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Goodwick Eisteddfod.




Pars on Passing Events.


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Haverfordwest District Council…

- West Wales Silver Mine -

Half-Yearly Meeting of the…


—Cardiganshire Cancer-Treatment.



-1 iPtiolic IN" otice. J. W. EVANS, MOTOR and CYCLE WORK FISHGUARD, H HAS NOW A CAPITAL STOCK OF T New -1907- CYCLES OF ALL KINDS. j -Also all kind of Motor and Cycle Accessories.* 4 NOTE THE ADDRESS— W WEST STRE:E:I,I FIS:B:G"U .A..R.D.. F WLatest Novelties for the Spring & Summer. « am mes man sk mm m Great Arrival of N E W [ Spring & Summer Goods From London and the Leading Markets. Wm. 0. THOMAS begs most respectfully to inform the public aatt large that he has made EXTENSIVE PURCHASES to meet t the rapid increase of trade. f NOVELTTES in Dress Goods. Trimmings, Embroidries, Lice of all kinds, Blouses TVITT?^TH JPV'8tuines,jylotor Scarfs, Pinafores and Overalls, &c., &c. n -1S 1^ePaLtmeQt y°u will fiad the largest stock in Fishguard, ^traws, Chip, Crinoline Hats, Toques aud Bonnets, English and French made up R 1r;°Wrer-\Feather8' A, M?Ilinery Ornaments, fancy and plaio Ribbons, Snks, Laces, great novelties in Ladies' Neckwear QuiMs VpiHnma XTF DRE-SS DEPARTMENT.—This department is well stocked with latest nrnJn'^i in- OUTFITTIN C ShTHs d h Df3568 4 <r'.06t1umes,maae t0 "der on the r,remise» i • n department has been wen selected in Men'* Vo ;fhs' ami bmts Starts, Dnderelothing, Hate, Caps. Ties, and Collars. ialest in shaw• quality. Call and ask to see our Extragood Pattern Book for Men's Suits VTi» t* u ••S measure from 21s. Fit and Style guarantee. ami honPQAth -aS ™ leading London Markets and made some heavy purchases, and hopes their numerous customers will come early and secure best choice oF fashions. Note Addrees- o„ TiEozMT^a, 7 —The Leading Draper, RAILWAY HOUSE, FISHGUARD.- j Letterston Cycle Works. The Cycling Season is now in full swing, AND T. WILLIAMS, The Motor and Cycle Works, HAS A FINE STOCK OF Up-to-date *> icypleff TO SUIT EVERYBODY. —CYCLES Built throughout on the Premises.— All kinds of Motor and Cycle Accessories stocked. PROMPTLY executed. Seven a Slcle Ilif l In a stuffy compartment for hours mjpgggfci (\ I ^irnl together is'nt nearly so enjoyable, so health-giving, or so inexpensive y as a good spin on a WP" Jenner's Special' Cycle COSTING JE8 0 o. It is good for many holidays. You can pay a couple of pounds for a Third-class Railway Ticket, but it will only provide you with a Third-class Holiday. A" JENNER'S SPECIAL Cycle always affords First-class Travelling at less than Third-class Fare We will meet buyers' wishes in any reasonable way in Building. Re-enamelling and Plating a speciality! Repairs of every description under- taken on the premises at lowest charges. We also stock Cutlery, Cartridges Musical Instruments, Phonographs and Records at rock-bottom prices. Compare the Quality & Prices of our Goods with other firms & judge for yourself w. JENNBR, -Motor and Cycle Works Letterston. D. J. EVANS, The Stores, GOODWICK Respectfully calls attention to his Splendid Stock of Groceries and Provisions For the Festive Season. Large Consignments arriving daily of all tke Choicest Goods in the Market. HIGHEST IN QUALITY. LOWEST IN PRICE. I Finest Fruits-Fresh and Dried- Cheese, Hams, Sausages. Palethorp's Ham Sausages a Speciality. Biscuits of all the Leading Makers. Teas of all the Fmest Exporters. Everything in GROCERY and PROVISIONS at TMESTORES, GOOIDWICK. BRODOG TIMBER YARD, FISH G UAR-P • W. MORGAN & SON D rm the Pul3^c 8enerally that they S OPENED BUSINESS as Timber Merchants, And have now in stock all kinds of Timber, also general Building Materials. Sawing (by Gas Power) done on tho Premises. Orders respectfully solicited. IJAMES THOMAS, Builder & Contractor, Ironmonger and Hardware Merchant West-st., NEWPORT, PEM, In thanking the public for generous patronage during the past year, desires to state that he has now Extended bis Business, adding General Ironmongery —Tools, &c., of the very best quality,— And by supplying everything of the hiffhesf quality at tbe most reasonable prices Wa to continue to merit public patronage as hitherto. All the latest seasonable and Artistic WALL PAPERS In every choice design. Large Stock to select from. II Varnishes, Oils, Paints, and Hardwares. of the highest grade possible. t — Call and inspect the — -n JAMES WEMYeS R.P.C. (Registered Plumbers JJJpany), West-street, Fishguard. PLUMBER, Hot-Water and SANITARY ENGINEER. Sheet Lead cut to size. Galvanized Iron Fittings and Piping always in stock. Estimates Free. our Patronage solicited Note the Address- West-street. FISHGUARD. BUHJÐIN PLOTS FOR SALE at -t3 GOOdWICk within close proximo f- the Stftticil.-AI)ply, V. IJ