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MARKETS. CARMARTHEN, WEDNESDAY.—Gooseberry fair held Wednesday was not very large; neverthe less, there were some- fine specimens of horses and cattle, the last of which were disposed of in the cattle market. Cows and calves averaged cg t°X14 a fust-calf heifer, cg to o i os bulls, which were scarce, about f. io, an odd one fetched CI 7 and there were hardly any stores on offer. In the horse department in Priory street, carters exchanged hands at £35 to /40 and a few at c47 cobs £ 20 to £ 25 and two- year-old colts, C16 to £25; yearlings £8 to £ 12 Messrs. Lloyd and Thomas sold by auction 18 fat cattle, averaging £ 16 apiece, one bull at £ iy 5s, and a cow and calf at £ 18 10s. LAMPETER, WEDNESDAY.—St. Peter's Fair was held here today, and was very largely attended. A numer of horses were sold, some of which were of excellent quality. Small ponies were abundant and commanded good prices. Road- sters were also present in good number and sold well on the whole. Heavy carters were few in number, but there was a good demand for them. The cattle market was very full of animals, but there was a general depression in the business. Dealers from a distance were absent, and the farmers were at the mercy of local dealers, with the result that business was dull, and a great many cattle were returned home unsold. Two year olds were scarce. Yearlings sold from £ 6 to £ 8. Milch cows, of which there was a great demand, went from £ iv4 to £ 15. Heifers with calves also created a good demand, and averaged from £ 10 to ci 2. Small pigs were numerous and reached from 18s to 205 apiece. There was a large business done in the woollen department in the Market Place.