectfully ask them to read as follows Firstly, the forms for tender which were sent out by the War Office, or ratber by the Officer Commanding the Army Service Corps, con- tained all conditions under which bread was to have been supplied to the troops, and accordingly to these conditions any contract- or could tender. ^-No conditions appeared after the tender had been accepted, so it would appear most unfortunate for a man to tender for supplying bread when he was awart; he could not cope with the requirements- Secondly, the tender had to be in the bands of the O.C.A.S.C., at Pembroke Dock, by 1" o clock on the 29th June, when, after subml- ting them to the Secretary of jState, no was ^ost in dealing with contractors, w" oot know the extent of their abii' less than three clear days from t £ Te,,ot receipt the acceptance of tie tf. e Clarbeston Road Bakery was r~xvVf* No conditions were stated +u letter appeared as a £ DDearetj tn te report of the 4th cKactor ,vho more like bounce than tror had refused to accept. it would lead to controTerr^J ™ «*. feas 1 am concerned, nov^"WlablDg Messrs D Rees and T. HARRIES. (-.Weston