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ø;j The WEST END ) Tailoring House. New Patterns in iJi (lu • Latest Textures for Gentlemen's Suits. A Large and Choice Variety of ELESAUT CLOTHS. Fine West of England Cloths. Tweeds, Serges, &c., &c. All Excellent Fabrics unsurpassed for hard wear, Style and Fit a Speciality. Workmanship Guaranteed. NOTE ADDUESS- 1W. B. T. Maurrice., West End Tailoring Establishment —FISHGUARD.— Syiianaoixs' | Temperance Hotel. J —DINNERS and TEAS- Are provided at reasonable charges. Excellent Accommodation for Parties & Visitors. Note the Address- SYMMONS' —Tower Hill, Fishguard.— G. EDWÐS, PHOTOGRAPHER, FISHGUARD, Who has recently removed from High-street to Castle Hill, West-street, begs to announce that his New Studio is Now Open Whilst thanking the public generally for the support accorded him in the past, he respect- fully solicits a continuance of public patronage at his New Premises. 0 The Old Firm. CASTLE STORES, z, cl. The extension of my premises is now com- pitted, and I have great pleasure in invit- ing your inspection of the Large Stock of Groceries & Provisions, Which are of the finest quality. Dwyryd, Magnetic, Benarty. Mazawattee, I and LiptonTeas. Harris' Wiltshire Bacon, Hams and Sausages, Cioese and Black- well's Jams, Jellies, Lime Juice, and Lemon Squash, &c. Huntley and Palmers' Biscuits and Cakes. Bucbauans' Silver King Flour. Spillers Red Tie, Turog, and Decorticated Flours. Reduction in Prices. Note the Address- W. D. Griffiths, CASTLE STORES, FISHGUARD. Boot & Shoe n. Warehouse "^35- Market-Square, FISHGUARD „ Boots and Shoes Seiit to the —Market Square Boot Warehouse- for REPAIRS Are returned, neatly executed, without *delay.—Best Workmanship only. NOTE.—The whole of the Stock at the Ware- house is entirely new and up-to-date, and contains a large selection to suit all classes. Hodges' Boot Warehouse, Market Square, Fishguard. And at Northampton House, Guildhall Square, CARMARTHEN. Important to Agriculturists & Public. TIT, A t- In expressing appreciation of the generous ■ support accorded them, Has. I, I ETII & SOI, Wholesale & Retail C Have great pleasure in announcing that the Sole Agencies Of the following celebrated firms have been placed with them. For Fishguard and District Messrs. Walter A. Wood's and Massey-Harris' 41 celebrated Mowers, Reapers and Binders, &c, The International Harvesting Company (Formerly Messrs Osborne, Deering, and McCormick). The" Alflalaval" Cream Separator. Ransome's and Howard's celebrated Ploughs. Sellar's Washing Machines and Mangles. Also Sole Agents for the Melotte Cream Separators, and Hathaway's celebrated Prize Churns & Dairy Requisites of all kinds. Also Agents for Edison's Phonographs& Records All Classes of Engineering undertaken. Estimates Free. Ironmongery, Tools of every description 1' and First-class Quality. J Cutlery Plate, &c, &c. J&3T MODERATE PRICES, Call and inspect our stock it is unsurpassed anywhere. 13 w d I ALFA-LAVAL" New "Models CREAM SEPARATORS LATEST and BEST. 1906. Alfa-Laval New Model TMBHS date ^ac^ine; it embodies the experience frr-.■ I than aii m.anufacture of G55.090 Separators—more d?mte]v°teLkl?8Pufc together-and, as a result, is JButter Ldvw fed to Tarn Easier» Produce More jQjF UCCer' and Wear Longer than any other. Alfa-Laval New Model 1 b i3ma„?o0tbutt5 ttoTw f Sgi"g§ Alfa-Laval New Model Specially designed for lasting wear. The machine that will | never wear out, but will earn more than its cost every year it is used. t SILVER MEDAL Welsh National „ (Agricultural Society. F,xed onJ» Month's Free Trial. W. R. EYNON & SON, Ironmongers, Fishguard.

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